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Stairs Skirting–The Quality Staircase Improvement

Stairs Skirting by Wall Curtains is the premium-grade staircase essential which helps add an element of interest and attractiveness to the otherwise boring-looking and unattractive steps. This skirt treatment is applicable to one or both sides of the stairway depending on the design i.e. one-end open stairway or complete staircase.

Also, you’ll find this amazing skirt treatment compatible with and complementing all types of stairs. No need to mention that the addition of this element will significantly improve the aesthetics of the stairs besides protecting the wall surface in contact with the staircase from both abrasive and non-abrasive damages. Hence, this product purchase proves to be beneficial both aesthetically and practically.

We Are The Top-Quality Suppliers Of Skirting For Stairs In The UAE

Ultra-Fine Appearance

The freedom to have a selection from a wide variety of designs, colors, styles, patterns, colors, and materials helps you make an ideal choice for the improvement of your stairwell design.

Everlasting Durability

Irrespective of the type of material construction, you’ll always find Stairs Skirting to be highly durable, exceptionally resistant, and high-performance. Therefore, this ideal choice will prove to be a valuable investment in the long run.


The Significant Advantages Of Our Stairs Skirting

Listed below are some of the most beneficial features of this amazing product purchase.

  • The application of our skirting on stairs offers a seamless, harmonious, and elegant appearance to your home staircase.
  • This high-quality skirt treatment protects the structural integrity of wooden stairs 
  • Also, the wall alongside the length of the stairwell is shielded against different forms of abrasive and non-abrasive damage like scuffs, moisture, knocks, impressions, etc.
  • It will add a touch of profoundness to the staircase design besides concealing all the undesirable elements along the lower wall surface like jumbled wiring, scratched plaster, etc.

Stair Skirting Is The Best Quality & Enduring Stairwell Treatment

In comparison to all the market-available options, you’ll find our stair skirt treatment to be highly-durable and damage-resistant for the serviceability aspect. Therefore, Irrespective of whether you opt for wooden, stainless steel, or aluminum skirt boards, they’ll always prove to be hard-wearing in the true sense.

Having that said, this quality stair skirting board can easily resist damage due to abrasions, moisture, scuffs, knocks, impressions, impacts, dents, and general wear and tear of high foot traffic. Also, there will be added protection to the stairwell with two-side addition of skirting boards i.e. stringer and wall side.

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Revamp Your Residential & Commercial Stairways With Stairs Skirting Design

The addition of insignificant-looking yet delightful and charming elements can notably uplift the aesthetic appeal of your home interior design. Speaking of one such interior component, you’ll find skirting boards for stairs to be top of the list of options.

At our stores, you’ll have the availability of versatile designs, colors, patterns, styles, and materials for your home stair skirt treatment. Not only this skirting board completes the staircase design but also improves the aesthetics of your stairwell quite wonderfully.

Particularly, the grain pattern of wooden stair skirting matched with hardwood textured stairs is the most delightful combination in this concern. Besides, you can easily mask all the unpleasant elements along the lower wall end like jumbled wires, scratched plaster, paint splashes, flecks, etc.

Coming towards the aspect of customization, you can have this skirting for stairs designed according to your personal preferences for the ultimate satisfaction of your aesthetic taste and to fulfill the stairwell design and decor requirements.

Hence, the addition of a stair skirt treatment transforms the look and feel of your stairwell into seamless, inviting, and stylish-looking stairs.

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Get The Best Quality Staircase Essential

We offer the most inexpensive and genuinely proficient installation services for Stairs Skirting in Dubai and all over the UAE.

Amazing Aesthetics

We offer the most versatile choices of designs, colors, patterns, and materials among the entire market for stair skirt boards to help you make an ideal, complementing choice.

Substantial Build

The exceptional quality, extreme durability, and damage-resistant properties of our stair skirt treatments make them last long and stay serviceable all along.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A skirt board is installed on stairs for the purpose of staircase protection and decor upgradation. Because skirting for stairs completes the stairwell design and provides the stairway with a seamless, delightful, and well-finished appearance. Also, the structural integrity of the wooden staircase is protected by shielding the lower wall surface.

    Getting your stair skirting installed is not the same as the application of any other wall skirt treatment because it requires expertise to precisely cut and accurately fit the baseboards on stairs. Hence, leaving this task to the professionals is an ideal, preferred approach in this concern.

    As we all know, nothing can be more delightfully and accurately designed than an element shaped keeping in view the particular requirements. For custom skirting, you’ll enjoy the benefits of ultimate aesthetic delight and unmatched quality construction and therefore, this investment will prove to be truly valuable.

    The size of the skirting board always depends on the length of your stairwell. However, standard options come in 9.5 inches in width and 0.625 inches in thickness. Besides, you can always have your skirt treatment customized for a precise fitting and installation on your stairway.