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Impressive Interior Styling With Room Darkening Curtains

Blackout curtains indeed feature the most timeless beauty and they are one of the best curtain choices that always work, no matter what the given conditions are. Besides, they come with the most undeniably favorable functionality and can make a huge difference by improving your sleep quality and also making your living spaces way more comfortable than before. In addition to room darkening, noise reduction and room insulation are the added perks of this incredible window treatment choice. 

However, if you’re new to their usage or are not much familiar with the exact functioning of Blackout drapes, chances are that you might think of them as dull-looking, boring and bulky drapes. In other words, it’s the concern whether Blackout Window Curtains are able to provide aesthetic benefits or not or if will they even look good in my space.

Well, the first and foremost answer to this frequently experienced concern is that Blackout Curtains aren’t essentially some sort of unattractive curtain choice, rather they feature the most impressive and visually pleasing profiles. Moreover, you can have multiple color options for them as well and can even acquire the white ones too, with absolutely no difference regarding the effectiveness.

List Of The Finest Interior Styling Ideas Using Blackout Window Drapes

Finest Interior Styling Ideas Using Blackout Window Drapes

Adorning your places with Blackout or room darkening curtains is one of the most mind-blowing home decor experiences you can ever get. That’s because these curtains come with super appealing, satisfying, and versatile design profiles and you can easily sync them to any and every place of your choice. 

All you need is a couple of incredible decor ideas and some out-of-the-box thinking and creativity to play with the beauty of your Blackout Curtains, and you’re absolutely meant to come up with breathtakingly beautiful interior organizations.

And to make this job the easiest and most fun for you, we’re right at your service with a bunch of cool yet effective ideas, so as to help you make the most out of your blackout drapes purchase.

Consider The Room Space

This is the first step to a successful room décor using blackout window curtains, as the choice of the room can totally make or break the entire look of the window. Blackout curtains, in the first place, have heavier profiles as compared to regular curtains, and you need to work on this factor in a smart way, so as to not end up with stiff or heavy drapes that look like displeasing shower curtains. 

For this, you need to take your room size into account, which is to say that it’s best to install Blackout Curtains within rooms that are bigger in size and have higher and /or vaulted ceilings. Master Bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms are some of the major examples in this regard. Avoid blackout drapes within small or limited spaces as doing this will make the space appear even more congested and dull-looking.

Have The Right Curtain Heading Styles

Room Darkening Curtains - Have The Right Curtain Heading Styles

An accurate heading style is the most crucial factor to care for, in order to obtain their light-blocking functionality to the fullest. Pencil pleat style and pinch pleat style are generally considered the best curtain heading manners for blackout curtains since they don’t allow the outside light to leak through up to the maximum extent.

Get Plenty Of Illumination

Though the very choice of blackout curtains is meant to make the room space darker and more calming, this can lead to the feeling of a lack of proper illumination at times. That’s of course because blackout drapes tend to absorb the light in the room, making it appear dark and somewhat gloomy. And while you might be a genuine night owl or let’s say a Black color lover, you can’t always manage to do with such a setup anyways. 

Therefore, it’s a dire requirement to have appropriate lighting within rooms having blackout curtains, as much as you can, so that you don’t end up with dull-looking and kinda depressing rooms. You can have various fun floor or wall-mounted lamps, a couple of candles for a dreamy effect or can simply install some more ceiling lights to achieve the purpose.

Opt For Creative Colors And Patterns

Room Darkening Curtains - Opt For Creative Colors And Patterns

When it comes to blackout curtains, getting accurate color choices all around is super crucial since you would want to create a perfect decorative balance, not just a dark cell-like looking place that is dominated by dark colors. You can add bold colors to the rest of the room space, so as to have all the attention drawn to some other more attractive element, let’s say an anchor piece or a decorative wall hanging.

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And besides choosing vibrant and appealing colors for the surrounding space, you can also opt for getting your curtains within some really contrasting hues that complement your walls and furniture well. In the same way, you can add more depth to the curtain profile by opting for textured materials such as Satin, Velvet or Silk Fabrics. 

Keep The Surrounding Stuff In White

This is another really effective idea to consider when you’re dealing with blackout curtains. Having your surrounding space’s decor in a creamy, beige, neutral, muted or at best white tone is meant to work wonders in terms of making your blackout drapes stand out. This creates a perfect harmony amongst the entire room, making it appear ideally inviting. 

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And if you might ponder that using whites or pales all across the room is meant to give off a “white-washed” effect to your room, the truth is that neither the muted décor nor the dark-colored curtains cancel out the beauty of each other, rather they give rise to a super pleasant sensation this way. Moreover, if you’ve invested in some particular luxury (and pricey!) Blackout or room darkening curtains, then this hack is the best way to depict their entire beauty maximally and to get the best value for your money.

Go For Curtain Layering

Room Darkening Curtains - Go For Curtain Layering

Layering two or more different curtain fabrics is always the most effective interior décor approach and blackout window curtains aren’t an exception. Plus, you get multiple options in this regard and can really go beyond the spectrum at any and every point. One of the most amazing ideas to consider is to layer the blackout curtains with sheer fabric as this gives rise to seriously mesmerizing outcomes. 

You can go for any curtain layering order of your choice such as having sheer curtains as the base layer or as the top one. This will not just create the most engaging curtain decor but will also give off a delightful sense of satisfaction all around. 

Some Other Useful Ideas To Make Your Blackout Curtains Appear Presentable

Some Other Useful Ideas To Make Your Blackout Curtains Appear Presentable

Here are some other useful hacks you can consider, in order to style your spaces with blackout curtains in the most unique yet impressive ways. 

  • If you’re not particularly okay with extremely dark or blacked-out spaces or are using blackout curtains for the first time, it’s a far better idea to have room darkening curtains instead of blackout ones. This will do the desired room darkening and decorative uplifting job for you, without seeming something “excessively done”.
  • Have complementing accessories, most importantly curtain rods and curtain pull for your blackout curtains, so that they get spiced up the right way. 
  • Keep your window space perfectly decluttered and clear out everything that could be surrounding your curtains, such as tables, countertops/shelves or any wall hangings. You, of course, want your window to stand out as you dress it with the blackout drapes. 
  • Ensure the right upkeep for your windows and try keeping them clean from all the clutter so that the entire beauty of curtains emerges fully without any hurdle(s)>
  • Reviving your exterior trim or window siding is another great idea you can try out, in order to make your window decor stand out. You can either repaint those or invest in the newer ones, which, as a matter of fact, will also work as a protective treatment for your place against atmospheric damage. 

To Sum Up

In the end, I will recommend you apply these ideas in order to decorate your bunk bed in a creative way. In order to enhance the entire look of the room, these tips are perfect to go with. These tips require no time and you can renovate the bunk bed for your kids and make it more interesting while standing on your budget. 

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Impressive Interior Styling With Room Darkening Curtains

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

The easiest and most effective way to style your blackout or dark colored curtains is to pair them up with some bright colored curtains with some engaging fabrication such as Sheer curtains. As for the color choices, you can stick to whites or tans and they’ll nicely complement your dark colored curtains.

It’s always a good idea to have better lighting, within a room having darkening curtains, so as to balance out the entire look and not make the whole interior look excessively dark or depressing. You can either stick to some massive light sources or can create a unique effect by using multiple smaller ones at distant spots.

Room darkening or blackout curtains are available within various unique styles, however, the most commonly used ones are Grommet, Rod Pocket, Pinch Pleat and Tab Top Styles. That’s because such curtain styles involve a close fabric pleating which prevents the leakage of light, thus fulfilling the exact purpose.

The major lining options for room darkening curtains are Blackout lining (featuring heavy and stiff polyester fabrication), Foam-backed lining, Thermal lining (also keeps the room well-insulated) and Privacy-lining (featuring a cotton-poly blend fabrication).