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Carpets And Rugs Online by Wall Curtains are the world-class range of the best soft floorings with which you can enjoy a major beautification and transformation of your place. These carpets and rugs are of the finest build quality and work wonders for enhancing the aesthetics of all areas, particularly the residential decors. 

Apart from the styles available at our outlets, you can also get custom made rugs and carpets from us in Dubai at the most budget-friendly rates.

Our Rugs and Carpets Create The Finest Interiors

Sublime Construction

Our Rugs and Carpets In Dubai come with a long-lasting performance and extreme resilience, thanks to their exquisite construction quality

Creative Aesthetics

We have the most trendsetting Design Carpet Dubai you can get finely versatile and eye-catching styles of Rugs Dubai Online from us


Explore The Incredible Choices Of Our Carpets And Rugs Online in Dubai

Our Customized Rugs Dubai and Carpets in the UAE offer a timeless beautification of the interiors and they are the most comforting elements to be around. You can get all modern and traditional styles of Carpets And Rugs Online from us, for a classy and unique upgrade of your places. Besides, you can also get custom made carpet and rug patterns, colors and styles from us, to have the best match for your decorative themes. 

The Incredible Perks And Pros Of Our Rugs Dubai And Luxury Carpets

  1. These rugs and carpets are simply the cheapest yet the most effective way to give your interiors a well-put-together and the most inviting look. 
  2. They add a whole lot of warmth to the living spaces and provide major underfoot comfort, as well. 
  3. Carpets And Rugs Online purchase work as a smart and serviceable alternative to high-end and costly flooring systems, besides you get the most satisfying coverage levels. 
  4. These soft floorings will also reduce noise in the interiors and their calmative properties provide plenty of comfort. 
  5. You also get to notice lessening of the energy expenses due to their energy-efficiency.  
carpets and rugs online in Dubai

Get Our Exemplary Carpets And Rugs Online Services

With Wall Curtains, you will enjoy the most amazing experience of rugs and carpets shopping, that too, right in the comfort of your home. We provide exquisitely proficient carpet installation services and you can get a whole lot of mind-blowing decor ideas for the perfect flaunting of Rugs Dubai. Our rugs shop in Dubai features the finest varieties for each and every requirement and all you need to do is send us an email or give us a call. You’ll find this entire home improvement to be ideally budget-friendly as well as cost-effective, too. 

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Carpets And Rugs Dubai Make Statement Decors

Our rugs and carpets are the most effective beautifying elements which can totally change the look of any and every place

Versatile Looks

These carpets and rugs come in endless versions and can be seamlessly added to all decors, and can also be enhanced with various customizations

Greater Durability

They are highly long-lasting and will sustain their build quality for the longest periods of time and they can easily withstand all the footfall intensity too

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    I recently shopped for their carpets and rugs online and the quality I came across at this platform was truly amazing. The varieties were totally mesmerizing too and this was my best experience of home décor shopping so far.


    Their rugs Dubai were simply the best soft floorings I’ve ever got. Amongst so many classy designs, it was quite hard to me to pick out one since I loved them all frankly speaking. However, their professionals helped me pick out the right stuff.


    We hired wall-to-wall carpeting services from Wall Curtains and they did the absolute best job! Their treatment was incredible and the space where we had it began to look stunning afterwards. And the best part is that the entire treatment was super affordable.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    In the first place, the rug must perfectly accord with the room’s look and must be a harmonious visual match for it. For example, square and rectangular rugs work well for most of the rooms, but if there are more rounded structures, such as circular furniture in the room, then you should stick to a round rug. 

    The thumb rule when it comes to the rug placement is that the rug must have a center placement and that there should be adequate distance between all four sides of the rug and the surrounding walls. Besides, the rug should be large enough for everybody to walk over it and not end up with one foot on the floor.

    Regular vacuuming is the first step to a good carpet upkeep. Besides, giving the carpet(s) a thorough cleanup occasionally is equally important. Also, it’s a good idea to keep footwear and pets away from the carpet to reduce wear and tear.

    Polypropylene carpets are the best choice for living rooms and similar frequently-used places. That’s because they resist stains better, are low-maintenance and very durable too. Also, they are great at resisting Sun damage.