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Roman Shade Styles: Which Style is Right for Your Windows




Roman shades can bring about multiple stylings of your windows. These will easily create and maintain harmony with every sort of window, whether it belongs to the category of classical, modern, formal, or casual. Roman window blinds are the kind of window treatment which is super versatile and can fit just about any window style. 

When it comes to Roman shads, there are multiple sorts of fabrics for  each having different styles. Individuals are in confusion at the time of the selection of the correct style of Roman Shades but don’t worry, this article by Wall Curtains is going to sort out your issue by describing every style of Roman shades with their advantages and disadvantages.

Best Roman Shade Styles For Your Window

Some best Roman Shades for your windows are discussed below for better guidance for the readers. The logic behind the presence of more than one idea is that if an idea is disliked by a person, the other should be available as an alternative. Let us see what the best Roman Shade styles are.

Major Attributes Of Roman Window Shades

Roman Shades Having Attributes

As for the fabrication selection of roman window blinds, the most mainstream segregation criteria is the choice of light or dark colored fabrics, pretty similar to the concern of choosing the right curtain color. Most commonly, darker and thicker fabrics turn out to be a more suitable and go-to option for a vast majority of people and the same is the case with Roman window blinds

That’s because lighter colored fabrics are the most likely to compromise one’s privacy, which is extremely non-agreeable. Besides, getting more sturdy profile roman shade fabric is also a highly effective approach as they are easy to fold and less likely to wrinkle, which proves really helpful as roman blinds gather in the form of pleats when closed.  

In addition to the fabrication options, these shades also come with the versatility of surface patterns, designs and textures, which is to say that you get a whole lot of diversity to choose from. And as for a major functional perk of Roman Window blinds, they are really easy to care for.

Recent Trends of the Roman Window Blinds

Recent Trends of the Roman Shade Style

A myth has been proliferated in society that Roman Shades are out of fashion. The inaccurate sketching of these Shades is culpable in this situation. Like the trend of everything, the situation also observes a consecutive change with the passage of time.

For example, there was a custom of balloon Roman Shades in the era of the 1990s, but now these are out of sight. If we talk about the recent trends, standard flat fold, knife pleat, soft fold, and many other styles have touched the sky in terms of popularity.

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Relaxed Roman Shade Style

If you are looking for a simple and chic design for your window, the Relaxed Roman Shade is the best solution. Whenever you implement this style at your home windows, you will enjoy the extraordinary appearance of the fabric. This style has a curved shape and a broad profile in the middle. It feels like it is giving you a smiley face on your back.

With the beautiful look of this Roman shade styling, you will also notice comfort getting induced in your place. You can also use these in the bathrooms, living rooms and any other room in the house, not to mention that they are the wonderful option of kitchen shades. A kid’s room is also a good option to consider because of the softness of these shades. They give off a very relaxing and pleasing vibe, something simply best for the residential-grade usage. 


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London Roman Shades

London Roman Shades

This style of Shade helps make a tail on every corner while giving a relaxed feeling in the mid spot. This style is famous for two key features: sophistication and glorification. You can achieve an aesthetic look at the place of installation, specifically in the case of bedroom decors.

Due to the maximum smoothness of the material, it presents the supreme spectacle of your place. If you wish to flaunt your aesthetic taste at home, then London Roman Shade is the best option and they also make the best office space blinds too. The installation of these Shades may be a tricky task because their folding is difficult. So, don’t place these before the windows where they have to be folded on a daily basis.


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Flat Roman Shades

Flat roman shades

In the list of styles, flat Roman shades have a unique status. The reasons behind this liking are beautiful colors, styles, and patterns. That’s why you will observe these in almost every sophisticated home decor. Another unique fact about these shades is that they have not lost their importance in every trend. 

This style can be used for every room of the house, irrespective of its look or setting, and, as a result, you will only witness the glorification of your room. Also, a person can easily fold it on a daily basis, with no noticeable curve on it.

The style of this Shade appears at the time of hanging; therefore, it is loved by many people. The best thing about these Roman Shade styles is that it remains flat and mostly appears clean. It is available in extensive patterns, such as geometric floral sketching, Greek-style, and a few others.


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Roman Shades with Drapery

Roman Shade Styles with Drapery

Apart from the major styles of Roman Shades for your windows, this Shade style has also received positive feedback. It is recommended on the basis of reliability, durability, and affordable pricing plans. If it is said that its significance is based on the nostalgia of people’s love for beautiful design, it would not be a wrong statement.

It looks best with all the designs and décor of your room. Now the trend of light reflecting the design of Roman Shades is gaining popularity day by day, but it is also a truth that your privacy will be doomed away.


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Insulated Roman Shades

Insulated Roman Shades

The role of this Style is obvious from its label. It is fixed perfectly on the windows of the rooms to allow a specific amount of sunlight to enter. It manages your room according to the weather conditions. You will enjoy the warmth in the winter and a pleasurable coolness in the summer.

As a result, you will see a reduction in your expenses related to electricity bills. The best part about insulated Roman Shades is that you can completely make your room dark at any time, even in the daylight, hence can enjoy the functionality of Blackout window blinds.


To cut the long story short, different Roman Shade Styles are considered the best for your window treatment. There are multiple styles having this capability, but some have excelled in this matter.

These can be categorised as insulated, Flat, Faux, cotton, Silk Linen, and a few others. If you select these  styles for your window treatment, then you will not have to repent your decision.

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Roman Shade Styles | Tips for Choosing the Best Roman Shades

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Some of the finest color options for Roman Window Blinds are Pastels, Neutrals, Beiges, Tans, Shades of White, Bright Blues and Pinks, Solid Colors and most importantly wood finish options. Besides, you can also have the choice of printed and patterned styles, which also go well with most of the spaces.

Roman Window Blinds are the easiest to deal with, and you can easily move them (lower and raise) according to your requirements or the daytime. Cord and cleat and a continuous loop system are the two major working mechanisms of Roman window blinds, and you can also have them integrated with electric motors, for an even smarter and time-saving approach.

Though lining isn’t mandatory to be used with Roman Blinds, in some (or various) cases you might want to go for it, for instance, when there is a need for privacy maintenance or for enhancing the profile of the blinds, such as Sheer Roman Shades.

There are multiple fabric options available for Roman Window Blinds, and you can have the selection depending on your requirements, such as flexible or foldable ones. Some of the most common fabric choices for Roman blinds are Polyester, Linen, Cotton, Rayon, Acrylic, Brocade and even Silk, as well.