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Buy Premium Quality Sunbrella Fabric Dubai At Our Stores

Wall Curtains brings you the one-for-all fabric treatment as an ideal covering for indoor and outdoor furnishings in the form of Sunbrella Fabric Dubai. This top-quality fabric treatment is suitable for usage in a wide range of exterior and interior scenarios like awnings, canopies, furniture upholstery, marine applications, etc.

Manufactured using 100% pure solution-dyed acrylic fabric, this is one of the most durable and exceptionally resilient fabrics available at our stores for extensive usage purposes. Hence, buying sunbrella fabric will prove to be a valuable investment in the true meaning of the term.

The Incredible Features Of Our Sunbrella Fabric For Sale

Resistive Nature

Alongside being water-repellent and UV-resistant, you’ll find sunbrella luxury fabric resisting stain damage and mold and mildew growth.

Extensive Usage

From indoor furniture upholstery to outdoor canopy coverings, shades, furnishings, and more, this marine-grade fabric features a truly versatile and extensive usage profile.


Browse Our Latest Collection Of Colors & Designs For Sunbrella Fabric

At our fabric upholstery stores and online, Sunbrella Fabric Dubai is available in an exquisite range of trendy designs, interesting patterns, soft textures, and differentiating tones. Having that said, you can ideally choose the fabric of your desire for upholstering your furnishings as well as exterior awnings.

And just as for Fabric Sofa Upholstery, you can place an order to enjoy the everlasting decor benefits of sunbrella custom fabric designed and pattern imprinted keeping in view your aesthetic taste. Thus, buying our sunbrella fabric means getting the benefits of interior and exterior decor upgrades.

Enjoy The Amazing Benefits Of Having Sunbrella Luxury Fabric

  1. Being UV-resistant in nature, this quality fabric treatment won’t get discolored and therefore, is ideally used for awnings and canopies.
  2. It is a water-repellent fabric that features a quick dry-time and therefore, is suitable for outdoor furniture upholstering purposes.
  3. Sunbrella Fabric Dubai is not only breathable and stain-resistant but also can add to the luxury, charm, and glamor of your living spaces.
  4. Alongside being resistant to mold and mildew growth, this quality fabric treatment can be efficiently and quickly cleaned and maintained as well.
  5. Our sunbrella sofa fabric is a surprisingly soft and super-stylish fabric that adds to the comfort, luxury, and charm of your couch.
  6. Being hard-wearing and damage-resistant in nature, this marine-grade fabric promises to last a long period of time. 
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We Are The Top-Rated Suppliers Of Sunbrella Fabric In The UAE

Want to buy supreme quality yet affordable sunbrella fabric near me for outdoor applications? Well, we’ve got you covered with our broad spectrum of amazing designs and sunbrella fabric colors. Besides, we facilitate and fulfill all the needs of our customers by offering sunbrella custom fabric for incredible decor upgrades.

Coming toward the economic aspect, you’ll be mesmerized to know about the cost-effective prices offered by us for sunbrella custom fabric as well as ready-made choices. Thus, this marine-grade fabric purchased from us will provide you with long-lasting benefits. 

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Why Choose Sunbrella Fabric Dubai From Us?

Wall Curtains is the top-quality suppliers of sunbrella fabric Dubai. We offer the best quality yet inexpensive sunbrella treatments in an extensive range of design options for an ideal choice.

Exceptional Quality

Manufactured using pure solution-dyed acrylic, this marine-grade fabric offered by us is the most hard-wearing and long-lasting of all the market-available options.

Reasonable Prices

Irrespective of whether it’s a customized or ready-made fabric, we demand reasonable and budget-friendly prices for the best quality sunbrella fabrics in our collection.

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    I purchased the best quality sunbrella custom fabric upholstery for my outdoor furniture from Wall Curtains online. They have an incredible range of color and design choices offered. Their professionals did an excellent job creating my desired fabric outlook. Highly recommended.


    I could not thank Wall Curtains any less for my inexpensive purchase of sunbrella upholstery fabric. Just as promised, the product’s quality is sublime standard. The huge collection of options really helped me pick my desired fabric shade. Would definitely visit again.


    Wall Curtains is the best brand in the fabric-selling business for furnishings. I’ve had an amazing shopping experience as I bought my desired upholstery design from their sunbrella fabric collection. Best-quality fabrics are offered at inexpensive prices. Truly amazing!


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    No, bleach can’t harm sunbrella fabrics in any way. Therefore, you can clean and sanitize your sunbrella fabric upholstery or coverings with disinfectants like bleach. However, you’ll have to take care of non-sunbrella fabrics because bleach can discolor them depending on the exposure time and fabric quality.

    If you want to buy premium quality yet affordable sunbrella luxury fabrics in Dubai, then visiting our fabric upholstery stores will get your aim fulfilled. We stock the most diverse collection of designs, patterns, and colors to help our valued customers have an ideal selection.

    Sunbrella is a specifically designed fabric type that has the characteristic property to repel water and resist damage due to UV rays of the sun. You can say sunbrella is a truly fade-resistant fabric yet the term waterproof doesn’t justify its full meaning. 

    Depending on the type of sunbrella fabrics, you may or may not be able to machine-wash your sunbrella fabrics. For instance, Shade, Sling, and Horizon sunbrella fabrics are not suitable to be machine washed. While most other types of sunbrella fabric can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.