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Motorized Blinds Dubai

Motorized Blinds Dubai by Wall Curtains is the one of the smartest window covering choices, which is both time-saving and energy-efficient at the same time. Having this finest decor and super functional addition to your places will make your places the most comfortable, like never before!

The Unique Crafting Of Motorized Blinds Dubai

Sublime Construction

As for the standard manufacturing, we make use of 100% synthetic Polyester fabric. The fabric panels are made to move over an aluminum tube which is run by a motor.

Efficient Functionality

Motorized Blinds Dubai can be operated in a number of smart, time-saving ways and they offer the most prolonged working. They have a sturdy build quality and higher levels of resistance.



Options Large Mains Motor Medium Mains Motor Small Lithium Motor
Power 230V 230V Wirefree Rechargeable DC 7. 4V
Lifting Capacity 15 Kg 11 Kg 5 Kg
Minimum Blind Width 690mm 650mm 500mm
Technology RTS RTS RTS


Large Motor Medium Motor Small Lithium Motor
1 Channel 5 Channel 15 Channel
1 Channel 6 Channel Charger

How Our Electric Blinds Dubai Make A Difference

Explore our versatile varieties and eye-catching profiles of the Electric Blinds Dubai, that will give rise to endless comfort within your lifestyle. These quality blinds come in a vast range of styles, so as to best fit any and every requirement scenario.

One notable example in this regard is the comfort they offer with their effective room-darkening and simultaneously brightening properties, with which you can enjoy the functionality of Blackout Window Blinds.

In addition to that, you can also choose your desired type of Motorized Blinds Dubai design and also the operating manner which best suits your lifestyle.

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Our Motorized Window Blinds Dubai Come Within Outstanding Versions

These are the genuinely majestic blinds that are the legit game-changers among all types of window/door treatments. They come with incredibly smart properties and will greatly save you both your time and effort. As far as the ways of operating are concerned, you can go for literally any choice that goes well with your aptitude or ease.

The controlling manners of our automatic blinds include working through a wall-mounted switch, remote control working and you can even have your Motorized Blinds Dubai working via smartphone applications and smart home integration systems. These blinds work well with all voice assistants too, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc. You can enjoy their effortless functionality particularly within personalized spaces, for instance, they make the best bedroom window blinds.

Automated Pleat Blinds

Add The Ultimate Convenience Of Motorized Blinds Dubai To Your Life

Certainly, the most lucrative aspect of our electric blinds in Dubai is the way they induce greater comfort within your lives. They will not only save your precious time and physical effort but also will efficiently reduce your energy bills, to boot. You can instantly create the coziest environments for yourselves with the help of these smart blinds. Besides, the noise-blocking features of these blinds enhance the comfort extent even more, thus making you enjoy the functionality of soundproof curtains in Dubai.

In addition to that, you can also pre-program (pre-set) our Motorized Blinds Dubai according to your schedules, so as to have them get opened and shut at specific intervals. 

These quality blinds are absolutely worth the choice, whenever you’re looking for a window treatment upgrade. That’s primarily due to the highest extent of serviceability they offer, which is otherwise usually hard to acquire. Post having these incredible window blinds, you can save a great deal of your precious time, as well as enjoy an enormous comfort, too.

Smart Motorized Blinds

These Blinds In UAE Offer Never-Ending Functional Advantages

We’ve got you these entirely amazing and useful window coverings that will be making your interior environments the most agreeable for you. You can use these blinds for both super effective room brightening and darkening.

The same goes for the airiness extent as well, which can be totally adjusted according to one’s preference with the help of these blinds. Our efficient automatic blinds feature a thick fabrication which makes them extremely noise-blocking too, ultimately an addition to your comfort provision.

These Motorized Blinds Dubai are effectively resistant to all types of external influential factors such as UV damage, dirt and dust particles, moisture/intense winds damage, etc. This way, they offer flawless protection for all your interior decor and belongings. Moreover, they significantly enhance the value of your places, too.

Why Prefer Motorized Blinds Dubai Over Basic Window Treatments 

Our quality smart blinds are, fair enough, one of the most advantageous home improvement upgrades to have, and for good reason. These blinds are exclusively designed for bringing about greater ease of use as well as maintenance and to put an end to all the potential demerits experienced with regular window treatments. 

Ahead is the significance of our sleek and sustainable window blinds in a nutshell:

  • Easiest Handling: Motorized Blinds Dubai is a great addition to go for if you’re sick of moving your curtains and/or blinds manually and repeatedly. That’s because when it comes to these blinds, you simply need to get the job done in literally any smart way which works best for you, let’s say through remote control or at best with voice command.

  • Safest Working: Concerned about your toddlers and/or pets being in danger due to hanging blind cords and chains? Just switch to our smart blinds and you won’t need to worry about a thing afterward. These window blinds feature the safest profile which neither causes any safety risk nor is susceptible to any damage itself.

  • Seamless Styling: These electric blinds are the kind of window treatment that is meant to appear the most stylish irrespective of the surrounding decor. You can always get sleek, seamless, and attractively finished windows with these blinds and can easily consider this choice for any given space.

  • Versatile Availability: Our quality Motorized Blinds come in a vast range of styling choices in terms of both fabrications and associated materials, so that you can easily get complementing choices for your places.

  • Highest Durability: Investing in our electric blinds comes with the major advantage of longevity, which means they will continue serving you for longer periods of time. Besides, they are incredibly resistant to most of damaging factors such as atmospheric impact, high-traffic usage, and moisture problems. 
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Switching To Motorized Blinds For The First Time? Here’s All You Need To Know

Though our blinds feature quality and high-end profiles, they still provide the most convenient and nearly effortless usage. Besides, if you’re the one who hasn’t got a lot of time for window treatment maintenance or care, these electric blinds are the right choice for you. Speaking of the functionality, these blinds are usually powered by a DC Power Adapter in the first place, however, you can also upgrade them to a hard-wired motor for enhanced functionality. 

As for the maintenance of these blinds, all you need to do is dust them on a regular basis and they’ll be good to go. Besides, it’s recommended that you invest in some quality commercial dusters specified for electric blinds, rather than using basic plastic dusters, so as to not damage the blind profile in any way. When cleaning, work your way across the slats and try catching the falling or loosened-up dirt so that there is no mess around. You can proceed in either vertical or horizontal directions. 

img Why Choose Us

Choose The Finest Blinds From Us At Affordable Rates

Highest Quality

With Us, you can conveniently acquire the highest quality stuff on a budget. Our highly advantageous window blinds offer excellent energy-efficiency which makes them totally worth the choice.

Incredible Versatility

Motorized Blinds Dubai look best in residential spaces and most importantly are the ideal choice for workspaces and commercial areas, considering the low-maintenance and time-saving factors.

Get Our Top-Notch Motorized Blinds Dubai Installation Services All Over The UAE

 At Wallcurtains, you are guaranteed to be taken the best care of. With that said, we’ve got you the sublime quality of our smart window blinds paired up with the excellence of our installation services. We feature the most adept professional teams that are all set to benefit you from their skill set, in terms of the flawless blinds fitting within your homes, apartments, and offices. 

Our services will ensure the right and lucrative placement of your window blinds, followed by a unique post-styling, as well. Do have the first-rate Motorized Blinds Dubai installation from us and bring about a genuinely favorable transformation within your lives.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    In general, the batteries of motorized blinds tend to stay functional for up to 5 years and after that you’ll need to replace them. On the other hand, integrated motorized blinds or those operated with smart devices do not go through any mechanical damages, therefore they last forever. 

    All of the motorized blinds come with the options of manual control, the most common of which is the button control. You can easily control such blinds with a wall mounted switch, instead of any complex integrations and similar mechanisms. This versatility of handling makes motorized blinds a really suitable option of window treatment. 

    Motorized blinds feature a top tube which works for lifting the shades up and down. The battery fits above the tube and is then connected to a motor for power. Powering the motorized blinds with batteries is the most efficient way to make them work. Also, the batteries are not visible, so you don’t need to be concerned about the look of your windows. 

    You can have your motorized blinds connected to your smart home system and can then enjoy controlling them with any and every of your desired smart devices. This smart home integration lets you control your blinds just according to your preferences and various schedules of work and rest. 

    Initially, motorized blinds are not supposed to make little to no noise while they move. However, it’s best that you get their working demonstrated in front of you before making a purchase, so that you can only proceed to buying them if their operation is suitable for you