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We Are The Premium-grade Suppliers Of Blackout Curtains in Dubai

 We’ll make you cherish the best curtain purchase experience you’ve ever had. Our all-exclusive room-darkening curtains are not just super handy in terms of making the interiors comfortable but are also a great way to add significant beauty to your spaces. Unlike you might think, these blackout window curtains are not just some heavy, bulky, and boring looking drapes, rather they give off majorly enticing looks. 

Besides, you can easily make these curtains a seamless part of your existing or upcoming home decor, no matter how minimal or intricate the theme is. You can shop for multiple colors and designs for these curtains from our exclusive curtain outlets in Dubai and can style your places in the most unique and timeless ways. So just get in touch with us today and we’ll provide you with amazing solutions to upgrade your placeslike never before!

Enhance Your Space With Blackout Curtains Dubai

Beauty & Simplicity

These Curtains are the perfect combo of beauty and simplicity at the same time, as they create really attractive window decors.

Flawless Room Darkening

Our blackout curtains Dubai make the perfect blacked out spaces for you, which are ideal to rest and work in.


The Endless Significance Of Our Sun Blocking Curtains

Our finest quality blackout window drapes are a great option to replace or upgrade your existing curtains with, particularly if you want a major and comforting change in your surroundings. These curtains will effectively address all the discomfort and inconvenience you’ve been experiencing lately and will swap it with the most everlasting comfort you’ve ever thought of. They come with the exquisite build quality and are capable of lasting for the longest time spans, which explains how they outperform regular window treatment choices.

Another significant advantage of investing in these curtains is that they offer the greatest ease of handling and maintenance. For instance, you can even have these curtains with smart movement mechanisms, similar to smart window blinds. This way, you can also enjoy the perks of energy efficiency and time-saving


Accessorize Your Windows With Our Blackout Curtains Dubai

Blackout Curtains are the most useful option for any and every window type and profile. As suggested by the name, you can easily have a complete blackout in your room with these curtains and can therefore enjoy an enhanced comfort around you.

These Curtains are perfect blessing for the people who are night shift workers. You can completely optimize your dream environment with the help of these alluring and mind-soothing curtains for homes. And Wall Curtains has got you can a large variety of these amazing curtains to choose from and make your places entirely cozy. 

Blackout Curtains Dubai Give You a Perfect Privacy In Your Private Spaces

If you are a privacy-seeker, then our blackout window curtains in Dubai are the best choice for you. These curtains have a way better, thick, sturdy and fuller profile that will give you more privacy as compared to any other regular window drapes, such as the sheer curtains. Their heavier designs offer the most perfect coverage.

The thick acoustic layers of Blackout Curtains create complete privacy, thus preventing any disturbing invasion or intrusion. Even during the daytime, no one is able to see across these thick and densely fabricated curtains Dubai. Besides, these curtains serve as an attractive decor element, too.

We always select high-quality materials, i.e. polyester and heavy microfiber for the creation of these curtains in Dubai, without the tiniest compromise on the quality. You can also have these curtains with an automated and accelerated working in the form of  motorized curtains in Dubai.

Book our pre-eminent blackout curtain installation services

Wall Curtains, apart from offerin the best Blackout curtains in the UAE, also provides you with the finest installation, fitting and fixing skill set for them. Our skillful blackout curtain installation will not just ensure the most flawless window treatment of your places but will also bring about significant comfort to your lifestyle.And to top it up, we’ve got you these services at the most affordable rates for a reasonable and long-term favorable upgrade of your window décor and functionality. All you need to do is call us and get your homes scheduled for the measurement and preparation and we shall be serving you with our expertise in the comfort of your home. 

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Upgrade Your Lifestyle With Blackout Curtains Dubai

These curtains are the ideal choice for uplifting both the comfort level and the ornamentation of your places.

Professional Curtain Installation

We provide you with the most trustworthy and proficient services for the installation of your Blackout Curtains Dubai, right at your doorstep.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ensure providing you with the ultimate satisfaction, with both our products as well as services.


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    Tops Reviews Of Our Product

    Their blackout curtains are the most mesmerizing and worth-seeing product that made my entire home pleasing and eradicated all the heat effects of the scorching sun. I will definitely recommend Wall Curtains to everyone.


    These top-quality blackout curtains converted my entire bedroom into an oasis and made it very much comfortable that I can now enjoy the perfect sleep during the light hours of the day as well.


    I ordered these curtains and the delivery was exactly on time and the product was packaged completely well. This company is really worth it and the quality of the product was up to the mark as well.


    The installation services of blackcout curtains by Walls Curtains were seamless and they fixed my curtains in just a single day. They are very much experienced and well-trained. Highly recommended.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Blackout Curtains have completely opaque profiles, so it’s technically impossible to see through them. Their fabrics are thick and are woven more intricately than regular curtains, in order to fulfill the purpose of room darkness as well as noise reduction. 

    As a matter of fact, blackout curtains are the best choice for bedrooms and similar personalized spaces due to the highest extent of comfort they offer. These curtains can help you sleep the most peacefully by keeping all the piercing sunlight glare and troublesome noises at bay. 

    The first and foremost factor to look for in a blackout curtain is its lining which will be providing the entire blackout effect. A standard good blackout curtain must have a thick fabrication of either polyester or polypropylene along with an even thicker blackout lining. Besides, it must be able to diminish at least 80% of the light entering a room. 

    Blackout curtains generally come in floor to ceiling profiles since the idea is to achieve a complete blackout (or maximum room darkening). Moreover, their larger sizes also ensure good privacy maintenance and considerable reduction of the incoming noise, as well. 

    Blackout Curtains are available in a variety of vibrant and cool colors, so if you aren’t a fan of the black color, you can simply switch to the other hues of your choice. Also, these curtains provide the similar extent of efficiency (light blockage, sound reduction) despite their colors, and you can even have white blackout curtains, if you prefer so.