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Shop For The Modern Styles Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Wall Curtains brings you the incredible floor treatment choice of Vinyl Flooring Dubai, a luxury flooring offering a great user experience. Our quality vinyl floors feature the latest designs to add to your interior glamour, besides making your home floors more comfortable to walk on. 

What Can You Expect From Vinyl Flooring Dubai?


Our premium Vinyl Flooring comes with integrated foam underlayment, offers noise reduction and is low-maintenance, too


The premium build quality of these floors enables them to stand up to heavy foot traffic while making them last for a longer duration


Buy Our Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dubai For All Commercial And Residential Places

For decades, we have been the top-rated suppliers in Dubai and are well-known for providing quality flooring products. You can add a touch of elegance to your interior spaces with the modern designs of our luxury vinyl flooring Dubai. All of the floor styles we’ve come up with, are the most trending ones in the UAE and you can enjoy the aesthetics of every desired floor of yours with them.

Our Vinyl Luxury Flooring is heavy-duty enough to best suit both residential and commercial requirements and is the most promising home improvement you can ever invest in. In addition to that, we also provide unique design customizations for these floors, helping you acquire your dream home decor with the ultimate convenience. 

Get The Most Durable Vinyl Sheet Flooring in Dubai From Us

We stock the trendiest color, finish and pattern options of Vinyl  Flooring and will help you pick the best and most suitable choices for your places.

Not to mention the durability of our vinyl flooring Dubai besides the elegant appearance. It is the kind of flooring solution that is highly water-resistant and stays tough against other kinds of damage, too. Plus, this flooring treatment can intensify your interior décor while offering practical favorability. And the best part is that you can get your choice of luxury hardwood floor look with this smart choice.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

We Provide Expert Installation Services For Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Are you looking for professional services for the installation of your vinyl floors? We’ve got you completely covered with our premium installation services besides offering different types of Flooring Dubai. Our experts carry out all sorts of floor fittings quickly for you, creating an appealing look for your interiors. 

And our services will save you from all the unfavorable consequences of DIY floor installation, so as to make the addition super advantageous for you and to give you the best value for your money. Call us  to book your next home flooring consultation and get the best home improvement right away.

Our Vinyl Floors In Dubai Make An Ideally Low-maintenance Flooring Solution

Vinyl Flooring Dubai is easy to maintain and comes with the most effortless cleaning. And this modern flooring is the best way to achieve improved interior aesthetics. You can have these quality floors within different structural versions, such as the tile format or plank style. This way, you can easily get your home a quality and sustainable treatment. 

Vinyl Luxury Floors are simply the best choice for homes with kids as they are entirely non-toxic in their construction and are pet-friendly, too. Besides, they can be fitted in all moisture-prone areas such as Kitchens and blinds, and are also a great option of outdoor flooring. You can totally expect a wonderful performance from this flooring in each and every setting. 

Vinyl Flooring Dubai Is The Most Budget-Friendly Option

Flooring is a once-in-a-lifetime investment, as it is durable and heavy-duty in functionality and can stand up to the wear and tear of daily foot traffic. At Wall Curtains, We offer low-cost vinyl flooring Dubai prices without compromising the quality.

We have inexpensive vinyl floors that are noise, stain, allergen, and moisture-resistant besides being beautiful in design. Also, you can use our Custom Made Furniture and flooring in combination to create a comfortable and flawless home interior. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Flooring
Kitchen Vinyl Plank Flooring

Different Types Of Vinyl Floors Available At Our Stores

We stock various distinctive types of vinyl floors for all the décor choices and interior requirements of our clients. These flooring types include: 

1. Vinyl Tile Flooring

Vinyl Tile Flooring Dubai (LVT) is incredibly easy to use and offers effortless maintenance because you only need to mop the floor to get rid of dust and dirt.

2. Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring Dubai is a really famous choice because it looks very similar to hardwood flooring. It can be an ideal flooring option that comes at affordable prices.

vinyl plank flooring for kitchen (1)

The Timeless Worth Of Our Vinyl Luxury Floors UAE

Our Vinyl Flooring Dubai is the best alternative to the most luxurious and high-end flooring treatments, as it is incredibly budget-friendly. This makes it a smart solution to invest in and enjoy the aesthetic perks of costly floors without having to splurge. From authentic wood floors to classy parquet floors patterns, you can easily place your hands on the choice you please the most. 

Speaking of the choices, some of the most popular styles of our luxury vinyl floorings are tile format, plank format, retro looks, wood-look embossed planks, ceramic look tiles, and peel and stick vinyl flooring. Nearly all of them get installed as a floating floor system, are compatible with all subfloor types.

Why Choose Us?

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Wall Curtains is the top-notch supplier of all flooring types in the UAE. We offer you the flooring treatment expertise that is simply matchless regarding both the decorative aspects and practical favorability. Our floors can serve as a major transformation for your interior to make it more appealing.

In addition to that, we offer expert services for floor installation and repair that you can avail of any time round the clock. So do prefer us and get the best quality yet affordable LVT Flooring Dubai to upgrade the interior of your home and raise its level of comfort, like never before!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Vinyl floors are highly durable. If installed and maintained correctly, they can last upwards of 10-20 years. It can be a brilliant choice for the rooms in your house that get the most foot traffic. Most vinyl floors have a layer on their surface that resists scratches and stains.

    Yes, Vinyl floors are waterproof and incredibly popular for this reason. It can resist moisture and its surface will not be affected by water damage. This makes it an ideal option for homes and office places that could see spills and accidents.

    Yes, you can be easily repaired. It doesn’t matter whether you have tiles or sheets as your home flooring because both of them can be repaired efficiently. For tiles, you can simply replace them, and to eliminate the damage to vinyl sheet flooring you can patch in some new material, making it look new and flawless again.

    If you want to have a durable and long-lasting floor, then the best possible option for you is vinyl flooring. It is because vinyl floors are not only inexpensive but also provide resistance to spills, noise, stains, scratches, and moisture. All these features add up to become solid reasons for considering vinyl flooring as an option.

    Yes, a vinyl floor can intensify the appearance of your interior by making a bold statement with its vibrant colours and unique textures. Many companies offer the latest designs for vinyl tile flooring to luxuriate your space and mark a distinctive aspect of your personality. Not to mention the durability and resilience that comes along with it.

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    Amazing experience with their professional services. Today I got my Vinyl Flooring Installed in my bathroom and kitchen area. They just did an excellent job at affordable rates. Highly recommended for all flooring services.


    I got my vinyl tile floor repaired from them & they did exceptionally well. The work was completed earlier than expected and the floor looked flawless in appearance. It was inexpensive to get my floor repaired by them. I’m thrilled with their professional services.


    We had a vinyl plank floor installed in our office interior. Excellent services, I would say because they profoundly changed the interior of my office and made it look glamorous. I’m glad that I found them inexpensive in the end and was amazed at the premium quality of their product and services.