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Motorized Blinds Dubai

Our electric window shades are the best way to make your life more convenient and luxurious. Additionally, our motorized blinds in Dubai are ideal for hard-to-reach windows. You can easily control their functionality by clicking a single button. So, stop operating your shades manually and install our blinds with smart options. 

Top-Rated Supplier of Motorized Blinds In Dubai

Vast Experience

We have been manufacturing and supplying our top-quality electric blinds in Dubai for the last 15 years without lowering their quality standards.

Sturdy Construction

For the standard manufacturing of our blinds, we use 100% fine-quality materials. They are made to move over an aluminum tube run by a motor.



Options Large Mains Motor Medium Mains Motor Small Lithium Motor
Power 230V 230V Wirefree Rechargeable DC 7. 4V
Lifting Capacity 15 Kg 11 Kg 5 Kg
Minimum Blind Width 690mm 650mm 500mm
Technology RTS RTS RTS


Large Motor Medium Motor Small Lithium Motor
1 Channel 5 Channel 15 Channel
1 Channel 6 Channel Charger

We Offer a Versatile Collection Of Motorized Blinds in Dubai 

We provide versatile varieties and eye-catching types of Electric Blinds in Dubai, which will give rise to endless comfort within your lifestyle. Our quality blinds come in a wide range of styles to best fit any and every requirement scenario.

By pairing our automatic blinds with blackout window curtains, you can enjoy complete darkness in your home. Moreover, our motorized blinds in Dubai in thick materials absorb outside noise to keep your home noise-free. 

Additionally, our smart sheer blinds can improve your room’s overall aesthetic. They are available in different appealing colors, designs, and patterns.  

Our Recently Completed Motorized Blinds Projects 

Control Our Motorized Blinds With Easy Operational Methods

The main motto of our smart blinds is to bring convenience to your life with their motorized functionality. For this concern, they can easily be operated via different operational ways.

 As far as the ways of operating are concerned, you can go for literally any choice that suits your aptitude or ease.

The controlling manners of our motorized blinds in Dubai include working through a wall-mounted switch, remote controls, smartphone applications, and smart home integration systems. Besides all that, our smart blinds work well with all voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc. You can enjoy their effortless functionality, particularly within personalized spaces; for instance, they are the best to use as bedroom window blinds.

Automated Pleat Blinds

Customize Your Motorized Blinds At an Affordable Budget

Are you looking for a window treatment that can improve the beauty of your place and increase its functionality simultaneously? Then, you must replace your old window blinds with our custom motorized blinds in Dubai. Our custom blinds with motors help you achieve your desired decor and make your place more functional. During customization, we allow our customers to design their dreamy smart blinds in reality. They can choose their materials, colors, patterns, dimensions, thickness, and operation style. 

Besides all that, our expert artisan takes a maximum of a week to customize your dreamy remote control blinds in Dubai at a very cost-effective price. 

If you get confused while finalizing the customization requirements of motorized blinds in Dubai, you can also request a free design consultation. Our experts will hold a session according to your availability. During the session, we suggest choosing the ideal design, patterns, and materials for your smart window blinds that perfectly match your existing decor. So, share your customization requirements with us and make your dreamy window decor a reality. 

Smart Motorized Blinds

Best Types Of Our Motorized Blinds in Dubai

Our smart window blinds come in various types. At our store, you can easily find your desired blinds that match your interior. Let’s explore these types:

Roman Smart Blinds

Our remote-controlled smart blinds in Roman style are designed with different fabric options so you can customize them according to your needs. 

Electric Rollers 

We integrate a smart home system with our automatic roller shades to make working effortless.

Smart Vertical Blinds

Our innovative smart blinds in Dubai with vertical slats come with sensors.

Pros Of Installing Our Smart Window Blinds Dubai

Our quality smart window shutters are, fair enough, one of the most advantageous home improvement upgrades, and for a good reason. We sell blinds that are exclusively designed for greater ease of use and maintenance.  

Here are some prominent benefits that you get with our remote control blinds in Dubai. Have a look at them: 

Easiest Handling:

Our motorized blinds in Dubai are an excellent addition if you’re sick of moving your blinds manually and repeatedly.

Safest Working:

Our motorized window blinds feature the safest profile, which neither causes any safety risk nor is susceptible to damage itself.

Seamless Styling:

Our electric blinds create sleek, seamless, and attractively finished windows. You can easily consider this choice for any given space.

Highest Durability:

Investing in our motorized blinds has the significant advantage of longevity, which means they will continue serving you for longer periods.  

Increased Property Value:

Our innovative smart blinds improve the functionality and aesthetics of your place, attracting more potential buyers.

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Get Professional Motorized Blinds Installation All Over the UAE

At Wall Curtains, you are guaranteed to have our top-notch smart blinds and their installation services anywhere in the UAE. We have the most adept team for motorized blinds installation in Dubai. They are all set to benefit you from their skill set regarding flawless blinds fitting within your homes, apartments, and offices. Our installers have over 10 years of experience installing smart blinds on different types of windows. Furthermore, we are equipped with tools and equipment for flawless blind installation within 3 to 4 hours. 

Our services will ensure your motorized window blinds’ proper and lucrative placement, followed by a unique post-styling. Besides all that, we can provide our installation services in Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Jebel Ali, Al Quoz, Hatta, Dubai, and almost throughout the United Arab Emirates. Have the first-rate Motorized Blinds in Dubai with functionality assurance. Call now to book our services online.

img Why Choose Us

Choose The Finest Blinds From Us At Affordable Rates

Premium Quality Fabrics

We always use A-grade fabrics to design our long-lasting smart blinds in Dubai.

Quality Craftsmanship

Each smart blind in our collection is designed under strict observation. Ultimately, there is no chance of defects in our electric blinds.

Why Choose Us For Motorized Blinds In Dubai?

Wall Curtains is the top-rated manufacturer of automatic blinds due to their top-notch quality. Additionally, our motorized window shades are available in different designs, colors, styles, dimensions, patterns, and tones to match every type of interior. Besides all that, our motorized blinds in Dubai are equally beneficial for residential and commercial places. Moreover, we offer a free sampling of window blinds for quality assurance. 

For our customer assistance, we also offer free home visits in the UAE. During the visit, our team will measure the window and analyze your place’s decor. After that, we will suggest the best electric blinds with the ideal material and control options for your place. 

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    Their smart blinds in Dubai are the best as they have helped me a lot in waking up at the proper times. I pre-set them for opening in the morning. Additionally, they operate without any noise and have safety features as well.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    In general, the batteries of our motorized blinds tend to stay functional for up to 5 years, and after that, you’ll need to replace them. On the other hand, our integrated motorized window blinds or those operated with smart devices do not go through any mechanical damage. Therefore, they last for more than 10 to 12 years in their best condition.

    All our smart blinds come with manual control options, the most common of which is button control. Instead of complex integrations and similar mechanisms, you can easily control such blinds with a wall-mounted switch. 

    Our smart blinds feature a top tube that lifts the shades up and down. The battery fits above the tube and is then connected to a motor for power. Powering the smart blinds with batteries is the most efficient way to make them work.

    You can have your smart blinds connected to your smart home system and then enjoy controlling them with any of your desired smart devices. This smart home integration lets you control your blinds according to your preferences and various work and rest schedules.

    Our smart blinds are not supposed to make little to no noise while they move. However, the noise level is not more than a whisper. Ultimately, you can install them in your bedroom and other workplace for a peaceful and quiet operation.