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3 Seater Sofa

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3 Seater Sofa; The Finest And Coziest Furnishing

3 Seater Sofa by Wall Curtains is a mind-blowing furnishing idea and it works wonders for all areas. This sofa style is not just the most comfortable of all but also comes with an infinite aesthetic versatility, ideal enough to complement all decors. It offers maximum accommodation and instantly becomes the centerpiece of attraction within any given interior, both residential or commercial. 

Notable Features Of Our Premium 3 Seater Sofas


Our luxury three seater sofa is beyond comforting and offers the most convenient seating for prolonged work or entertainment purposes.


This sofa comes in an extensive range of classy and trendy styles, along with the choices of multiple adorable colors, prints and tuftings.


We Stock The Ritziest Varieties Of Quality Three Seaters

You’re more than welcome to visit our all-exclusive sofa shops in Dubai and shop for the most trendsetting sofa styles there. Our exquisite sofa lineup comprises a number of classy options and you can easily find the best syncing options for your interiors. These sofas are great at accommodating maximum number of people and can be added to all sorts of furniture arrangements, particularly the customized settings. 

Besides, we’ve got you these incredible 3 seater sofa options at amazingly affordable rates so do shop your favorite ones today!

The Peculiar Plus Points Of Our 3 Seater Sofa Dubai

This sofa is the kind of choice which is the most frequently used piece of furniture and is ideal for placing at all focal points of the interiors. 

  • This sofa is the ultimate space savior yet provides maximum accommodation for everybody, particularly in busy spaces like living rooms or in commercial decors waiting/reception areas.
  • Our 3 Seater Sofa Dubai makes the best combination with all other sofa styles, particularly the L shaped ones and couches.
  • It is incredibly convenient to maintain, can be quickly split and assembled when needed and is easy to move, as well. 
  • It is a really budget-friendly furnishing idea to go for and the most cost-effective one, too. Besides, from sofa structure to its upholstering materials, all of the stuff is highly resilient and free from the concern of any damage.

Acquire Our First-rate Sofa Customization Services In Dubai

We’ve got you the most promising furnishing services in the UAE, which apart from the quality ready-made options, also includes unique customized styles. This refers to our custom made 3 and 4 Seater sofa styles which will be built right according to your requirements and with your choice of structural as well as styling elements. This way, you can easily have your places flaunted with your desired ornamentation and can get the right satisfaction to your aesthetic taste. 

Do request your free quote for an amazing choice of customized furniture shopping!

Why Choose Us?

white color 3 and 2 seater leather sofa

Wall Curtains brings you the ultimate distinction with every single home decor dimension and the same goes for our exquisite quality 3 Seater Sofas which will be the most engaging addition to your surroundings. These cozy, classy and durable sofas are entirely pocket-friendly and will remain absolutely serviceable for years straight. Get in touch to check out the trendiest sofa styles in Dubai.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Hardwood is the best option to make sofas, since it’s the sturdiest of all and widely used within a number of construction dimensions. And some of the great hardwood specie choices are Teak Wood, Mahogany, Rosewood and Deodar.

    Our exclusive three seater sofa is extremely versatile and can be placed in numerous spaces for seating and resting purposes. As for the residential settings, the best spot to put a 3 seater sofa is the living room, since most of everyone’s quality time is spent there. Besides, it can also be paired with other furniture pieces such as a L shaped sofa.

    No, this sofa doesn’t consume any excessive space, however you need to ensure the right kind of strategic placement so that the room’s space does not appear congested or limited. The best approach in this regard is putting it next to the wall or you can also split it according to the requirements.

    Our premium three seater Sofa Dubai has a width up to 152 cm (84’’) and a height up to 84 (33”) cm. Besides, it has a depth up to 102 cm or in other words it’s 40’’ deep. And you can always have the sizing modified in accordance with your accommodation requirements.

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    Let’s See What Our Customers Say

    Shopped for their three seater sofa and the experience was simply mind-blowing as that sofa has been my go-t0 bed as well as resting and working spot and it feels beyond delightful!


    Wall Curtains offers you some seriously unique sofa ideas, which I didn’t happen to come across at any other platform. Plus, their customization services are a literal icing on the cake and I totally fell for that adorable sofa they created for me.


    Getting 3 Seater sofa customization services from this brand was a great experience and I’ve never had such a pleasant furniture shopping before. Besides, their experts are really helpful and they guide well about choosing the perfect stuff.