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4 Seater Sofa

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4 Seater Sofa; The Finest Seating Upgrade

Wall Curtains brings you the durable and delightful choice of 4 Seater Sofa Dubai which will be the most incredible aesthetic uplifting of your interiors. This all-exclusive and premium-quality furniture item is simply amazing when it comes to providing accommodation as well as comfort. Besides, it’s beyond versatile in terms of aesthetics, meaning you can have the placement in literally any spot of your choice!

Outstanding Features Of Our 4 Seater Sofas


This four seater sofa is incredibly cozy to sit on and can be utilized in particularly comfortable versions such as the sofa bed Dubai.

Space Saving

Despite the spacious structure, this exclusive sofa does not take up any excessive interior space and can be placed even in smaller areas, too.


Check Out The Most Impressive Styles Of Our Luxury Four Seaters

We’ve come up with breathtakingly amazing ideas of the classy four seater sofas for you, under the huge lineup of our custom made furniture Dubai. Amongst our vast sofa style ranges, you can easily look for the most complementing option for your places and can bestow them with a fundamental and visually delightful change. 

Do visit our exclusive sofa outlets in the UAE to pick up your favorite styles of the 4 Seater Sofa and also 5 seater sofa Dubai for the everlasting interior glam.

We Provide Premium Customization Services For Sofas In Dubai

Other than the finest quality sofas in Dubai, we also provide entirely unique and outstanding sofa customizations at our platform. These custom made four seaters are beyond amazing when it comes to providing the most timeless comfort and they can provide the best for all of your functional as well as ornamental requirements. From the upholstery material selection to the size modifications, you can have it all conducted with the most promising efficacy by us. 

Reasons For Investing In Our Premium 4 Seater Sofas

These four seater sofas, in the first place, are just the perfectly suitable choice for any and every interior space, and it’s just the right accommodation for most of the residential settings.

  • Our premium four seaters come with a number of incredible features, such as adjustable reclining and built-in storage.
  • These sofas can be acquired in multiple versions such as modern, traditional and most importantly the convertible one for overnight guests, essentially the benefits of bedding furniture.
  • Factors like maintenance, handling and movement, all are the easiest to manage for these 4 seater sofas, making them the most practical choice for everyday use. 
  • You can get these sofas in a vast variety of fabric choices, so as to go the best with the surrounding interior decor and specific interior themes too. 

Why Choose Us?

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Wall Curtains is the premium-grade provider of the most comprehensive lineup of interior decor products and highly promising services. Speaking of the home decor, we’ve got you a whole lot of incredible stuff for your places, essentially the coziest and most long-lasting furniture items. And one of our notable creations is the 4 Seater Sofa Dubai which is both a luxury and a serviceable choice at the same time. So reach out to us today and explore all the mind-blowing sofa deals, right away!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A four seater sofa is a great choice for small and medium families as it provides the perfect accommodation. Besides, it’s also the most appropriate choice for commercial and workspace environments, such as reception areas and waiting rooms.

    Yes, you can get all kinds of structural as well as size customizations from us for acquiring the perfect fitting sofa for your places. This customization also involves the removal of the armrests of the sofas, in case you want such a styling.

    Our luxury 4 Seater Sofa Dubai features a width of 117’’ and a height of 34’’, whereas its depth is up to 38’’. It can, as implied by the name, provide comfortable accommodation for up to 4 people at least and above with the larger versions.

    While there are numerous options of upholstery fabrics available, the best and most durable one of them is the Leather. It not just is incredibly high-performance but also is the easiest to maintain and is highly stain-resistant, as well.

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    I must say that I’ve developed a thing for this lovely 4 seater sofa that I picked up at Wall Curtains and it has been my most favorite furniture piece so far, and basically my comfort zone too!


    These guys at Wall Curtains showed me some super unique ideas of the four seaters and I couldn’t help loving them a lot. Got one for my living room and will get another one soon!


    I was really impressed with the customization ideas they presented me with, and they also advised me the best about what exactly to get. All in all, I got the finest piece which has been the most delightful experience for me in all these years.