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Buy The Most Stylish Red Carpet Dubai From Us

Red Carpet Dubai by Wall Curtains is one of the most luxurious, entrancing and high-end carpeting products and works for a range of purposes. Featuring a stunning, rich red-colored profile, these carpets primarily are meant for event decors and similar large-scale purposes, however they are totally great for residential usage, as well. 

We’ve got loads of classy design options for the red carpet for events in Dubai. Our premium collection has various textures and patterns of red floor carpets. You will get the most stylish floor look by getting our carpets. Get in touch with our expert to get a free estimation for your carpeting project.

Our Red Carpet Dubai Offers Endless Perks

Extensive Functionality

These Exhibition carpets are incredibly high-performance and can totally withstand higher usage extents, as well as wear and tear

Versatile Versions

Our event carpet Dubai comes in a whole range of ritzy design options and can also be customized with desired styles, prints, logos, messages, etc


We Stock The Most Glamorous Styles Of Event Carpet Dubai

Our red carpets come in the most eye-catching choices to provide well for all the occasions, basically requirements. Since they are primarily meant to be used as exhibition or event carpets, they come in larger profiles and with statement aesthetics, i.e. rich red color and sometimes various imprinted designs, too. You can decide on the ornamental factor according to the usage you look forward to. Besides, if you want our luxury red Carpet for some sort of commercial events or occasions, then you can also get your desired marketing phrase, logo or message customized. 

Worthwhile Reasons To Buy Red Carpet For Events In Dubai

  1. Our exhibition carpets are the most heavy-duty in nature and can be used for all purposes and for extensive periods of time. 
  2. They are super convenient to be stored for occasional uses and don’t become crumpled, curled up or discolored at any point.
  3. These affordable red carpets are great at resisting all the foot fall intensity and unlike regular carpets, they don’t get damaged by exposure to footwear, as well.
  4. They come in vast size ranges, mostly larger ones for the event and exhibition usage and you can totally have your desired size ranges custom built from us.
  5. Available in a whole lot of suitable options, our Red Carpet Dubai goes well for all the requirements and is the best approach to a statement.
  6. Our luxury Carpets are made with sound-absorbing materials to create a peaceful atmosphere in busy places like your office and events. Reduce the noise by getting our carpets at cheap prices.

Hire Our Professionals For Perfect Red Carpet Installation

We offer world-class carpet installation services all over the UAE. You can get the fastest and most reliable services from our experts. We have installed carpets on many events, residential and commercial places. Contact us anytime to book a free appointment for the installation of carpets for your event or living space. 

  • Customizable Designs
  • Flexible Scheduling Options
  • Experienced Staff
  • Competitive Pricing   

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Buy Red Carpets In Dubai From Us For Incredible Cost-effectivity

We are the top-rated supplier of red carpets all over the UAE. You will see the most extensive range of textures and shades at our store. Our company aims to provide the most eye-catching flooring for your event. Get our carpets for your upcoming event at discounted rates.

Heavy-duty Profiles

These event carpets are extremely hard-wearing and can be used for larger-scale purposes, as they won’t get damaged by impacts, weather or passage of time

Seamless Styling

Event carpets Dubai are the perfect way to bring about major elegance and attraction within any and every special occasion, as they are ideally eye-catching and enhance other decorations too

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    Our Priceless Customers Reviews

    Being an event organizer, Wall Curtains is my ultimate go-to brand for getting the all-time best Red Carpets for events in Dubai. The quality of their carpets is something I haven’t found anywhere else and so is their cost-effectively!


    I picked up this fine-looking Red Carpet Dubai from this platform and I must say that this was the best one I’ve had till date. I’ve been using it for 6 months now and the quality and beauty are totally timeless.


    The best part about their high-end event carpets is that you don’t need to spend a lot, yet can get your hands over the finest stuff. Also, their carpet installation services are incredibly budget-friendly and I majorly recommend them!


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Event carpet installation involves the steps of cleaning the subfloor, unrolling and placement of the carpet, flipping it over and putting tape on the whole parameter closer to the edges, using some more tape at the entrance and exit points and finally walking over the entire carpeting to make it bond well with the floor. Additionally, you can also vacuum or sweep the carpet if needed. 

    The standard sizes of exhibition carpets are 3’ x 20’, 3’ x 15’ and 3’ x 10’ which goes well for most of the requirements. Besides, you can get your desired measurements of the Red Carpets in Dubai from us, if you want some more coverage or need a carpeting for rather odd-sized spaces.

    You can get all sorts of structural, sizing and design customizations from us. Most commonly clients ask us for custom-sized carpets and those featuring specific welcoming messages, phrases or any of the branding words.

    The best way to store event and exhibition carpets when they are not in use is to clean them thoroughly if you’ve just used them. Next up, comes rolling them carefully without causing any crumpling and then place them in the storage space. Moreover, you can also cover them in a plastic wrap or similar covering to avoid staining or contamination. Also, avoid any direct contact of the carpeting with Sunlight when they are not in use.