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EPDM Flooring Dubai

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EPDM Flooring Dubai; The Most Heavy-duty Floor Treatment

EPDM Flooring Dubai by Wall Curtains is an incredibly high-end and equally serviceable flooring system which, being really heavy-duty, is exclusively meant for commercial-grade settings. Beginning from the term, EPDM flooring refers to Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber Flooring, and is technically a rubber flooring designed mainly for sports spaces and others meant for physical activities. 

This supremely high-grade flooring is simply the best choice to invest in, particularly if you’re looking for a promising floor treatment for playgrounds, gyms and kids’s rooms. And we’ve got you this serviceable flooring within endless impressive choices.

EPDM Flooring Dubai Is An Incredibly High-end Flooring Choice

Premium Build Quality

Our EPDM Sports Flooring is a synthetic rubber floor system that is made from Ethylene, Propylene, and Diene Monomer and features excellent tensile strength. It comes in the form of sheets and is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly

Hard-wearing Functionality

This premium-grade flooring is extremely resistant to impact damage and environmental stresses. It provides really well for safety purposes and is widely used in playgrounds, gyms and other similar settings


The Worthwhile Performance Of Our EPDM Rubber Flooring

Our high-end EPDM Sports Flooring, in the first place, is the ideal recommendation for sports, gym, and games spacing. And in addition to being a really incredible flooring, it also works wonders for safety and protection purposes, making all the areas meant for physical activities the safest and most comfortable for users. 

This flooring comes with extreme resistance against all the major and minor damaging factors namely UV damage, weather effects, impact damage, extremely low and high temperature extents, and general wear and tear. It’s completely waterproof and has a low conductivity rate for electricity, therefore the safest surfacing during all physical and sports activities.

EPDM Playground Flooring Is Infinitely Purposeful

When you buy EPDM Flooring in UAE from us, this is one of the most cost-effective investments from which you can benefit for years on end. This flooring makes the most comfortable, safe, slip-resistant and firm surfacing underfoot and is an exceptionally best recommendation for all sports and similar settings. 

With its incredible resistance to abrasive, non-abrasive, atmospheric and impact damage, our EPDM Flooring Dubai turns out to be a really beneficial flooring choice and is a foolproof way to ensure safety for players, those who work out and do yoga and children while playing. Taking all of the heavy-duty functionality into account, this Flooring is a great option of outdoor flooring, as well.  

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We Offer Premium Services Of EPDM Flooring Installation

At Wall Curtains, you get the mind-blowing benefit of acquiring all the required services of home improvement under one roof. Speaking of the services, we proudly present to you our skill set of the Flooring Dubai Installation. With these skillful and proficient services, you can treat all your commercial-grade places and residential outdoors in the finest manner, along with the guarantee of longevity. 

Moreover, similar to our cheap EPDM flooring in Dubai, the services of  installation are also entirely budget-friendly and therefore you can easily place your hands on them. Besides, you’re meant to enjoy a whole lot of cost-effectiveness with this treatment, as well. 

So do get in touch with and buy EPDM flooring in UAE, ideally on a budget! 

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What Makes Our EPDM Flooring Dubai A Worthwhile Choice

Our EPDM Sports Flooring besides being the most serviceable commercial-grade flooring is also a great choice of indoor/outdoor residential flooring.

Aesthetic Versatility

We stock a whole lot of EPDM flooring designs for offering you the perfect aesthetic match for your places and most importantly for all the commercial settings

Vast Applications

This high-grade flooring can be used as a premium sports flooring, gym flooring, playground, outdoor and industrial flooring system and proves the most high-performance in all

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    Was in search of a suitable sports flooring for my Penthouse and luckily got this incredible EPDM Flooring Dubai by Wall Curtains. This was one of the most amazing shopping experiences for me and I got a great value for my money.


    Getting EPDM Sports Flooring from this platform was by far, the best decision we’ve ever made. The build quality is absolutely incredible and you can totally guess that just as you step on the flooring.


    I was pretty impressed by the efficacy of their professionals during the EPDM Flooring Installation. They conducted everything real perfectly and what I loved the most was the timeliness of their services!


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    EPDM Tile Flooring offers a great deal of benefits and the major ones are resistance to Sun damage, weather, extremely high and low temperatures, low electricity conduction, noise absorption, easy cleaning, cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

    EPDM Tiles offer the major advantage of convenience during the installation procedure as they are the easiest to deal with, as compared topoured EPDM, which requires professional services. So if you’re planning on a DIY installation, then you should opt for EPDM tile flooring.

    Yes, our EPDM Flooring Dubai is completely waterproof and does not absorb any of the liquids or fluids. This makes it an incredible choice of sports, gym and outdoor flooring, basically the settings in which exposure to moisture is a major phenomenon.

    The daily maintenance of EPDM rubber and sports flooring involves cleaning it with a broom and damp mop or cloth and preferably a microfiber mop. Alternatively, you can vacuum clean it, as well. For detailed cleanups, always make use of a neutral pH cleaner.