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Artificial Grass Dubai; The All-Exclusive Floor Covering

Artificial Grass Dubai by Wall Curtains is one exceptionally incredible and long-term favorable way to ornate your indoors and outdoors without the slightest inconvenience or discomfort. It is, of course, the smartest, most efficient and easy-to-deal-with alternative to natural grass and a great choice of floor treatment, as well. And we’ve got you this serviceable decor element with the perks of the finest quality, promising longevity and major affordability. 

Functional Highlights Of Our Artificial Grass Dubai

Premium Quality

Our sublime standard Fake Turf Dubai features the finest build and is potentially tough against all damaging factors, both indoors and outdoors and all forms of wear and tear, too.

Extensive Versatility

This cheap artificial grass treatment works wonders for all sorts of usage scenarios and one of its incredible usage scenarios include the functionality as Wall Artificial Grass.


We Are The Top-grade Artificial Grass Suppliers In Dubai

At our platform, you’ll get the absolute best quality and entirely purposeful options of the best artificial grass for the most incredible upgrade of your homes and offices. Beginning from the product quality, you’ll find this exclusive product of ours to be the most promising as well as high-performance. You can have it for literally any and every residential as well as commercial setting and it’s by far the most suitable decor idea to stick to, whenever you aren’t very sure about what to get and what to add. 

Over and above, our Cheap Artificial Grass Dubai is the most cost-effective decorative and functional element you can ever add to your places. It’s a genuinely value for money product and we’ve also got you a whole lot of mind-blowing décor ideas for uplifting your places with this wondrous product. 

The Sublime Construction Of Our Best Artificial Grass

Our premium-grade artificial grass for balcony, interiors and outdoors, in the first place, is a smart, cheap, cost-effective, effortless and extremely favorable substitute of the natural grass. Speaking of its manufacturing, it’s an entirely synthetic product made of either PA (nylon), PE (Polyethylene) or PP (Polypropylene). We make use of the C8 grade polymer for the construction of this Fake Turf Dubai and therefore it turns out to be incredibly strong, heavy-duty and long-lasting. For a mainstream idea of its lifespan, this grass stays ideally functional for up to two decades on end.

Essential Measurements Of Our Fake Turf Dubai

Coming towards some of the important and worthwhile technical details of our cheap artificial grass in Dubai, these include the major measurements and those major factors that you need to know prior to getting the project done. That’s because these attributes get decided on the basis of the purpose and usage extent of the space where you plan on getting the installation. Our Artificial Luxury Grass Dubai features the standard length of 25 mm and the width extent is either 4 mm or 2 mm depending on the area. It comes as rolls and there are different pile height levels available for each area, ranging from 10 mm and 38 mm.

We Stock The Finest Models Of Artificial Grass For Balcony

Terrace artificial luxury grass or artificial Dubai grass for balcony is one of the most popular and always-in-fashion kinda home decor ideas that work wonders every time and for each utilization scenario. In addition to the astroturf Dubai meant for floor covering, you can also have the finest quality Artificial Grass Dubai from us and give an entirely new and incredible makeover to your home walls, an idea which is both innovative and serviceable at the same time. So do buy this cheap yet quality fake grass from us today and add in the much-needed beauty to your interiors right away!

Artificial grass Dubai works

Major Merits Of Our Artificial Grass Dubai

Though the plus points of our premium Floor and Terrace Artificial grass are absolutely endless, we’ve compiled the mainstream ones ahead for a quick idea of yours. 

  • Our fake turf Dubai is simply the best and most foolproof idea of a lazy lawn, as it’s the ultimate day savior when you don’t want to deal with the trouble of real grass, in terms of both physical efforts and expenses.
  • It’s incredibly low-maintenance and besides not requiring any of the equipment and material needed by the real grass, it won’t ask for the procedures of irrigation, chemical/stimulant/fertilizer application either.
  • Our fake grass Dubai is totally pet-friendly and its low VOC structure makes it the safest element to maintain a good indoor air quality, as well. 
  • This Fake Turf Dubai is an excellent idea of a permanent and low-maintenance flooring treatment, and in addition to the floor usage, such as the Artificial Luxury Grass For Balcony, it also makes a great wall decor, i.e. Wall Artificial Grass.
  • Our quality Astroturf is the timeless favorable treatment which can be enjoyed all year long and under all circumstances. Unlike real grass, it won’t get affected by the atmospheric impact, heavy foot fall or severe utilization at all.

Get Our Timeless Expertise For The Most Efficient Artificial Grass Installation In UAE

We at Wall Curtainscare for you the best and bring you our entire and most comprehensive skill set for the ultimate comfort and convenience. Having that said, we gladly present to you our premium-grade services of the Artificial Grass Installation, which will give you the best value for your money while also saving you from all the major and minor troubles of DIY fitting attempts. 

And similar to the entirely affordable Artificial luxury Grass price Dubai, you can have these services from us totally on a budget and with the guarantee of ultimate timeliness and timelessness. Our professionals exhibit the highest degree of proficiency regarding every single project and that’s how we promise the best investment of your bucks. Do get in touch today!

Why Choose Us?

Artificial grass installation in UAE

Wall Curtains is the avant-garde platform which you can blindly trust to get all sorts of home improvements with utmost excellence. This goes the same for when you Buy Artificial Grass Dubai from us as we’ve got you this incredible services spectrum with timeless efficacy and long-term favorability. Our Artificial luxury grass prices in Dubai are incredibly low and you can easily get the treatment without burdening your budget in any way. Don’t forget to request your free quote today and our professionals will be reaching out to you right away!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The major things to do regarding the maintenance of the synthetic grass include regular removal of debris and leaves (if it’s installed outdoors), application of quality weed killer, cleaning and removal of pet waste and not placing any mirrors or other reflective surfaces around, so as to prevent Sun damage. Also, brushing the grass is a good idea to keep the blades in an upright position. 

    Yes, artificial grass can be totally repaired however it’s not something that is normally required. Still if there arises any such need, then all you need to do is cut off and remove the damaged part of the fake grass and replace it with a new one(s). And it is also a good idea to get extra grass material so that any occasional replacement is convenient to do. 

    Yes, our premium quality fake grass is totally pet-friendly and it can’t be damaged by the pets either. That’s because it has the tendency to resist damage caused by claws, nails or in words the digging instinct. Also, the pet waste can be easily removed from the grass patches and there is no chance of any deeper or problematic penetration.

    The best domestic tool to cut artificial grass is a regular box cutter, however one can also make use of an ox hook blade for getting the job done. Alternatively, sharp scissors and carpet knives can also be used for this purpose.

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    Let’s See What Our Customers Say

    This was, by far, my first experience of getting a fake grass treatment and I must say that Wall Curtains made this totally mind-blowing for me. I absolutely love the quality of their grass and its suppleness feels simply heavenly to me!


    I’ve had quite a few accounts of getting fake grass installed in my place and none of them was as good as the one I got from this platform. The quality was totally amazing and my otherwise super boring balcony now looks extremely inviting and relaxing.


    Taking care of the lawn has always been the toughest and most tiresome job for me and luckily I found the best solution for this very real concern of mine at Wall Curtains! The fake turf I got from there is simply amazing and the best part is that I don’t need to maintain it crazily.