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Best Types Of Curtain Tracks: Comprehensive Guide

The curtain track provides a stable support system so that the curtains can be hung securely and evenly for a longer duration. Additionally, these tracks are the reason behind the smooth opening and closing of the curtains. Besides all that, they also improve the appearance of the curtains by hanging them in symmetry.

If you want to buy curtain tracks for your home, you must be confused due to the vast options available in the market. But there is nothing to worry about because, in this blog by Wall Curtains, we will list some of the best curtain tracks. Moreover, we will also provide some common mistakes to avoid while buying window covering tracks. So, let’s get started. 

types of curtain tracks

Best Types Of Curtains Tracks 2024

After researching for several hours and consulting with curtain experts, we have shortlisted the best window curtain track types. Let’s explore them and decide which one you should choose for your curtains. 

Simple Curtains Tracks

Simple curtain tracks are the most widely used type. They are commonly made of wood, aluminum, and plastic. These tracks are designed straight to hang the curtains more elegantly. 

They can be classified as light-duty tracks (carry weight approx 5 to 10 pounds), medium-duty tracks (approx weight capacity 10 to 15 pounds), and heavy-duty tracks (approx 20 pounds). 

Standard Curtain Tracks

The second type in the list is standard curtain tracks. These curtain sliders are the best because they are super easy and quick to install. Such curtain accessories are commonly designed with metal rails. 

Moreover, these metal rails have different types of curtain hooks or gilders that allow for flawless curtain opening and closing. Standard curtain tracks are best for light—to medium-weight curtains of almost every type. 

Besides all that, they can perfectly complement every interior decor. The reason is they offer various mounting styles. You can mount them on the wall or ceiling, according to your choice. 

  • Curved Curtain Track 

The third type in the list is curved tacks. These curtain tracks are ideal for bay windows. They have an arch that allows the curtains to hang more sophisticatedly. Besides, these tracks can carry approximately 25 to 30 pounds of weight. 

The curved tracks are compatible with eyelet curtains, wave curtains, plated curtains, rod pocket curtains, and every type of curtain with hooks. These curtain tracks are a bit more expensive than the simple and stranded ones. 

  • Motorized Curtains Tracks 

Motorized curtain tracks are designed for smart curtains. They are ideal for homes or offices with full-size and hard-to-reach windows. You can operate these tracks by integrating them with smart home systems, mobile applications, remote control, and voice commands. 

Three variants of these tracks are available on the market: wireless, remote control, and wired. So you can choose the one you like according to your budget. 

  • Panel Curtains Tracks 

The fifth item on the list is panel curtain tracks. These tracks can cover large windows and create room dividers. Most people also call them Japanese panel curtains. They are an ideal choice for modern living room curtains to add elegance. 

The panel curtains are available in different varieties, including ceiling-mounted panel tracks, wall-mounted panel tracks, and gliding tracks. You can also customize them according to your desire. 

  • Shower Curtain Tracks 

This type of curtain track is designed to hang shower curtains for maximum privacy. The shower curtain tracks come in various designs, styles, finishes, and colors to perfectly match your bathroom interior. 

These tracks come in three variants: straight, curved, and L-shaped. They are also available in an adjustable length and can be customized according to your specific needs.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Curtains Tracks 

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing the most ideal curtain tracks. Have a look at them: 

  • Incorrect Window Measurement 

Most people do not measure the windows accurately, ultimately buying tracks that are too long or short for the windows. According to experts, the height and width of blackout curtains should always be measured precisely. You can use measuring tape and a ruler for this purpose. 

  • Choosing Incompatible Curtains 

Each type of curtain track is designed for specific curtain headings, such as pinch plates and eyelets. So, it is always recommended to understand your curtain type before buying a track. 

  • Ignoring the Weight Capacity Of The Track 

Another common mistake is ignoring the curtain track’s weight capacity. Each type of curtain track has a specific weight limit, so always ensure that the track you buy can carry your curtain’s weight. If you hang curtains that are heavier than the track’s weight capacity, they will break in very little time. 

Our Final Say

That was all about the best curtain tracks and the common mistakes you should avoid while buying them. Additionally, if you want to enjoy the functionality of these window tracks for a longer duration, you must buy them from a trustworthy supplier.