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Enhance the Comfort of Your Floor With Our Shaggy Rugs

Wall Curtains presents the most adorable shaggy rugs in Dubai to add comfort and beauty to your interiors. We stock a vast collection of modern shaggy floor coverings to help you make an ideal choice for your places. Their long feathers make you feel comfortable and soft underfoot.

Whether it’s a shaggy carpet or rug, you’ll find all our products of the finest quality materials. Our expert craftsmanship makes every piece of rug extraordinary. Hence, buying this fluffy rug in Dubai will benefit your home interior.

What Makes Us the Biggest Shaggy Rug Supplier in Dubai?

Wide Collection

We provide a wide range of colour and design options to offer versatility to our customers while finding dream rugs for their places.

Affordable Prices

Manufactured from top-quality construction materials, we offer these rugs and carpets within the most affordable pricing range.


Buy Customized Shaggy Rugs Dubai From Us

At our best carpet and rug shop in the UAE, you’ll find a diverse collection of shaggy floor carpets and rugs in Dubai. We feature the trendiest designs, attractive patterns, variable sizes, vibrant colours, and the softest textures. This very addition will add great cosiness and charm to your spaces.

You can also order custom sizes and colours from our online shaggy rug store. Our company is known for providing customized rugs at the best market rates. Order these luxurious rugs in custom sizes, designs, shapes, and colours from anywhere in the UAE.

The Benefits of Buying Our Shaggy Rugs in Dubai

  1. Comprising thick pile structures, shag rugs offer the most relaxing and comfortable surfaces underfoot.
  2. Being highly durable and resilient, these can be ideally placed in high-traffic interiors without getting faded.
  3. We provide delightful designs to make your living space inviting, elegant, and luxurious.
  4. There will be an addition of comfort, warmth, and style to your place with our Dubai shaggy rugs.
  5. You can get these top-quality rugs in an inexpensive price range from our online store. 
  6. This soft floor covering will last longer, making it a valuable investment.
  7. These rugs will be insignificantly beneficial regarding interior insulation and energy efficiency. 

Call Our Expert Anytime For Free Consultation

At our company, we believe in making our customers’ buying experience simple and fast. Choosing the perfect rug from hundreds of designs and colours can confuse you. Our professional consultants are here to help you select the right and most suitable rug for your place.

You can contact our experts anytime. We will be required to see your place or pictures of your place to suggest the right design and colour. After analyzing your place, our experts will suggest the best shaggy rug Dubai for your room, complementing your interior design.

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We Provide the Best Shaggy Rugs At Affordable Prices

If you’re searching for the best quality fluffy rugs in Dubai, you’re at the right place. Our rug store offers a versatile range of high-quality shaggy rugs at extremely low prices. We aim to glorify your interior spaces without burdening your pocket.

You can get our customization services and ready-made shag floor rugs at the lowest market rate. We are the only rug brand in the UAE that provides top-quality rugs at discounted rates. Call us now for a free estimate of our luxury floor coverings for your place. 

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Why Choose Us?

With an ultra-soft texture and visually appealing design pattern, Wall Curtains offer the best shaggy rugs in Dubai. We intensify the comfort and aesthetics of your spaces by adding these stylish and deep pile rugs.


Our shag rugs are Dubai's most demanding soft floorings because of the finest quality materials.


We provide our customers with the most diverse range of designs, textures, colours, sizes, and shapes.

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    Feedback From Our Customers

    The best shopping experience I’ve ever had is my purchase of shaggy style rugs from Wall curtains. The most extensive collection of superb quality products is displayed within the budget-friendly price range. I would love to shop again.


    They’re really the best for making rugs purchases. I got my premium quality shag carpet at a cost-effective price. From design and pattern to shape and size, there are multiple choices available at their stores.


    Had a great time shopping at Wall Curtains for a shaggy home rugs. The staff members were well-mannered and friendly towards all the customers and helped me with their purchases. Inexpensive yet top-quality products are available at their stores.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The longevity of a shaggy home carpet depends on many different factors. The main factors are the quality of the carpet, the intensity of foot traffic, durability, maintenance routine, etc. However, most of the best-quality shag rugs can last about fifteen to twenty years with regular care.

    Cleaning shag rugs is difficult because the long pile gives them a textural appearance. Most commonly, these rugs are cleaned by professionals because DIY cleaning procedures are ineffective. 

    Shaggy rugs are a good choice if you want to make your flooring soft and relaxing. This woolen rug can significantly add luxury, aesthetics, warmth, and elegant appearance to your interior.

    If you want the best quality yet cheap shaggy rugs in Dubai, Wall-Curtains is the best company to provide long-lasting rugs for domestic or commercial use. We offer the most versatile range of supreme-quality rugs. You can buy rugs and carpets in Dubai online from our shaggy rug store.