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Buy Trendy & Enticing Persian Carpet And Rugs In Dubai

Wall Curtains presents you with high-quality soft flooring solutions in the form of Persian Carpet And Rugs to help you uplift the charm and luxury of your home interior to the fullest. We have Persian rugs and carpets available in a wide variety of complementing options to suit each and every interior styling approach.

Not to mention the aspect of the unmatched build quality of our floor coverings. Hence, buying our oriental rugs and carpets means making an ideal choice among all the available options on the market.

The Notable Features Of Our Persian Rugs & Carpets

Imperishable Quality

Our handmade, custom-made, and made-to-measure Persian soft floorings are highly durable, highly resilient, and truly functional and therefore, can be ideally placed in high-traffic interiors.

Improved Aesthetics

Irrespective of your home interior design and styling, an ideal oriental Persian carpet and rugs choice from the vastly available collection promises to add to the delightfulness of your space.


Explore The Vast Collection Of Our Persian Carpet & Rugs Dubai

We truly acknowledge the fact that each and every home interior is designed and styled distinctively and therefore, demands to be decorated accordingly. For this purpose, we offer the most versatile variety of creatively crafted oriental soft floor coverings to help our valuable clients get the ideal one for their homes.

Also, unlikely by any chance if you’re unable to find your desired design and style combination, then you can place an order for a custom-made Persian Carpet Dubai or runner rug for the ultimate solution.

The Fundamental Significance Of Our Persian Runner Rugs And Carpets

  1. Comprising a combination of different natural fabrics, our quality Persian Carpet And Rugs for sale become truly eco-friendly.
  2. These natural-fabric-manufactured soft floorings are less flammable and release fewer allergens compared to synthetic carpets and rugs.
  3. You’ll be adding to the warmth, texture, aesthetics, and comfort of your space by making the purchase of our oriental runner rugs and design carpets.
  4. Being versatile and expertly handcrafted, these quality carpets and rugs never go out of fashion, and therefore, promise to be a valuable investment.
  5. Adding our inexpensive oriental rugs or carpets to a not-so-spacious interior in your home can deceitfully make the space look and feel grand and open.
  6. No need to mention that you’ll be incorporating genuine pieces of art into the interior that are easy to clean and maintain as well.
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We Are The Top-Notch Suppliers Of Persian Carpet And Rugs In The UAE

Another thing that favors the purchase from our carpet and rug stores in Dubai is the fact that we’re selling this heirloom-worthy collection of Persian heritage for a much longer time compared to competitors in the market.

Both our Persian carpet and rugs Dubai come with the finest build quality and they can literally last for up to a century, with just a minimal maintenance. That’s how we ensure the best value for your investment and make your places the literal comfort zones for you.

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How Our Persian Rugs And Carpets Adorn Your Places?

Our oriental carpets and runner rugs will add to the luxury and aesthetics of your home interior thus, making it look more attractive and desirable.

Unmatched Versatility

Available at our stores in a vast collection of colors, schemes, patterns, textures, and designs, these soft coverings are the best choices.

Truly Inexpensive

Buying from us means getting the best quality and most finely crafted carpets and rugs without disturbing your financial situation.


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    Thankfully, I came across Wall Curtains when looking to make the purchase of a Persian Design Carpet. From contemporary to modern, they offered all the designs, that too, within my budget requirements to help with my ideal purchase. Highly recommended.


    Undoubtedly, Wall Curtains is the best in business for selling high-quality yet inexpensive carpets and rugs in the UAE. I ordered my long-desired Persian runner rug and was amazed to see the variety of complementing options available at their stores.


    I’m glad that my friend recommended visiting Wall Curtains for the purchase of oriental rugs and carpets. The super-friendly staff members helped me with the purchase of an intricate design Persian Carpet. Best quality and versatile products are offered within reasonable price ranges!


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Unlike other soft floorings, oriental carpets and rugs are only manufactured using natural fabric materials like wool, silk, cotton, etc thus, they are biodegradable. Also, these soft floor coverings are the finest works of art because of being handwoven and not machine-woven.

    The difference between the Persian and an ordinary rug becomes obvious from the fact that Persian rugs have no sewn-on fringes. That’s because fringes form the ends of the warp threads and therefore are continuous in the whole fabric structure.

    Presumably not, Oriental soft floorings like carpets and rugs don’t pose that much difficulty for the cleaning process, however, they do require special care and maintenance practices. That’s because these comprise wool fabric that needs to be treated differently in comparison.

    The secret to the longevity aspect of oriental carpets and rugs lies in the construction strategy of these soft floor coverings. Because these are hand-knitted and therefore, prove to be integrated much more strongly making them highly durable, and equally resilient.