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Buy The Best & Most Luxurious Outdoor Furniture Dubai

Wall Curtains brings you a distinct furnishing option of Outdoor Furniture Dubai to add luxury and create a relaxing and comfortable seating environment in your patios, gardens, lawns etc at affordable rates. This way, you can have all of your functional and aesthetic requirements fulfilled well.

Stunning Aspects of Outdoor Furniture Dubai


We offer the most durable furniture items for your garden, patios, and lawns comprising premium quality materials to endure extreme weather.

Stylish Design

Modern designs of our custom home outdoor furniture offer an ideal way to complement the beauty of your gardens, lawns, patios, decks, etc. It is one of the unique approaches to adorning your outdoor space exceptionally.


Get Premium Build Quality Outdoor Furniture Dubai From Us

Are you in search of customized outdoor furniture comprising the best quality materials? Well, you’re in the right place because our furniture is manufactured from the best quality materials irrespective of the type of material such as wood, metal, glass, etc. to ensure the endurance capacity of furniture against extreme weather.

Get the optimum quality yet cost-effective furniture pieces for outdoor seating for the addition of notable comfort to your lifestyle by providing a lot of functional advantages too.

Keep Your Outdoors Elegant with Outdoor Furniture Dubai

It is the easiest way to add elegance and style to your garden, patio, yard, etc. We provide modern designs and stylish patterns of furniture to beautify your garden and offer a wide spectrum of vibrant colors, unique designs, and striking patterns to best fit your style and space.

Impart a lavish look with stylish Outdoor Furniture Dubai to your residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Reflect your styling and fashion sense by selecting the latest designs and interesting patterns of our outdoor patio furniture set and adding a touch of beauty to your gardens and patios.

Outdoor Furniture-EGG Chair

Outdoor Wooden Furniture Offers Versatile Arrangement Ideas

Do you want to change the overall appearance of your deck or patio? Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult and can easily be accomplished with a distinctive orientation of our outdoor patio furniture set to let you enjoy tranquil and comfortable seating outdoors. You can profoundly change the outlook of your space using the professional set of skills of our workers.

This is the easiest to pair up with all of the outdoor décor themes and you can also lay the foundation of a wholly new décor with these quality furniture pieces. Prefer us to convert your boring outdoors into a modern and useful outdoor seating offering a lot of practical benefits.

Choose Us For Economic Outdoor Furniture in Dubai

For a major selection of cheap outdoor furniture Dubai, Wall Curtains is hard to beat because we provide you with classy and optimum quality furniture for outdoors within your budget range. Our company prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides all the possible financial benefits to them without compromising the quality of our furniture items. You can get Custom Made Furniture Dubai for outdoors at affordable prices from our shops in the UAE.

Outdoor Furniture-Gazebo

Make Your Outdoors Comfortable With Custom Outdoor Furniture

Do you know you can add comfort and style to your patios at the same time? Yes, our customized outdoor furniture lets you avail both the ornamental and practical benefits making your place comfortable and relaxing for visitors and guests. You can accommodate numerous friends and business personnel in your garden with no spacing problems.

It will help you create a welcoming and peaceful space for residential and commercial outdoor settings without compromising the glamor of your outdoor space. Our outdoor patio furniture set is the best possible option to add comfort and relaxation to your garden, patio, lawn, deck, gallery, etc. All these features add up and convert your outdoor space into a dream place and are the reason that people demand our outdoor furniture Dubai sets.

Pick From A Wide Spectrum of Our Outdoor Furniture Items

We have different furniture items for adorning your outdoor space such as gardens, lawns, patios, decks, galleries, etc and we truly recognize the furniture demand of different outdoor scenarios and improve them in our unique ways. Our outdoor furniture UAE includes an outdoor table, garden bench, patio chair, garden chairs, etc.

Garden benches, sofas, and wooden swings bought from us bring comfort and function to your patios and will also upgrade your style to the latest trends. Last but not least, is the fact that all of our furniture items can withstand extreme weather and provide the most promising excellence and durability with little to no chance of damage.

Outdoor Furniture-Wooden Gazebo

Why Choose Us For Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor Furniture-Dining Tables

There are plenty of astounding reasons for buying outdoor furniture from us. We are experienced, efficient, affordable, and available all the time for your service. Our highly skilled artisans show a professional set of skills while customizing and repairing your furniture items. We welcome you to have your outdoors transformed in the chicest manner and await your arrival at our best furniture shops in Dubai.

Enjoy the perks of attaining all the functional and decorative benefits of outdoor furniture Dubai with our services and let yourself have the best experience of purchasing the most durable, budget-friendly, and classy furniture in the UAE

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Furniture placed outdoors has to face extreme weather such as rainstorms, UV rays from the sun, mold and mildew growth, etc. If it’s not durable, it can get damaged and all these factors will contribute to reducing the lifespan of furniture products.

    Outdoor wooden furniture comprising top-quality hardwood materials such as oak, maple, walnut, ash, plywood, mahogany, etc is the best because it offers durability, resilience, and longevity.

    The lifespan of outdoor furniture depends upon many factors such as the material type, extent of furniture usage, etc. Metal furniture lasts for a longer duration because it is more durable as compared to wooden or glass outdoor furniture.

    Outdoor furniture made of metal, glass, and plastic is waterproof and safe from water damage as compared to wooden furniture that gets eroded and loses its shine, and gets damaged easily.

    Yes, wooden outdoor furniture that is not protected with a protective layering or finish can show mould and mildew growth and get damaged. Many companies offer a pre-applied layer of such protectants and surface finishes to the furniture items to prevent them from mould growth damage.

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    Free consultation service and on-time delivery of my alfresco furniture are the features worth paying for. My outdoor wooden furniture is extremely elegant and perfectly accommodates my garden space. I’m thrilled with their services.


    Ordered a wooden swing for my garden and they delivered it instantly. It was inexpensive and looked more beautiful and classy actually just as they promised. I can’t wait to order some other outdoor furniture items. Definitely recommended.


    Excellence, elegance, and efficiency are the features that I was promised, and they delivered much more than that. Bought an amazing set of custom garden furniture from them at affordable rates. Undoubtedly, their professionals are highly skillful. I approve of their services.