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Motorized Curtains Dubai

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Treat Your Windows Smartly With Motorized Curtains Dubai

Motorized curtains are smart window covering solutions for your home or office that will bring ease to your life. These curtains are manufactured from different fabrics that are generally light in weight to make them conveniently move across the rail.

Motorized curtains in Dubai are the best choice for people who want a completely automated and integrated system in their houses. They are a modern type of curtains that will provide complete darkness even during the daytime. Our automatic blackout curtains in Dubai will allure your home’s interiors and make it more appealing.

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Motorized Curtains Dubai Are The Perfect Beauty Enhancers​

Automate Your Interiors

Our automatic curtains in Dubai will definitely lessen your work and make your environment fully automated as well.

Best For Futuristic Feel

Our motorized curtains will ensure an entirely futuristic and modern look in your interiors, making them striking for the viewers.

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Our Motorized Curtains Gallery 2024

Choose Your Desired Type Of Motorized Curtains From Our Store

We have different types of motorized curtains in our collection. So our customers can choose the style that perfectly matches their interior. 

Eyelet Motorized Drapes: Our eyelet curtains with motors will move very smoothly due to a motor torque rate of around 1.5 Nm to 3 Nm

Pinch Pleat Curtains: These automatic curtains come with a motor that only uses 30 W to 40 W to minimize energy consumption. 

Wave Motorized Curtains: The wave-styled automatic curtains can be efficiently controlled from various spaces of the room with a remote range of 15 to 30 meters.

Motorized Curtains Dubai

Customize Your Motorized Curtains From Wall Curtains at Affordable Rates

To fulfill the customer demands precisely, we also offer customization of our automatic curtains in Dubai. Our experts allow the customer to choose fabric type, color, length, width, header style, lining option, embroidery or embroidery, and hardware finish. 

For a hassle-free customization experience, we ask our customers to provide details about the customization requirements. We also offer free consultation sessions to our customers. Besides all that, we will take very minimal time for the customization of motorized window curtains

We offer customization of motorized curtains at a very affordable price. Ultimately, everyone can afford it. Additionally, we do not make any compromise on the customization requirements that our customer provides. It helps us to win their trust and satisfaction.  

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Get Your Motorized Curtain Installed By Our Installers Within 2 Hours

We have well-experienced and certified installers on board. They have over 12 years of hands-on experience in their field.

Innovative Tools

We are fully equipped with all the tools and equipment. These tools will allow us to provide the perfect installation of motorized curtains in Dubai.

Quickest Installation

Due to our vast experience in installation, we will hardly take 2 hours to install these curtains. We are proficient in hanging them on corners, full-size windows, etc.

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Features of Our Remote Control Curtains UAE

Our remote control curtains are genuinely amazing. No one can beat the excellence of our versatile motorized curtains in Dubai. Some of the key features are given below:

Luxury Motorized Curtains Dubai

Smartphone Integration

One of the most innovative features of our automatic curtains is that they can easily be operated with a smartphone application. This thing allows you to control them even when you are away from home.

Obstacle Detection

Our advanced smart curtains in Dubai come with an obstacle-detection sensor. It will prevent them from closing when they detect any obstruction in their path. This safety feature is liked by many users due to its effectiveness.

Quiet Operation

Our premium-quality blackout curtains will work very quietly without making any unnecessary noise. So you can efficiently operate them when someone is sleeping in the same room without disturbing sleep

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Why Should You Choose Wall Curtains For Motorized Curtains in Dubai?

Our company is considered one of the best and most reliable brands. We manufacture and supply top-quality motorized window curtains in Dubai and all over the UAE.

Quickest Delivery

We offer the quickest delivery of smart curtains throughout the United Arab Emirates. We deliver our order within three to four working days

Transparent Processing

We offer a free quotation for transparent processing. We sent it after analyzing the customer's requirement for motorized curtains.

Motorized Curtains Dubai

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    The motorized curtain by Walls Curtains entirely changed my entire life. They bring ease and convenience to my life and literally spiced up the aesthetics of my entire place as well.


    I was tired of opening and closing my curtains by hand. Then I ordered these automatic curtains from Wall Curtains and they completely proved themselves as a smart choice. The product’s quality is up to the mark as well


    They have a wide variety of curtains in their showroom and at their online store as well. I selected motorized curtains for my bedroom and believe me they are looking super cute in my place.


    I am writing this to let you know that after the installation these curtains are giving a precise functioning and the quality of the product is too good as well. I will highly recommend wall curtains to others as well.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, you can motorize your existing curtains. Note the type of your curtains and then select the operating system for them. Select the motorized mechanism of the curtains according to the opening and closing style of the curtains you already have. You can’t choose a roller motorized system for linear curtains. So take advice from a pro and do your task perfectly.

    Installation of motorized drapes is not a hard task. You just have to install the plug-and-play motor on the rolling system of your curtains.

    • First, remove your curtains from the curtain rods.
    • Install new curtain rods for your curtains that are best suited for the fixing of motorized curtains.
    • Attach the arms to the rod, and then attach your motor hooks.
    • Attach the Somfy motor to your curtains at the motor hooks.
    • Now install your curtains and check them with a remote.

    Yes, you can easily automate your curtains according to your needs. If your curtain remote has automatic settings, you can easily set the opening and closing times of your curtains. If your curtain remote does not have this function, then you can attach your curtains to Alexa, Homekit, or Google Home to control your curtains with your cell phone easily.

    Electric curtains have a motor that can be operated by pressing a button. When you press the button on the curtains, the motor turns the shaft of your curtain and closes or opens them according to your instructions. You can also connect your mobile phone with your curtains via Bluetooth and operate them easily with your cell phone.