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What Are Some Of The Best Curtain Fabrics For Homes Facing Direct Sunlight

Choosing the right kind of window treatment is always one of the major concerns of any and every home decor organization and for good reason. That’s of course because a window covering fundamentally influences the overall comfort extent of your place. Not to mention the fact that it can totally make or break the decorative aspect, as well. 

Besides, when you own a kinda troublesome residence (home is always the sweetest bounty, we’re just focusing on a genuine concern!), such as the one facing the Sun at a straight angle or which always gets subjected to heavier winds and heaviest rains and snowstorms! That’s when you have to be even more watchful with the selection of your window treatment as your entire home’s appearance, as well as maintenance, is going to depend on this sole factor. 

As for today, we’ll be discussing the choice of window treatments, essentially wallcurtains, in those homes where Sun protection is a dire requirement. This does include the prime factor of energy efficiency too, as you wouldn’t surely want to trouble your budget with those enormous figures on the energy bills, just because you have to keep your AC working all the time!

Best Curtain Fabric Choices For Sun Protection

Best Curtain Fabric Choices For Sun Protection

Using Sun protection window drapes or curtains is as important as applying good Sunscreen on a daily basis, in order to keep all the damage from the “Yellow Blazing Ball” at bay! 

Apart from jokes, for sure, we can’t stress enough the right selection of window curtains, as this very element is way more crucial than you can possibly think of. That’s due to the fact that getting a suitable sun-blocking or at least diminishing curtain fabric will not just add a notable deal of comfort to your life but will also save you from, yes, what we mentioned earlier! 

And of course, not doing so is meant to result in the most unwanted outcomes. So let’s get started and take a look at all those fabric types that you can consider for making the most functional curtains and have yourself protected from all the physical and financial damage.

Beat The Sun With The Blackout Beautification

Beat The Sun With The Blackout Beautification

Blackout curtains, of course, are the most foolproof idea to consider, whenever you need to deal with the Helios (Greek term for Sun!). These curtains, as suggested by their name, are specifically designed to repel all the heat and light and to optimize the interior temperature up to a maximum extent. So if you’re particularly looking forward to dark, calm, and disturbance-free spaces, then you’ll be glad to know about the fact that good quality blackout drapes can offer you up to 95% of the light blockage. 

Besides, you can easily adjust the level of illumination as well as darkening you want around you since these curtains also come in the profiles of room-darkening and dim-out if you don’t want an essential blackout. Also, you don’t need to be concerned about the styling factor, as, unlike the common misconception, blackout window curtains aren’t some bulky or dull-looking dark-colored drapes, rather you can acquire various really cool and exquisite styling options for them. This goes in terms of both color choices (yes, even the lighter colors provide a similar extent of effectiveness) and print and pattern options. 

Invest In The Lined Luxury

Lined Curtains are another amazing option of window treatment as they offer a way more enhanced and efficient performance as compared to regular curtains. The lining next to the fabrication of such curtains literally doubles the functionality, inducing a whole new level of comfort to the surrounding spaces. This way, not only does the curtain profile gets significantly amped up, but also the extent of sun protection turns out to be incredibly effective. Flawless privacy maintenance and fuller coverages are the additional perks you can get with the choice of lined curtains. 

Moreover, such luxury-styled living room curtains also tend to block out a notable extent of noise coming from outside, making your living spaces even cozier. So if you’re looking for particularly lavish yet functional curtains, then lined curtains are just the idea for you to go for. 

Layer It All Up

If you don’t want to particularly invest in heavier and more luxurious curtains, this smart curtain draping hack will save the day for you. Layered curtains, in the first place, refers to those fabricated window treatments that come in a layered or doubled, to be more specific, profile. And besides making a choice from the available styles at a shop, you can always make yourself one (or more!) with just an efficient choice of curtain fabrics. 

You can have both new layered window treatments and can also make them from your existing curtains. Some of the most mainstream layered curtain choices, regarding Sun protection functionality, are Sheer Fabric, Cotton Curtains, Voile Window Curtains, Silk Drapes, and Sedar Curtains. Combining any of these fabrics will offer you the most useful window covering, which will be ideally resilient against sun damage, external wear and tear, and noise, as well. 

P.S. You can also have the layered window treatment assembled by combining curtains along with window blinds or even some quality shutters, too.

The Ravishing Reflective Choices

The Ravishing Reflective Choices

Reflective Curtains, as well, are a really good idea to settle for, in case you’re opting for some high-performance window treatment. For a quick idea, these are the curtains that feature opaque and reflective (often silvery) fabrics, which tend to reflect the sunlight, instead of absorbing it. And besides being a really fancy and adorable curtain fabrication, they are, indeed, an incredibly functional choice to go for, as well. You can have them in multiple color choices, in accordance with your existing or upcoming room styling. 

However, these curtains come with the drawback that they can’t maintain privacy up to the mark, since they are visible from outside. Still, this concern can always be addressed by layering them up with any other curtain fabrics of your preference. They’ll make the most pleasing spaces, thanks to their engagingly beautiful profiles.

Damask Makes A Difference

Damask Makes A Difference

The good old Damask Fabric always stands out when it comes to both the beauty and the benefits. This fabric is the ultimate savior kinda choice that you can consider when no other curtain fabrications manage to satisfy you. Damask, as a matter of fact, is one of the most luxurious fabrication choices for summer curtains, in case you’re perceiving it as some boring and old-fashioned fabric. It not only appears the most inviting but also is a great way to diminish the extent of troublesome sunlight entering your place.

Over and above, you can shop for various luxury styles of Damask Curtain fabric, most importantly those two-toned ones. These curtains will offer you the most amazing sensation of valuable interior creation, without becoming a burden on your budget at all. Last but not least, these classy drapes are super satisfying as well, which does add to the entire comfort provision. 

Additional Tips And Tricks For The Most Flawless Sun Protection

Here are some of the essential factors to consider, whenever you’re up for a window curtain purchase, particularly those meant for sun protection.

  • Take The Type Into Account

The very type of your curtain fabric will majorly influence not just the way your home looks but also how cozy it is for you. Therefore, try investing in heavier and quality fabrications, which must be easy to clean, as well, so that you don’t face any trouble while maintaining them. Cotton, Linen, Polyester and Acrylic are some of the major recommendations in this regard.

  • Look For The Layers 

Always opt for layered and essentially more heavy and plush curtain choices, so that all the external damage and trouble stays at bay. And one of the simplest yet most effective approaches to this is installing two curtain fabrics together, either in an eyelet setting or a pinch pleat styling. 

  • Light Color Choices Work Too

While you might think that only heavy and dark-colored curtains do the job of Sun protection, in reality, you can easily achieve this functionality from lighter colored curtains, as well, for instance, voile and sheer fabrics. Besides, most blackout curtain suppliers offer really incredible color spectrums, and you can even have White Blackout curtains if you aren’t a fan of darker hues.

  • Look For The Lining

Always check the curtain lining before making a purchase and at best, ask your provider about the thickness level. Remember, the more high-quality and heavy lining you have, the more sun protection you can expect from your window curtains. Besides, if you don’t somehow manage to find your desired curtain linings, you can also avail of customization services, which will always be worth the money. 

  • Protect Your Protectors 

While curtains serve as legit protectors for your places, they do require protection for their own upkeep and longevity as well. Try avoiding your curtains to come in contact with direct Sunlight, excessive moisture, or heavier winds, as these factors are meant to cause damage eventually. Also, it’s a good idea to install exterior blinds or shutters on the outside of your windows, so that there is less toll taken by the curtains. 

To Drape Up! (To Sum Up)

This was our time with a couple of satisfactory and helpful answers to the major concern of What Are Some Of The Best Curtain Fabrics For Homes Facing Direct Sunlight? Remember the first step to a more cozy and well-maintained home is always the right kind of product selection, so as to avail long-term benefits. So do take these expert recommendations into account while searching for the right window treatment for your places, and we promise you the most delightful outcomes. 

Wishing you a really pleasant and sustainable curtain selection experience!

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Having dark colored curtains for an interior with dark walls is certainly not a good idea at all, as this will only make the entire scenario appear way too oppressive and unpleasant. Besides, if you don’t want to have the traditional black colored curtains, you can have the similar curtains in various cool color choices, such as Blue, Green or even shades of Purple and Red.

In addition to Blackout Window Curtains, you can have lined curtains, light colored yet room darkening/blackout curtains, layered curtains and reflective curtains, which will provide you with the similar functionality of room darkening and comfort provision, along with the most complimenting styling.

Sheer curtains are a great recommendation to consider if you want your room curtains to keep your interiors cool. These curtains provide both room cooling as well as insulation and you can also make the most out of natural light with these curtains, since the curtains will filter it effectively.

The very choice between these two types of curtains depends on your major requirements. If you want a reduction of heat loss from your interiors, then you’ll need thermal curtains. On the other hand, if it’s light blockage and room darkening that you prefer, Blackout curtains are the right choice for you.