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Velvet Curtains Dubai

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Velvet Curtains Dubai Will Give Your Interiors a Royal Look

Our Curtains has a functional and appealing approach that will definitely attract viewers. They add a perfect sense of beauty and elevate the aesthetics of your interiors in a perfect manner. Velvet Curtains Dubai have the complete ability to alter the looks of the entire scenario and make them perfectly enticing as well. 

Ready made Curtains made from velvet can serve as the perfect attention seekers that will definitely strike the minds of the visitors directly and add a perfect beauty and optimized environment to your places.

Our Velvet Curtains Dubai Are Of High Standards

We Craft Our Products Creatively

By choosing all the perfect quality materials and yarns we never compromise on the standards of our products and create them innovatively.

Our Curtains Are Highly Resilient

Velvet Curtains Dubai are highly resilient curtains that can be adjusted in all types of themes and in all the places of your home.


Velvet Curtains Dubai Have Functional Benefits

They Act As Insulators

These curtains will make the looks of your interiors appealing and they also have the perfect practical approach. With these quality sedar curtains in Dubai, you can lower down the utility bills of your house as well. As these thickly woven Velvet Curtains Dubai act as insulators that trap the heat in them.

They aid in maintaining the room temperature and minimize the use of Air Conditioners. This activity of Window Shutters in Dubai results in lowered down electricity bills and will make your space more energy-efficient as well.

Velvet Curtains Dubai

Get Prime Quality Products At Cheap Rates

We know that the budget matters a lot in these decorative products purchased. So for facilitating our clients we always keep the rates of our products under the budget line of the customers. We never overpriced our products and sometimes offer different discount offers as well. Our rates are guaranteed and competitive in the entire market. We never compromise on the standards of Velvet Curtains Dubai.

Besides the top-quality products, at Wall Curtains we also offer curtain alterations and fixing services in Dubai at cheap rates. We will provide you with our best quality services at your doorsteps by professional workers. If you want to get the curtains installed then make a call, book your appointment, and get the job done perfectly. 

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Velvet Curtains Dubai - The Best Window Treatment Solution

If you want to give your windows a sleek and royal look then these curtains are the primmest solution to opt for.

We Offer Services Across Dubai

With a team of passionate workers, we are always ready to provide our services in all parts of the state.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Being a customer-oriented company we always try our Velvet Curtains Dubai to give the clients the best products and services to satisfy them perfectly.

Versatile Velvet Curtains Dubai

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    Views Of Our Customer!

    The Velvet Curtains Dubai is undoubtedly the best decorating element that totally changed the looks of my place and elevated its beauty. I get pleased every time I look at these curtains.


    We ordered these curtains for our living room. Besides the perfect aesthetics, they also helped me lower my electricity bills. As they act as complete insulators and trap heat inside the room.


    Velvet Curtains by Wall Curtains have the next level of class. They added royal expressions to my place and made it very much pleasing and mind-soothing as well. I will highly recommend them.


    I was in search of a perfect fabric for my bedroom window. Then I suddenly came across this company, they provided me with the velvet curtains that fit the best in my bedroom. These guys are very professional!


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    It isn’t essentially hard as long as you carry out the maintenance carefully. Just be careful with the choice of detergent and never use regular soap and water for the purpose. Ensure using lukewarm water for washing and don’t go too harsh when removing the stubborn stains or spots. 

    Velvet curtains have relatively thicker profiles than regular curtains so they are great at optimizing the room temperature. They can be used for both room cooling and insulation, according to the need of the hour. Besides, this of course, is a good way to reduce energy expenses. 

    Velvet curtains are an excellent option of window treatment for summers, thanks to their thick profiles which will keep most of the heat at bay. They also add a cooling effect within the room as they block away the harsh sunlight. So you can get a reasonable room environment along with the added perk of cost cutting in the energy bills. 

    As for storing the velvet curtains, you need to be extremely careful about how you fold and assemble them. Try rolling the entire curtain profile right in the direction of the pile, instead of folding it, so as to avoid any creasing or wrinkling. 

    Velvet curtains have thicker profiles which besides the temperature optimization, also offers the advantage of an impressive light blockage. This way, these curtains can be used as blackout curtains and you can even increase the efficiency by using dark colors.