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10 Different Types of Curtain Hooks – Best of 2024

To give your windows that elegant finishing touch, there is no better way than to hang curtains. These curtains not only add style but also provide the benefit of light & privacy control. This efficient control and stylish look for curtains is achieved by one element that is often treated as invisible; the curtain hooks. These hooks are the ones that keep your curtain hung perfectly for both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

There are many hook types on the market today, and choosing one can be overwhelming. To help you with this decision-making, we have made a list of the top 10 different types of curtain hooks, the best of 2024.

Types of Curtain hooks

Top 10 Different Types of Curtains Hooks – Best of 2024

There are a lot of curtain hook types that are popular for 2024. Out of all of them, we have selected our top 10 ideal ones. We have made this list based on the design of the hooks and their ease of use. Check these curtain hook types and choose the one you like the best.

1. Pin Hooks

Pin Hooks are still the best ones in 2024 as they are the most classical types. They are mostly used for pleated or eyelet curtains with sharp raised ends that will insert into any curtain header easily. The other end is a hook that can be hung on the curtain track. Depending on the vendor you purchase from, these hooks can bear the weight of heavy drapery & curtains.

2. S-Shaped Hooks

Another classical yet the most popular curtain hook type for 2024 is the S-shaped hooks. They are like the pin hooks but in the S-shape design featuring one end for the curtain heading and the other to hang on the curtain rings or the curtain tracks. For the innovative approach of curtain accessories, an S-shaped hook comes with a rubber coating. This prevents a slip-free secure hold for the curtain fabrics. You can easily hang your medium-weight curtains for a casual room setting on them.

3. Clip Rings

These are the metal or plastic ring-like hooks that also have clips attached to them. These clips are used to drip the curtain’s top edge and then slip the rings onto the curtain rod. There are magnetic clips for 2024 that create a more modern decor for the curtains. They have a limited weight bearing capacity making them ideal for lightweight curtains.

4. Pinch Pleat Hooks

You might also know them by their various other names like drapery hooks, or pleater hooks. And, as the name suggests, they are built to hang pinch-pleat curtains. Their speciality is their multiple prongs which, when inserted within the ready-made curtain heading, create pleats. For 2024, there are adjustable pleater hooks to adjust the depth of pleats and spacing between them.

5. Eyelet Hook Rings

Eyelet hook rings are in the shape of large rings that are passed through the eyelet metal rings within the curtain fabric. They help the curtains slide over the curtain rod smoothly to create contemporary interior decor. For 2024, instead of traditional metal eyelets, there are many made from recycled materials for sustainability and eco-friendliness.

6. Sew-On Hooks

These are hooks that are attached to your curtain with simple stitching. With this stitch, your hooks have a discreet way of hanging their curtains on tracks or rings. They are often tailor-made and are suited for lightweight curtains. Nowadays, Magnetic sew-on curtain hooks are in demand which reduces the need for sewing.

7. Shower Curtain Hooks

These are basically metal or plastic hooks that have a design specially to hang your shower curtains. You can get a shower curtain hook set with matching rings. The reason we have placed it here is that in 2024, there will be shower hooks with built-in antimicrobial features to make the bathroom space hygienic.

8. Track Hook Gliders

Track gliders are small yet sturdy hooks that slide along your curtain tracks or rods. They are mostly used for curtain tracks as they offer a smoother gliding motion on them making them ideal for long & heavy drapes and curtains. For 2024, there are now track Gliders with soft-close mechanisms that prevent the curtains from slamming when closed.

9. Café Curtain Hooks

These are small but decorative hooks that are perfect for use on cafe curtains. These curtain hooks come in various shapes and colors. For 2024, cafe curtains are making a huge scene with their Magnetic Cafe Curtain Hooks, featuring a no-drill DIY installation for homeowners.

10. Drapery Pins

These pins are used for attaching heavy drapery to the heavy-duty traverse curtain rods. These pin parts are inserted into the curtain fabric and the hook part sits onto the rod for smooth gliding. They are made with strong materials to offer long-term use and even help create pleats for bedroom or living room curtains. For 2024, these Drapery pins are available with customizable lengths & angles for perfect alignment.

Some Tips To Help You Choose The Right Curtain Hook Type

When looking to buy curtain hooks, consider a few factors, such as the weight of your curtains, the type of curtain track or rod you have installed, and your interior decor style. These tips will help you make a better choice for the right type of curtain hooks.

  • Blackout curtains need strong supporting hooks, such as pinch pleat hooks, drapery pins, or pin hooks. Clip rings, cafe curtain hooks, and S-shaped hooks are ideal for lightweight curtains.
  • When choosing curtain hooks, always consider your overall room decor. For a contemporary setting, eyelet curtain rings or sewn-on magnetic hooks work best. For a classical decor setting, drapery pins do the job.
  • For DIY installation and easy usage, go for user-friendly options like clip rings, track gliders, and S-shaped hooks.

Our Final Say

Curtain hooks might seem trivial when it comes to room decor, but these minor elements actually make your window curtains more functional and aesthetic. By knowing the different popular types and the ongoing trends in those types, you will be able to make a better decision about buying the right curtain hooks. Our picks for the top 10 different types of curtain hooks will surely help you in your window decor journey.