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Create The Most Delightful Event Decors With Green Carpets Dubai

Green Carpets is the most delightful and functional floor carpeting choice offered by Wall Curtains for the ultimate aesthetic delight in commercial events and large-scale personal gatherings. This stylish, attractive-looking yet extremely durable and hard-wearing carpet is a perfect choice to create statement event flooring.

Being available in a broad spectrum of astonishing designs, patterns, textures, and sizes, these carpets can be ideally chosen for complementing event décor and themes. Besides, these supreme quality carpets promise to last longer and therefore, prove to be a valuable purchase in the long run.

The Stunning Features Of Our Green Carpet Texture

Ageless Durability

Manufactured using premium quality Nylon, Wool and Polypropylene, our green-colored carpet is the most hard-wearing of all its market-available competitors.

Classy Appearance

These green event carpets will add significantly to the charm, delight, and luxury of the functions and gatherings by creating statement flooring.


Browse Our Versatile Collection Of Green Velvet Carpets

At our best carpet shop, you’ll find Green Carpets available in a wide variety of complementing options in terms of design, texture, shape, pattern, and shades of green color. From soft, cozy, and warm textures to bright-colored, velvety appearances, these carpets are available in the most comprehensive collection to suit each and every themed event decor.

Much similar to our Blue Carpets collection, these green-colored carpets can be logo-customized for brand advertisements, desired patterns, and personal personification upgrades. For this purpose, you’ll find our skillful professionals available all the time to help you with quality customization services.

The Endless Benefits Of Our Green Carpet Dubai

  1. Being vibrant in color and soft in texture, green carpets will make your event decor stand out most distinctively.
  2. You can ideally pair these event carpets with different event theme scenarios for intensifying the aesthetic significance of the place.
  3. Top-quality crafting standards render them to be exceptionally durable for withstanding the effects of high traffic with no wear and tear.
  4. These inexpensive Green color Carpets will add to the charm of the event along with major comfort provision for the users.
  5. Also, these heavy-duty event carpets don’t get crumpled, discolored, or curled up even when in storage or used for long periods.
  6. Available in a versatile range of options, our green large-sized carpets can be ideally chosen for different event scenarios like exhibitions, functions, and gatherings.
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We Are The Best-rated Suppliers Of Green Custom Carpets In The UAE

If you’re looking for custom-made green-colored carpets at cost-effective prices, then you’re exactly in the right place. At our best carpeting outlets in the UAE, you’ll find an extensive range of options of ready-made and custom-made green carpets to fulfill your requirements with this viable product purchase.

Speaking of the economic aspect, we offer affordable prices for each and every product in our extensive range of collections. Hence, no matter whether you buy from our collection of mass-produced carpets or get yourself a custom-made carpet, this amazing element will prove to be the most valuable investment. 

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Why Choose Green Carpet Dubai For Events & Decor?

Green Carpets by Wall Curtains are the most delightful, exceptionally functional, and truly inexpensive soft flooring products available in an extensive range of complementing options.

Top-End Customization

We offer the finest quality green event carpets customized precisely according to the requirements for ultimate aesthetic satisfaction.

Economical Pricing

Alongside being a long-lasting flooring product, our quality carpets are offered at reasonable prices for additional financial benefits to the customers.

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    I recently visited Wall Curtains for my purchase of a green event carpet. I would say the best shopping experience as I bought a premium quality green-colored carpet at a budget-friendly price. Would rate them highest on the product and services scale.


    No doubt, Wall Curtains offers the best quality yet inexpensive flooring products and I could not resist purchasing a quality green carpet for an upcoming family event. The well-mannered staff members displayed every product with complete specification details.


    As mentioned online, Wall Curtains delivers a premium quality green velvet carpet with quick delivery services and reasonable charges. I’m truly mesmerized by this amazing product purchase and would highly recommend the brand to all.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Yes, green-colored carpets are one of the most popular and highly used carpets all over the globe to cover different commercial events, business gatherings, and family functions. Their charming and lavish appearance creates statement flooring that instantly changes the course of the event being celebrated.

    The green carpet is chiefly placed at the event’s entrance for creating a welcoming ambiance and is much similar to the globally-recognized Red Carpets used in award ceremonies and large-scale commercial events. Besides, most companies use green-colored carpets to notify the world about climate change and its devastating impacts.

    To buy the best quality yet affordable green carpet in Dubai, our best carpet-selling stores in the UAE are the ideal places to visit. We stock the most diverse collection of designs, textures, sizes, shapes, and patterns for customized as well as mass-produced green-colored carpets in the UAE.

    Depending on the shade of green carpet color, there are a large number of rug tonal variations that can be compiled with this soft flooring product, namely light corals, tans, terracottas, tints of green (basil, olive, mint), cream, navy blue, etc.