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Self Leveling Epoxy

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Self Leveling Epoxy; The Most Heavy-duty Floor Covering

Self Leveling Epoxy by Wall Curtains is an exceptionally hard-wearing floor coating which works for all sorts of subfloor surfaces, creating the most long-lasting flooring treatment. It’s a particularly useful choice for concrete floors and is the most effective and incredibly functional to treat them, making them entirely smooth, seamless and flawless. This covering is a major requirement for all commercial and industrial grade settings and ultimately is a useful choice for residential ones, too. 

The Incredible Functionality Of Our Self Leveling Epoxy Dubai

Flawless Floor Treatment

Epoxy self leveling works as the sturdiest and hardest covering atop any given flooring surface, making it the smoothest, supremely durable, safe and convenient to use

Everlasting Attraction

The application of epoxy self leveling compound is the ultimate aesthetic uplifting of any and every subfloor surface or flooring system, as it comes in the widest diversity of color and pattern choices


We Are The First-rate Providers Of Epoxy Self Leveling Flooring Services

And we’ve got you this very spectrum of the flooring services with the utmost and long-term beneficial excellence. Our Self Leveling Epoxy Dubai treatment can totally transform the look as well as the structural integrity of any and every surfacing and is versatile enough to suit every single requirement scenario. 

Our Epoxy Flooring UAE addition is one of the most budget-friendly yet the most promising home improvements, which make a significant difference instantly and in the most everlasting manner. So do request your free quote right away!

How Does Our Self Leveling Epoxy Treatment Work

  • The very addition of epoxy self leveling UAE is technically a version of the epoxy floor coating, which is applied on top of the subfloors or any existing floor covering, (most probably concrete). 
  • The resultant floor system turns out to be incredibly sturdy, hard-wearing, smooth, heavy-duty and resistant to all sorts of damages, most importantly impact and moisture effects. 
  • The Self Leveling Epoxy compound, in addition to creating an entire flooring system, also works as potential fixing of all the imperfections and flaws of the subfloor or the surface being treated, as it gets filled in all the depressions and cracks of the surfacing underneath, thus evening it out perfectly.
  • The standard thickness extent for epoxy self-leveling coatings is 375 mils or in other words 0.375 inches, and can also be increased depending on the purpose and the usage intensity of the intended space. 
  • The epoxy compound, being self leveling takes up to 7 days for getting dried completely and ready to use.

Aesthetic Worth Of Getting Self Leveling Epoxy UAE

Our epoxy self leveling flooring services give rise to exceptionally beautiful floors, which of course, are a dire requirement within all commercial-grade and even residential settings too. These floors feature high-gloss, smooth, seamless and tough profiles, which is to say that the floor’s adorable look does not get affected by any of the influential factors, even chemical impact or general wear and tear over time. 

The high-quality self leveling epoxy paint used for these floors is resistant to scratches, dents, scuff marks, and discoloration. This way, any of the concrete or other floorings treated with the epoxy self leveling compound turn out to be exceptionally attractive, with the guarantee of retaining their beauty for years on end. 

So do have all your interior and exterior floors preserved with this extraordinary treatment and secure your investment like never before.

The Purposeful Significance Of Our Epoxy Self Leveling

Getting your residential and commercial floors treated with epoxy self leveling is the most promising way to make them last long and to terminate all of the usage and maintenance inconveniences too, once and for all.

And here’s the entire significance compiled for giving you a quick idea:

    • Self leveling epoxy floors are extremely tough against scratching, chemical, heat and impact damage.
    • The epoxy self leveling compound comes in multiple thickness levels for providing for all sorts of high-end application scenarios, most commonly industrial sites and commercial and outdoor areas. 
    • The floor system created with the epoxy self leveling is incredibly smooth, even, flawless and yet totally slip-resistant and safe to use. 
    • Such floor systems are the easiest to maintain and they can easily stay sustainable for the longest timespans. 
    • These epoxy floors have a seamlessly high gloss finish with innumerable versatility of color and pattern options, with chips and flakes being popular styles. 

Why Choose Us?

best 3d epoxy service in UAE

Wall Curtains is the top-notch provider of premium quality home improvement services in the UAE, for decades at this point. We’ve come up with entirely incredible and timelessly favorable solutions for accentuating your residential and commercial decors and are proud to present you with our matchless efficacy in this regard. Our top-tier services of the Self Leveling Epoxy UAE are also one of our excellent skill sets, exclusively designed to add to and preserve all floors in a durable and versatile manner. Do choose this game-changing service spectrum for your places and have them accentuated the best way possible!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The standard curing time for epoxy to self level is up to 7 days, given the condition of accurate and controlled surrounding temperature. However, oftentimes, the floor system gets dried and ready to use within 24 hours, though it’s strongly recommended to only have a lighter usage. 

    Epoxy self leveling compound, as a matter of fact, is primarily meant for concrete floors and subfloors and therefore it goes without saying that it will work most finely in such a scenario. Besides, the self-leveling epoxy can also be used for other floorings and subfloors, tooo.

    Yes, water-based epoxy resin and cement can be totally mixed with each other, however what needs to be strictly taken care of is the right proportions of the two. Such a mixture ensures enhanced strength and it can be made self leveling, as well, by the addition of specialized additives.

    An epoxy floor coating that is labeled as “100% solid” is the best option to consider, when you’re looking for a quality epoxy floor coating. That’s because it’s sturdy and heavy-duty enough to be used for large-scale areas, such as carports, garages and other similar spaces and takes only up to 24 hours for getting ready and is completely eco-friendly and VOC-free, too. 

    How it works

    Let’s See What Our Customers Say

    This was my first time having an actual epoxy job done as a flooring addition and thanks to Wall Curtains, the experience was more amazing than I had thought. The results are greatly satisfying and the project didn’t cost me excessively, as well.


    I got this incredible addition of self leveling epoxy to my outdoors and I must say that this has been the most beneficial home improvement I’ve had so far. My outdoor floors look super shiny, attractive and have become way too easy to maintain, too.


    Their professionals are absolutely amazing at their job and carried out the finest upgrade of my place. Besides, unlike my estimate the entire project turned out to be really affordable and it’s been 2 years at this point that I’m enjoying the similar perks!