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2 Seater Sofa

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2 Seater Sofa; The Most Serviceable And Durable Seating

Wall Curtains presents to you the premium quality 2 Seater Sofa for the most comforting and pleasing enhancement of your interiors. This exceptionally beautiful sofa set not just offers unique aesthetic perks but also is a great choice for homes which are somewhat smaller, as it doesn’t consume a lot of space, yet provides the most comfortable accommodation and is an entirely practical choice. 

Foremost Pros Of Our Luxury Two Seaters

Space Saving

These sofas create the best interior furnishing without taking any excess space and therefore are the best solution to maximize congested interiors.


They are the easiest to deal with, in terms of maintenance and movement, and you can even disassemble them whenever needed.


We Feature The Trendiest Collection Of Double Seater Sofas

Our exquisite 2 seater sofas are particularly designed for small home or office setups and their compact yet attractive profiles ideally complement all surrounding spaces. These sofa styles are the most perfect furnishing choice for all areas and most importantly you get a whole lot of even wondrous options when you acquire their custom creation. 

That’s because the styling of these two seater sofas as a custom made furniture item comes with the perks of added beauty and comfort. So do have your orders placed today!

Noteworthy Advantages Of Our 2 Seater Sofa Dubai

Our all-exclusive double seater sofas are the most suitable furnishing choice for all of the interior setups, both meant for personal usage as well as for events and gatherings.

  • This sofa style is a minimalist yet suave addition to the personalized spaces, such as work or entertainment setups.
  • It makes a particularly amazing upgrade of bedroom furnishing and is the most presentable seating option to go along with workspace furniture items, such as reception and waiting area seating and even for the power offices, too. 
  • This sofa style is extremely easy to clean and you can also disassemble it for the occasional requirements of movement and/or shifting. 
  • The quality upholstery used for this sofa is highly colorfast and therefore completely free of the concern of getting faded.

Have Your Desired Sofa Ideas Custom Created By Us

Premium-grade and outstandingly unique furniture customization services are what make us outperform other furniture suppliers. And with that being said, we’re glad to present to you our noteworthy excellence of the two Seater Sofa Dubai customization. We also sell 3 seater sofa, 5 and 7 seater sofa or as per your requirements. As suggested by the name, this is the very service spectrum with which you can get all your desired modifications of the two seater sofa, whether it’s the choice of construction materials or the styling of colors, patterns, tuftings, etc. 

Why Choose Us?

HOLLY SOFA 2 seater

Wall Curtains is the leading home decor and home improvement service provider in UAE where you get the most promising expertise regarding each and every aspect. This does go true for our exclusive ranges of the 2 Seater sofa in Dubai with which you can give an instant and incredible makeover to all your places. Do request your free quote today and learn about the best sofa deals, right away!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The typical size of a two seater sofa ranges between 168 cm and 224 cm, which in other words is between 66’’ and 88’’. It provides reasonable accommodation and works best for a vast majority of uses, that too, without taking up a lot of space. 

    Loveseat and two seaters are way different from each other and using them interchangeably is a major misconception. The major distinction lies in the sizing, which is to say that a loveseat is smaller than a two seater sofa, though both are meant for accommodating two people.

    Yes, our premium quality 2 Seater Sofa Dubai can totally provide accommodation for more than two people, however, those are the larger versions and therefore you need to pay more for such a sofa option. 

    While you can have literally any and every customization of the luxury 2 seater sofa from us, the most frequently requested modifications are the two seater sofa bed, large two seater sofa, medium two seater sofa and armless two seater sofa Dubai. 

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    In my tiring search for a suitable sofa set for my kids' room, I happened to come across this amazing platform and I must say their 2 seater sofa was simply the best furniture piece I’ve ever had. It’s extremely cozy and my kids enjoy it a lot.


    Wall Curtains is indeed an exceptional platform where you can get the creation of any and every furniture piece of your choice. I got their services of the custom double seater sofa and this sofa has been the most pleasurable furnishing for me till date.


    These guys offer you these insanely beautiful sofa ideas that it becomes almost impossible to make up your mind for one. I surfed through their amazing sofa collections and their professionals helped me pick up the perfect choice for my place, a mind-blowing experience!