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How Much Do Motorized Window Shades Cost?

The presence of smart mobile phones, televisions, and motor cars in the lives of individuals has triggered the wish for smart construction of the house. As you know, technological advancement has stepped into almost every walk of life. The same is the case with window coverings, which have also seen automation due to this technological advancement.

After the installation of these motorized window shades, you will enjoy some boons at the spot, such as relaxation, glorification, and an aesthetic appearance. The whole proceeding will be free from the usage of a cord because the management of window shades with the cords is a daunting task for most people.

Besides this, you will also enjoy the privacy, safety, and insulation of your place. With these advantages, it is the general consciousness among people that what is the cost of the installation of motorized window shades?

The pricing plans differ on the basis of manifold aspects like the length and width of your window, the material that is used in the window treatment, and all other objects used in this process. So, this article is going to describe all these phenomena for your assistance.

Advantages of Smart Home Technology

Advantages of Smart Home Technology Motorized window shade cost

The technological advancement that is used in window covering operations has resulted in the alteration of the whole procedure. These changed aspects are known as style, component, and motorization process. 

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These enhancements have had a positive impact on the procedure’s durability, speed, and ease of use. An interesting fact is that you can install motorized window shades for a humble amount that is far less than the primitively installed causal window shades. If the overall factors of the liking of motorized window shades are discussed, they are multiple. These are explained in the following points:

First of all, a user will experience reliability and durability after purchasing motorized window shades. You don’t need to spend money on their maintenance again and again. So, it is also a way of saving your finances.

Secondly, you have to consume energy in the folding and tilting of conventional window shades, but it is not required in managing motorized window shades. Some sensors are attached to these shades that automatically perform this task for you.

Thirdly, there will be no noise in the movement of these shades. The use of cords in the primitive shades made a noise that was bothersome to others. Forget the noise after installing motorized window shades. Another advantage is that you must allow sunlight into your room after moving these shades in front of your window.

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It also created a noise because you had to wake up early in the morning. Don’t worry now, this work will be done by the motorized window shades. You only have to fix a time for this purpose. Similarly, many other advantages can also be taken.

Cost of the Motorized Window Shades

Multiple firms are providing services related to the covering of windows with shades. There are different attributes and costs for these motorized shades. This price varies based on the length of the window, the type of material used in the whole window treatment, and the inclusion of decorative elements.

You can purchase these through the online method, or the option of physical shopping is also the best one. Keep in mind that if you are going to buy this product online, then give us the correct measurement. Let us see the different cost estimations in the process of the installation of motorized window shades.

Motor Cost

It would not be a wrong statement if it said that your motorized window shade is nothing without the perfect motor. That’s why we try to use the best and most perfect motor in it; otherwise, its durability is at risk. At the time of the selection of the best motor for the motorized window shades, many different options come to mind.

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Its price also differs on the basis of the material used in the making of the motors. The lowest price is for a steel motor. But often, experts in this field suggest using this motor in a few circumstances. Though it is for the safety of the money, you will be away from the durability, reliability, comfortability, and other related benefits.

If these awkward motors also become the cause of noise in your room, then what is the benefit of replacing them with conventional window shades? Always demand a warranty card from the seller of the motor. Most shopkeepers give a warranty of five years at the time of the purchase. If it is not given, then don’t prefer to purchase from that firm.

Similarly, the consideration of battery life and the plug-in is also vital to gain the best outcomes. So, before purchasing motorized window shades, make sure the judgement of the technical attributes of your purchased motor. If only the warranty limit is good, then relax. You have purchased a good quality motor.

Window Treatment Cost

The consumption of money on window treatments is similar to the future investment in your home. Many factors decide the cost of your window treatment. These factors can also be enlisted as:

The notable factor that creates an impact on the window treatment is the usage of material. Before deciding on the best window treatment, get information about the price of the material that will be used.

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These materials are known as metal, plastic, wood, and synthetic materials. All objects have a different price in each country. If you are looking for an eco-friendly window treatment, then bamboo wood or woven fibre can be the best option.

Secondly, the number of windows also matters in their treatment. For this purpose, you will have to carefully measure your windows. This work can be done by yourself; otherwise, the option of using the services of an expert is also before you. Usually, professionals have proper knowledge of their field, but they must follow some points like:

  • Use of a metal tape measure for taking an accurate measurement.
  • Measuring every window. Don’t leave any windows because people leave windows by apprehending something the same size as that window.
  • Take all the measurements with your hand.
  • Note down all the figures on a pad. 

Installation Cost

The last step that matters in this procedure is the installation cost. As you are aware of the fact that it is a tricky task, therefore, its installation is the responsibility of an expert. Many professionals charge a different fee for this task, and you can hire the best one according to your financial range.


To cut a long story into a short one, the installation of motorized shades is done to take advantage of the abundance of pros such as relaxation, no usage of cords, no noisy situation, and many others. But every tricky task demands the spending of money.

There are different pricing options for the installation of motorized window shades, and you can choose the proper one according to your range. This financing mostly goes for the motor and window treatment costs. It is difficult to estimate the overall price of the whole process, but you must have a budget of between $300 and $1000. As a result, your project for the installation of motorized window shades will be completed with colours.

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Yes, you can totally motorize your existing window blinds, which is in-fact a really cost-effective and budget-friendly idea. Adding a motor to the blinds not only makes their functionality way more efficient but also contributes to extending their life span.

Getting your motorized window blinds installed by professionals is always a safer and more of a fool-proof approach to consider, since it comes with little to no likelihood of any misconduct. DIY Blind Installation, on the other hand, has major chances of going wrong, and you can end up wasting both your time and money.

Motorized Cellular Shades are excellent at providing insulation, which makes them the most energy-efficient and ultimately cost-effective choice to settle for. These shades increase the R value, while also providing the most flawless privacy maintenance and light adjustments.

Motorized Window Shades, in general, are required to be charged every 6 months, something which adds a lot to their overall worth, making them easier to deal with. However, some other window blinds can also need to be charged more often than that, depending on the extent of usage.