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Buy Wooden Flooring Dubai As The Most Durable Floor Treatment

Wall Curtains is the leading solid and engineered wood flooring supplier in Dubai and has got you Wooden Flooring Dubai for adding warmth, beauty, and value to your interiors. Our wood floors are one of the best flooring choices trending in the UAE and are available in a versatile range including plank wood, hardwood, engineered wood, and various other styles, that too, at incredibly low pricing.

Wooden Flooring Exhibits Noteworthy Features

Low Maintenance

Our hardwood floors are amazingly low maintenance floor systems being spill-resistant and can endure the damage of scratches, footfall and moisture.


Our quality floors will last a lifetime and will give you the best value for your money with their cost-effective functionality.


We Are The Top-Rated Wooden Floors Provider in The UAE

We suggest installing our wood floors in your interiors, if you want to revamp your space, whether it’s commercial or a residential one. Our all-natural wood floors not only enhance your home’s beauty but also provide you with the safest surfaces to walk over.

Among all the companies in the UAE, we are the best and most trusted wood flooring suppliers in Dubai offering a versatile range of floors in unique colors, patterns, and styles. Do prefer our Wooden Flooring Dubai for high-quality home improvement in Dubai at competitive market prices.

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Our Trendy Wooden Flooring Styles In The UAE

Our premium-grade hardwood flooring comes in the widest spectrum of design, finish, texture and color choices, exclusively created to fit and flaunt every single interior space. With this versatile availability, you can easily get the most complementing stuff for your places and bestow them with an outstanding makeover. 

Speaking of the choices, some of the most popular and frequently demanded options include Herringbone, Basket Weave, Diagonal, Double Herringbone, Chevron, Parquet, Checkerboard, and Square Basket Patterns. And you can also have you preferred wood species selection too, and the most noteworthy options are Oak, Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Acacia, American Walnut and Bamboo.

Get The Most Adorable Looking Spaces With Our Hardwood Floors

Our premium solid wood floors, made from one solid piece of lumber are the most high-end and luxurious option of residential flooring Dubai. Solid hardwood flooring not only gives off an elegant look but also provides practical favorability.

Our wooden flooring Dubai is an ideal option if you want to make a bold statement in your home interior by intensifying the overall aesthetics. These wooden floors are best suitable  are best suitable for high-foot traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room because they can stand up to the wear and tear of extensive daily use.

Laminated Wooden Flooring

Revamp Your Interiors with Our Inexpensive And Cost-effective Wooden Floors

At Wall Curtains, we have unique designs and interesting textures of wood floors to give your interiors a lovely feel and stunning appearance. Our engineered wood floors can be used in combination with Custom Made Furniture Dubai to make all types of commercial and residential interiors look the most inviting.

This flooring treatment is not just one of the most adorable looking treatments but also is simply unbeatable when it comes to functionality. The foremost aspect of their significance is the interior insulation which in turn gives rise to major cost-effectiveness. Besides, you can also skip using soft floor coverings, i.e. carpets and rugs, since your interiors will be induced with an ideal warmth with our Wood Floors Dubai. Also, they effectively optimize the interior temperature and keep it just according to the requirements, thus helping significantly with the energy expenses.


The Perks And Pros of Having Our Wooden Floors

Let’s take a look at those amazing advantages you can enjoy with Wooden Flooring Dubai.

  • It requires little maintenance and can be cleaned easily to retain its glamorous appearance.
  • It won’t allow dust mites and allergens to prevail in your house and compromise your home’s air quality.
  • Wooden floors are a highly sustainable option for improving your interior appearance.
  • These floors comprise premium build quality and bring comfort, warmth, and value to your interiors, that too, at affordable prices.
  • They are durable, resilient, & spill-resistant and also bring about sound reduction in your interior.
Wooden Plank Flooring
Kitchen Hardwood Flooring

We Offer Professional Services For Wood Flooring Installation In Dubai

Wood Flooring is a unique canvas for self-expression that represents your style and is an extension of your personality. However, choosing expert flooring services is a necessary element for improving your floor’s aesthetics and making it the centerpiece of attraction. No matter how diverse and unique your needs are, our countless flooring options can easily fulfil all your requirements.

We offer a wide variety of Wooden Flooring Dubai along with the best floor installation services in the UAE. Our professionals can help you refurbish your interiors with a vast spectrum of wooden flooring texture, design, shape, and color available at our stores. So do choose us for the most inexpensive and incredible floor fitting in your homes. 

Why Choose Us?

Office Hardwood Flooring

Wall Curtains is the leading and most popular brand in the UAE for providing all types of Flooring Dubai. Our company guarantees premium quality wooden flooring installation in Dubai at budget-friendly prices. We have skillful professionals and expert team members available for your consultation all the time, helping you select the best flooring styles for your interior.

You can get many flooring services with us including installation, repair, customization, replacement, a wide range of wooden flooring solutions at market-competitive prices for embellishing your interiors. Prefer us for the primmest quality wooden floors on a budget.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Soundproof flooring is an ultimate need for anyone. You can make your wooden floor acoustic or can reduce the sound effect by installing an underlayment as your subfloor. It will help you achieve sound reduction with wood flooring in your interior.

    Yes, you can install solid wood on your stairs. It is the most preferred flooring choice because of its smooth appearance, natural texture, and slip-free guarantee. It is considered the best wood choice for stairs.

    Wooden flooring isn’t hard to upkeep and you can easily maintain with some basic practices such as regular sweeping or vacuuming and detailed cleanups at times. 

    Because of its natural outlook, wooden flooring is the best option for every place. It not only helps in enhancing the look of your interior but also provides you with the advantage of low maintenance besides improving the air quality inside your home.

    Yes, wood flooring can be directly glued down to concrete floors but before you fit wooden flooring on your concrete floor, you must consider the best vapor retarder with manufacturer recommendation to ensure the perfect installation.

    When looking to buy top quality wooden flooring in Dubai, Wall Curtains is one of the best recommendations of wooden flooring tiles suppliers. The high quality wooden flooring you get here is incredibly long-lasting, low-maintenance and hygienic and you can also get the design customization of these premium flooring tiles in Dubai.

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    We are very impressed with the customer service and professionalism of your staff members. Thank you so much for the exceptional service to revamp our wooden floors. Also, we are much more satisfied with the pricing.


    At first, I was worried about how my interiors would look? But, I was astonished at seeing the results. I got laminate flooring installed in my living room, and their professionals did an amazing job by transforming the look of my interior without making a dent in my wallet. Highly recommended.


    We needed decent wooden floors for our home interiors and their team guided us about all the flooring types while helping us choose the best for our interior. The finished product looked great, and it was inexpensive and durable too. We recommend their services.