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7 Seater Sofa

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7 Seater Sofa; The Classy And Smart Seating Solution

7 Seater Sofa by Wall Curtains is one of the best ideas of interior furnishing, combining the pros of beauty enhancement, maximum accommodation and comfort provision. This sofa set is, as implied by the number of people it can house, the ultimate useful option for all homes, particularly those with larger families. And in addition to the residential settings, it does make the finest commercial seating arrangement too. 

Noticeable Perks Of Our 7 Seater Sofa

Perfect Fit

This sofa is the absolute perfect seating and resting solution, with the effective tendency to make room for a considerable number of people

Dual Functionality

Being considerably larger yet space-saving in profile, this sofa can be totally utilized as a bed and it can also be completely converted into a sofa bed


We Stock The Most Luxurious Styles Of Seven Seaters In Dubai

At our platform, you’ll get to explore the most unique and entirely complementing varieties of the seven seaters for your places. These sofas work wonders in terms of both a ready-made furniture item and prove exceptionally worthwhile when acquired as a custom made furniture piece. You can shop for our trendy seven seater models or can get your desired ideas customized from us to best meet all of your requirements. 

Just reach out to us today and our professionals shall be turning your creative ideas into the most astonishing realities for you!

The Amazing Characteristics Of Our 7 Seater Sofas

Our premium seven seaters are built to provide greater comfort and maximum accommodation for large-scale uses. 

  • This sofa set is the perfect idea of completely furnishing any and every given space, without the need for placing any other items, thanks to the big size and enough room for everybody. 
  • Our 7 Seater Sofa is a specifically presentable choice for commercial and workspace decors, and the most common examples are waiting area and reception spaces.
  • The high-quality upholstery used for this sofa set is stain-resistant, free from fading, wrinkling or crumpling and is easy to clean, as well. 
  • The larger and comfortable profile of this sofa implies it’s major usage as a sofa bed, incliner, sleeper sofa and a convertible bed. 

Shop For The Best Custom Made Seven Seaters From Us

In addition to the mainstream selection of the seven seater sofas from predefined collections, Wall Curtains has brought this amazing seating arrangement and interior decor addition to you in an extraordinary manner, which is the custom creation of the 7 Seater Sofa Dubai and also U and L shaped sofa. You can get each and every construction step customized and personalized just according to your aesthetic taste and we shall be pleasing you in every way possible. 

These customized sofa sets are simply amazing at providing extraordinary comfort and they are a great way to style your interiors in unique ways. 

Why Choose Us?

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Wall Curtainsyour reliable home decor and furniture provider, has got you another mind-blowing choice of both residential and commercial furnishing, which is the 7 Seater Sofa Dubai. This premium Sofa set of ours is exclusively built to provide for greater usage extent and offers the most long-term favorable functionality. So do place your order of the best sofa choice today and get amazing discounts on this premium furnishing.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Absolutely not! The seven seater sofas don’t always have to be in the L shaped format and you can totally have their straight or even curved arrangement, depending on your preferences. Besides, you can also have various sorts of size enhancements for these sofas, in accordance with how you plan on placing and arranging them.

    Polyester and Acetate are the two commonly used materials in the seat construction of seven seater sofas, since they are hard-wearing and easy to clean, too. Plus, if you want a particularly luxurious choice, then you can also opt for leather seat crafting. 

    Solid wood is the most promising choice for making seven seater sofas and speaking of the solid wood species, some great recommendations in this regard are Acacia and Kikar. However, you can also choose Engineered hardwood for the crafting of your sofas. 

    Wall Curtains is one of the most trustworthy furniture suppliers in the UAE and here you can buy the best 7 Seater Sofa Dubai online and in stores. Over and above, you can also get all your required material and upholstery customization services.

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    I was looking for some suitable and most importantly budget-friendly options for my place and managed to get the best stuff at Wall Curtains. The quality is totally amazing and so is the comfort I’ve been enjoying lately.


    Their 7 seater sofa is so cozy I have almost forgotten that I got a bed too, as all I do is spend my entire day on it and binge watch. Honestly, it’s way better than my bed!


    I loved how these professionals at Wall Curtains created exactly what I was looking forward to and I just can’t stop adoring this legit piece of art I placed my hands over!