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Microtopping Flooring Dubai

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Microtopping Flooring Dubai; The Premium-grade Flooring Product

Microtopping Flooring Dubai by Wall Curtains is the most high-end, luxurious and durable choice of a flooring treatment. Otherwise known as Microcement Flooring or Polished Concrete this very floor covering is technically a resurfacing coating and is a mixture of liquid polymer combined with specialized cement mixture. We’ve got you this incredible flooring treatment for the perfect and promising renovation as well as resurfacing of each and every floor. 

Incredible Aspects Of Our Microtopping Flooring Dubai


This floor coating or covering requires a manual 5 layered on-site application after blending the cement mixture and the polymer, within a thickness of 3 mm


In addition to floors, our quality Microtopping Dubai to all surfaces, such as walls, joineries and even furniture too, making them incredibly smooth


We Provide The Top-tier Services Of Microtopping Dubai

We’ve come up with this entirely exceptional and most long-lasting wall and floor coating for you, which will not just be a genuine revival for all those surfaces, but will also make them totally useful for you. Our services are the widest spectrum of all sorts of floor, wall, furniture and other surfaces’ treatments, restoring and retaining them in the most astonishing manner. 

This very service spectrum of ours is efficiently designed to suit any and every home improvement requirement and generate the best outcomes, so as to provide you with ultimate comfort. Do book your Microtopping Flooring Dubai Services today and have amazing discounts right away!

The Functionality Of Our Microcement Flooring

  • Our Microtopping Flooring Dubai, in the first place, is an entire flooring system or essentially a specialized covering or compound designed for resurfacing and renovation purposes, and of course, revival too. 
  • As mentioned earlier too, this treatment or let’s say the application of our Micro Topping Concrete can be done to all sorts of surfaces, meaning it isn’t confined to the floors only.
  • The application of this micro cement or polished cement gives an all-natural concrete-like finish to the item or substrate being treated.
  • It’s applied directly on to the surfacing that needs to be fixed or revived, filling in all the damaged parts of the underlying surface, making it look new, well-finished and much more attractive than before.
  • Post the microcement flooring job has been done, it’s topped up with a heavy-duty sealant meant for UV protection, implying the fact that this treatment works totally wonders for outdoors too. 

Ornamental Perks Of Our Microtopping Flooring Dubai

Our high-grade Micro Topping Dubai has been one of the most popular design trends in the UAE in the previous years and for good reason. It’s a treatment that comes with extraordinary aesthetic perks, making it the best choice to consider, whenever you want to revamp various surfaces and spots in your home. Speaking of the aesthetic side, the finish of our Microtopping Flooring Dubai also comes with the choice of marble-look, apart from the concrete one and both these finishes are available in high-gloss and semi-gloss options. 

Besides, some of the most impressive and frequently chosen surface styles include the patterns of light waves, cloudy shades, rough patterns, marble-looks with veins, marble-look with crack-looking lines and marble-look with trowel marks. Of course, there are multiple color options too, all of which appear absolutely natural and can be seamlessly incorporated into any décor theme.

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Benefits Of Micro Topping Concrete Treatment

The Microcement flooring system does come with an endless significance, however, for a quick overview, we’ve summed up the major plus point for you ahead. 

  • Micro Topping Concrete is an incredibly flexible and therefore extremely versatile material which works for the vast majority of areas both residential and commercial, even bathrooms, swimming pools and all areas meant for heavy-usage, such as restaurants and airports. 
  • The microcement flooring works atop all sorts of surfaces, most importantly concrete and substrates, and a couple of other examples are MDF, Gypsum board, Plywood, Cement board, Tiles, Marble and even furniture and joineries. 
  • The resultant surface created by our Microtopping Flooring Dubai is potentially resistant to water damage, scratching, UV damage, scuff marks, heat and chemical damage. 
  • Surfaces treated and enhanced with our Micro Topping Dubai become amazingly easy to clean and maintain and if required, you can paint and stain them according to your requirements. 
  • The micro topping concrete functions as an incredible restoration of all sorts of damaged surfaces, such as broken tiles and even those of furniture items.
  • This modern-day and super smart flooring, covering and resurfacing solution is entirely eco-friendly, consisting of all natural materials only and since it’s only applied as a 3 mm thick layer, there’s no air quality, toxicity or health hazard experienced. The installation procedure produces minimum waste and is a great way to preserve all the vintage stuff for long.

Why Choose Us?

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Wall Curtains is the best-rated platform for getting the services of Microtopping Dubai, with the added perks of proficiency and affordability. This flooring addition is one of the most worthwhile home improvement projects which makes an instant, significant and everlasting difference. You can get these services from us at the most pocket-friendly rates and the results will be beyond favorable for you, without the slightest compromise over quality. Just contact us by call or send an email and get your places scheduled for the high-end and everlasting transformation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, our premium quality micro topping concrete is totally bathroom friendly and a beneficial choice for other moisture-prone spaces, too. It provides reasonable protection against the penetration of water and can even be used in sinks, bathtubs and shower stalls. Besides, its extreme adhesion and integrity add to the advantages of using it within bathrooms.

    Microcement works wonders as an external flooring, similar to the indoor usage, making waterproof, anti-slip, heat-resistant, stain–resistant and incredibly heavy-duty surfacing which can easily withstand all extents of foot traffic and is easy to maintain, as well.

    The very pricing of a microtopping covering entirely depends on the detailing of the task, particularly in the case of decorative microtopping. In general, the cost ranges between $5 and $7 per square foot for a thin application atop more than ⅛ of an inch.

    Microtopping covering is entirely cheaper than tiles since it can easily be put on top of any and every existing surface, without the need to remove the former flooring. This saves the labor cost and efforts of previous wall/floor treatment removal services, which eventually adds to the overall cost-effectiveness.

    How it works

    Let’s See What Our Customers Say

    This was my first time getting such an out of the box flooring treatment and I must say that the outcomes were simply mind-blowing, as I had never seen such smooth and glossy looking beautiful floors before.


    Microtopping flooring was quite a new concept of flooring for me, but it goes without saying that the experience was totally amazing and my home floors have completely been transformed since then. Besides, unlike my expectations, this flooring job was incredibly affordable.


    We were totally amazed by the proficiency of these guys at Wall Curtains as they treated my home floors so quickly yet skillfully. The results were absolutely astonishing for me and I’m totally in love with the adorable look of my place since then.