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How to make Pinch Pleat Curtain

A pinch pleat is known as the starting point of the curtains when they are dangled. Usually, a pleat is designed after pinching together the fabric of a curtain. There are manifold tactics to prepare these pleats. Some experts make them through sewing, and others make these pleats through tape. You know that every work demands skill; the same is the case with the making of pinch pleat curtains. 

Do it yourself if you know how to make pinch pleat curtains. If you have no expertise, then prefer to purchase. So, whether you make pinch pleat curtains through sewing or taping, some things will be required, for example, fabric yardage, homemade linen products, tape, hooks, rings, and some others.

How to Make Pinch Pleat Curtains Through Different Techniques

Let us see how to make pinch pleat curtains. For this purpose, you will have to follow some steps that are discussed below:

Getting the Fabric

Purchasing of Fabric Yardage

The first step to making pinch pleat curtains is the purchase of fabric. These are easily accessible in markets and you can purchase them at an affordable price. Fabric yardage comes in many colors, but if you choose dark natural colors, you will enjoy both the beauty of the room and the function of the curtains at the same time.

Buy Handmade Linen Objects

Buy Handmade Linen Objects

Secondly, getting handmade linen items is also a good way to make pinch pleat curtains. These can also be bought in any market, just like fabric yardage.

A notable advantage of these curtains that are made with linen objects is that you can examine the environmental repercussions. These will keep your room cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather. Similarly, their softness will also give bliss to your hands.

Preparing the Fabric

Formulate a Fabric

In the third step, prepare a fabric by washing and drying it. In that, it will keep your fabric safe from shrinking issues in the coming days. 

Moreover, if you wash and dry a piece of fabric, it will become more nubby and distinguishable. In this process, you can also press that fabric and make wrinkles on it to get a beautiful appearance.

Make Borders

Make Borders

Apart from these, make borders of the fabric to make a pinch pleat home curtain. A simple way to fix the edges of these curtains is to turn them over and then sew them back together.

It is an easy task that can be performed by yourself, but if you are not able to do this, then approach an expert in this field.

Hem the Starting point of the Fabric

Hem the Starting point of the Fabric

Similarly, when you are in the process of making a pinch pleat curtain, hem the starting point of the fabric. 

Most of the time, these canvas starting places do not look good, so they need to be hemmed to get the right shape. Simply reduce the starting point by 1/2 inch and sew it.

Place Pins in Pleat Tape

Place Pins in Pleat Tape

In the next step, place pins in the pleat tape of curtains. Pleat tape adheres to the top of the curtain. One precaution is required here: place this pleat tape 1/4 inches from the curtain’s starting point.

However, if you place pleat tape with pins at the end borders of the curtains, then its strength will be triggered.

Fix Everything Together

Fix Everything Together

When you have made this structure of pinch pleat curtains, sew everything through the machine. First, sew pleat tapes to the top and bottom of the curtains. Make sure to leave pin holes in the peat tape while you sew it, or else it will be hard to open the curtains.

If you want to make more attractive living room curtains, then also sew their right and left sides. After sewing the curtain, press it completely for a professional look.

Hanging of the Curtains

Hanging of the Curtains

When pinch pleat curtains are made, their hanging is also not less than a technical task. For this purpose, take a rod of your own choice according to the length of the window. Start this measurement from the bottom point to get the correct length. Include a 1/2-inch top seam, an inch on each side of the curtain, and 2 inches from the hem.

The width of the curtain is suggested according to the size of the window; usually, windows of common sizes can have curtains of 45 to 60 inches. Put rings in them and then attach hooks to them for hanging. When you hang curtains, try putting locks at the bottom of the hooks. Take a look around and enjoy how hard you’ve worked. 


Making pinch pleat curtains is a technical but interesting task. This skill makes your curtain attractive and unique. Some tasks in this process can be completed by yourself, such as purchasing fabric yardage, preparing canvas for curtains, and others; however, others, such as sewing, attaching hooks, pleat tape, and others, require expertise. You must visit an expert for the completion of these tasks. Now that you know how to make pinch pleat curtains, you will get good results if you use these tips. 

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

According to the general criteria, there should be 5 pleats for every 54’’ width of the curtain fabric. Following this, you can easily determine how far apart to keep the pleats in the pinch pleat curtains and you can always decrease or increase this extent depending on how fuller you want your curtains to look.

For a general criteria, you can leave around 8.9 cm to 10.2 cm (nearly 3 and a half to 4 inches) spaces between the pleats of your Pinch Pleat Curtains. This way, each curtain pleat will require around 11.5 cm to 15.2 cm (4 and a half to 6 inches) of fabric.

Start by arranging the curtain pleats in fine folds, followed by running a steamer along, which will set the folds in place. After a few days, you can fold the pleats again and steam the other side, as well, in order to achieve a fine finish of the entire curtain panel. Alternatively, you can also make use of an iron that produces steam.

There is more fabric required for a pinch pleat curtain, as compared to regular curtains. That’s because all the fabric gets consumed in sewing the pleats, which eventually tighten together as gathered. As for the fabric, you can consider taking up to 2.5x fabric the track width or simply 150% of the curtain fullness.
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