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EPDM Flooring Dubai

Wall Curtains EPDM Flooring Dubai; The Most Heavy-duty Floor Treatment EPDM Flooring Dubai by Wall Curtains is an incredibly high-end and equally serviceable flooring system which, being really heavy-duty, is exclusively meant for commercial-grade settings. Beginning from the term, EPDM flooring refers to Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber Flooring, and is technically a rubber flooring designed mainly for […]

Microtopping Flooring Dubai

Wall Curtains Microtopping Flooring Dubai; The Premium-grade Flooring Product Microtopping Flooring Dubai by Wall Curtains is the most high-end, luxurious and durable choice of a flooring treatment. Otherwise known as Microcement Flooring or Polished Concrete this very floor covering is technically a resurfacing coating and is a mixture of liquid polymer combined with specialized cement mixture. We’ve got […]

Self Leveling Epoxy

Wall Curtains Self Leveling Epoxy; The Most Heavy-duty Floor Covering Self Leveling Epoxy by Wall Curtains is an exceptionally hard-wearing floor coating which works for all sorts of subfloor surfaces, creating the most long-lasting flooring treatment. It’s a particularly useful choice for concrete floors and is the most effective and incredibly functional to treat them, making them entirely […]

Flooring Installation Dubai

Wall Curtains Proficient services of Flooring installation Dubai Wall Curtains brings you Flooring Installation Dubai, which is the most cost-effective and promising home-improvement. As you know, a precise floor layout is as essential as floor selection for securing your investment and for improving the aesthetics of your place. What Can You Expect From Our Flooring […]

Gym Flooring Dubai

Wall Curtains Gym Flooring Dubai; The Heavy Duty & Resilient Floor Treatment. Gym Flooring Dubai by Wall Curtains is an exquisite flooring solution, that is designed to ensure that you’re comfortable and perfectly protected against injury, while you work out. It is the most durable option for adding to your gym and making your workout space […]

PVC Flooring Dubai

Wall Curtains PVC Flooring Dubai; The Most Heavy-duty Flooring Treatment Wall Curtains presents to you the amazingly heavy-duty floor treatment, i.e. PVC Flooring Dubai that is an ideal option in for making your homes comfortable for the longest time spans. Due to being completely waterproof, this flooring can be installed in all commercial and residential […]

Rubber Flooring Dubai

Wall Curtains Our Top-Selling & High-Quality Rubber Flooring in Dubai Rubber Flooring Dubai by Wall Curtains is the most functional and convenient-to-deal-with floor treatment available in the market. Our rubber flooring in Dubai is the ultimate solution for every kind of place. Its soft and comfy surface suits kids’ rooms, playgrounds, and gyms. The elasticity of rubber floor […]

Laminate Flooring Dubai

Wall Curtains Laminate Flooring Dubai; The Perfect Flooring For Your Home Laminate Flooring Dubai by Wall Curtains is an ideal floor treatment for your home which comes with the perks of durability, style, and affordability all at the same time. It is the best possible option for high foot traffic areas of your home like […]

Epoxy Flooring Dubai

Wall Curtains Epoxy Flooring Dubai–The Resilient Commercial Flooring Solution Epoxy Flooring Dubai is one exceptionally perfect and attractive-looking flooring choice by Wall Curtains, the best epoxy floor provider in the UAE. For commercial and industrial flooring treatments our epoxy floors are the ideal, durable, and most reliable choice because they are available in a versatile design spectrum […]

Parquet Flooring Dubai

Wall Curtains Elevate Your Interior with Parquet Flooring in Dubai Transform your space with our graceful parquet flooring in Dubai. The attractive wood patterns add warmth to any home or office interior. Our parquet floors stand the test of time, elevating homes with perfection. Trust our company for stunning floor treatments with amazing parquet patterns. […]