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How to Install No Drill Blinds Safely?

Blinds are the modern window treatment options that are becoming increasingly popular as time passes. Window blinds are installed by drilling holes in the wall and doing so is likely to diminish the aesthetic aspect of the interior. So, Is there any alternative way to install window blinds?

Yes, blinds can be installed without drilling holes in the walls. And, if you want to install window blinds but don’t want to screw up the interior design and decor settings by drilling holes in the wall, then you’re absolutely in the right place to get a (number of) productive and efficient alternative (s).

Because in this article by Wall Curtains, we will explain to you all the instructions that will help you get over this DIY task without any trouble.

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The Best Recommendations For Installing No-Drill Window Blinds

Window blinds when precisely installed offer plenty of amazing benefits in terms of decor upgrades, better comfort and improved functionality. The most common and widely opted way to install window blinds is to drill holes in the wall.

However, the latest versions of blinds come in a variety of installation options and therefore, don’t require you to compromise on the interior décor settings. So, let’s move on to the first method which lets you hang/install window blinds without drilling holes in the wall.

1. Clip On Window Blinds Installation

A clever and visually elegant way to install window blinds is clip-in blinds. However, these types of blinds are only suitable for French doors and PVC windows. That’s because these blinds comprise a set of clips or brackets for installation purposes. So, there’s no need to drill holes in the wall.

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The clips are attached to the glass window panels i.e. clipped in between the rubber seal and the window surface. Then, you just need to attach the blinds to the already installed clips or brackets. And, you’re done installing window blinds. This installation procedure for window blinds also imparts an elegant and clean appearance.

2. Peel-And-Stick Installation Procedure

Anyone can guess from the name that these types of window blinds comprise an adhesive strip along the headrail. Having that said, no need remains to explain that you’ll simply just remove the adhesive strip and stick the blinds to the glass window panel. These adhesive strips come in scales of number listing to let you trim your window blinds to the ideal size.

However, one thing that you should certainly be aware of is that these blinds are manufactured with paper. On one end this makes it easy to cut the blinds, however, on the other hand, the construction characteristics may not suit your aesthetic preferences. To install the blinds, there are some guidelines listed below that should be followed precisely.

  • Clean the window panel to which you need to install these blinds i.e. there should be no dust.
  • Keep pressing firmly for several seconds when you apply the adhesive strip to the glass window panel. 

3. Use Tacky Tape To Install Blinds

Another great idea is to purchase tacky tapes having plenty of strength to support the weight of window blinds Dubai. There are various options available on the market so you can easily have the selection of a tape with a strong, immediate grip for installing blinds. For this purpose, you should preferably buy tape that is waterproof and doesn’t give in to high temperatures as well.

To install the blinds, you need to clean the window panel and make sure it’s clear of dust, dirt, and grime. Now, you have to cut vertical strips of tape matched with the height of your window blinds headrail.

Apply the tape strips to the window panel and always place the strips at an appropriate distance (depending on the weight of the blinds). At last, you just need to stick the blinds headrail to the vertical strips of the tape and press firmly for a few seconds. 

4. Utilize Command Strips & Hooks

You need to buy command strips and hooks to install your window blinds. The size of the command hooks should be ideally selected corresponding to the weight of your window blinds. Besides, you’ll require a thin rod and a measuring tape as well to complete the installation procedure. Follow the steps explained below to efficiently install your window blinds with command strips.

  • Determine and mark the spots to apply command hooks by calculating the ideal height placement for your window blinds.
  • Stick the command hooks and apply command strips to the desired spots.
  • Peel off the adhesive cover and attach the headrail of the blinds.
  • Keep pressing firmly on the headrail of the blinds for a few seconds.  

5. Go With Metallic Window Blinds

Another great option is to purchase metallic window blinds but only if you’ve aluminum or metallic window frames. Obviously, there’ll be no need to drill holes in the wall as these blinds comprise a set of magnetic brackets (depending on the size of the blinds).

And, you just need to perform attachments of blinds with brackets. Finally, you’ll just need to attach the window blinds to the brackets and you’re all done with the installation process. 

6. Hang Blinds Using Tension Rods

Tension rods are adjustable and can be ideally used to install window blinds. To install your window blinds using tension rods, you must adhere to the guidelines outlined below.

  • Considering the window’s width and the measurements of the inner wall edges, you need to buy tension rods.
  • Expand the tension rod and insert it within your window frame.
  • Make sure to tighten the tension rod otherwise, it will keep falling whenever you’ll operate your window blinds.
  • At last, the headrail of the blinds can be installed on the suspended tension rod. 

End Note

Installing window blinds without drilling holes in the wall is not a hassle anymore. In this article, we’ve explained various methods so that you can have an ideal selection to install your window blinds without compromising the interior decor settings. All you need to do is follow the guidelines for the corresponding blinds installation procedure as explained.