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Buy The Most Heavy-duty And Durable Outdoor Carpet Dubai

Wall Curtains brings you the most versatile and long-term favorable choice of Outdoor Carpet Dubai to intensify the aesthetics, comfort, and charm of your outdoors. These carpets for outdoors can be ideally placed in different exterior spaces like patios, decks, lawns, gardens, etc.

Besides, these comfortable carpets are one of the most substantial-quality ones from our extensive collection of soft flooring products available at our best carpet-selling stores in the UAE. Hence, this product purchase will prove to be the most valuable and entirely long-lasting investment for your outdoors.

The Significant Attributes Of Our Best Outdoor Carpets

Best Quality

Our outdoor turf carpets are manufactured using 100% Synthetic materials and therefore are resistant to damages and prove durable too

Weather Resistance

Being truly hard-wearing in nature, our carpets can easily withstand the effects of harsh weather with no damage and wear and tear signs.


Check Out Our Extensive Range Of Carpets For The Outdoors

At our carpet stores and online, you’ll find the most versatile spectrum of Outdoor Carpet Dubai regarding design, texture, style, patterns, colors, sizes, and shapes to adorn your exteriors. Hence, no matter whatever style, texture, or design you require for a carpet, you’ll surely be getting the outdoor soft flooring element of your desire.

And just like our extensive collection of carpeting options including Blue, Black, Bedroom Carpets, etc these carpets will surely be adding to the aesthetics, comfort, and charm of your outdoors.

Create Attractive Outdoor Decors With Outdoor Rugs & Carpet Dubai

At Wall Curtainsyou’ll come across the most mind-blowing design ranges of luxury and heavy-duty outdoor carpets and rugs. Our exclusive carpeting lineup includes a perfect option for every requirement and space, such as flexible sizes, extensive shapes and purposeful thickness types. From smaller matting and rug options to those offering high coverages, we’ve stocked every single version for you. 

With our vibrant and most importantly low-maintenance best outdoor rugs Dubai, you can easily add a lot of ambience to your outdoor seating and entertainment setups, specifically those floor-based ones, spiced up with eye-catching throw pillows and cushions.

The Benefits Of Having Our Outdoor Waterproof Carpets

  1. This quality carpet addition can instantly perk up your outdoor spaces for the ultimate aesthetic delight.
  2. Being highly durable and resilient, they can withstand weather impacts like damage due to moisture, stains, color fading (UV rays exposure), etc.
  3. Manufactured using top-quality fabrics, these carpets promise to stay serviceable and elegant-looking throughout the course of their lifespans.
  4. Outdoor Carpet Dubai provides your patios, lawns, and gardens with that much-needed touch of luxury, charm, and comfort.
  5. These top-quality carpets can be cleaned and maintained with just minimal cleaning practices performed on a routine basis.
  6. They’ll not only protect your deck or patio flooring Dubai from damage but will also cover the damaged floors quite wonderfully by giving them a delightful appearance.
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We Are Renowned Providers Of Quality Yet Cheap Indoor And Outdoor Carpets

If you’re looking for a premium quality customized yet cheap outdoor turf carpet, then our best carpet-selling stores in the UAE will surely fulfill all your demands. Besides, we offer a large number of complementing options for outdoor custom-made carpet choices which can also be used as Mosque Carpets Dubai.

Our Customized Outdoor Carpet Dubai will prove to be an aesthetically pleasing and functionally beneficial addition to your outdoor spaces. This carpeting solution is a great way to make the otherwise non-functional outdoor areas a lot more useful and comfortable. 

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Why Is Outdoor Custom Carpet A Perfect Choice?

Outdoor fabric carpets by Wall Curtains comprise top-quality fabrics and can easily withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions thus is a perfect outdoor carpeting choice.

Visually Appealing

We offer delightful and attractive-looking outdoor design carpets for adding to the charm and elegance of your exteriors.

Inexpensive Pricing

We offer supreme quality outdoor fabric carpets at the most economical prices that fall within our customer’s budget range.

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How it works

Valuable Product Feedback

Received my order for a patio carpet from Wall Curtains just now. Exceptional quality carpet with an amazing design pattern imprinted on it. Also I didn’t have to adjust my budget because of the cost-effective product pricing. Truly amazing services.


Ordered a custom carpet for my deck from Wall Curtains online. I’m delighted with the product quality and especially the economical pricing range. No doubt, they have the most extensive collection of the best carpet design options. Definitely recommended.


Wall Curtains rightfully claims to be the top-rated carpet supplier for outdoor settings. My recent shopping experience at their store was just amazing. Super friendly staff, best quality products, versatile choices, and inexpensive pricing demands. Thumbs up!


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The tensile fabric strength is the key factor for imparting durability, resilience, and performance aspects to outdoor design carpets. These carpets are commonly made of polyester, nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene because all of them are hard-wearing fabric materials that can easily withstand harsh environmental conditions.

    To buy the best quality yet cheap indoor-outdoor design carpets in Dubai visit our best carpet-selling stores. At our carpet shops, you’ll find the most comprehensive range of complementing carpets in terms of mass-produced and customized options at inexpensive prices for an ideal selection.

    The longevity of a patio carpet depends on the carpet’s quality, durability, intensity of usage, cleaning, maintenance, and many more factors. However, with regular cleaning and maintenance practices, a premium-quality patio carpet can last for about 5-10 years.

    Yes, outdoor carpets are great for adding to the aesthetics, comfort, and charm of the exteriors. They impart a much-needed sense of luxury along with comfort to an outdoor space like a patio, deck, garden, etc. Besides, having an outdoor fabric carpet helps you keep up with the fashion trends in society.