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Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying Blackout Drapes For Your Home

Blackout Curtains are undeniably the most serviceable yet the most impressive form of window treatment, therefore absolutely worth the choice. These incredible window curtains are just the perfect choice to settle for, whenever you’re looking forward to a window treatment replacement/upgrade, and for good reason. The foremost reason for this choice, is of course, the extreme comfort provision, which otherwise is difficult to achieve most of the time.

This comfort comes in the form of both room darkening and noise reduction, with higher levels of energy efficiency being the added benefit. With all that being said, it’s for sure a dire requirement to make a watchful selection of these exceptional curtains, as much as possible. That’s because improper conduct regarding the purchase of these curtains can simply result in adverse outcomes, and the entire idea of a favorable change is meant to fail miserably. 

The Comprehensive Buying Guide You Need Prior To A Blackout Curtains Purchase

Comprehensive Buying Guide You Need Prior To A Blackout Curtains Purchase

Since blackout curtains are way more different than any of the regular window curtains, this calls for watchful conduct towards their choice, in order to make the most out of the investment. 

Ahead, we’ve gathered some of the key aspects that you need to take care of while buying some standard good Blackout Window Curtains for your place. This will guarantee that you benefit as much as possible, and get the utmost comfort from your lifestyle. 

The Quality Of Your Curtain Fabric

The Quality Of Your Curtain Fabric

Build quality is the most fundamental aspect among all the factors you need to consider before buying blackout drapes for your home. That’s because the construction of your curtains is significantly going to decide how much serviceability and of course durability you’re going to get. Therefore, when it comes to blackout curtains, don’t hesitate to invest in quality products since all the money you’ll be spending is going to be absolutely worth the outcomes. 

Besides, while opting for somewhat inferior build quality might work for the choice of regular drapes, however, it’s always going to backfire in the case of Blackout ones. That’s simply because the higher the quality, the higher the extent of sun and acoustic protection you’ll get. 

Color Choices

This is another crucial factor to consider while purchasing blackout window drapes. And while you might think of blackout curtains as some bulky and boring window covering, the truth is, you can acquire these incredible curtains in a number of amazing color options. Though the color spectrum for this curtain version usually comprises bold colors, you can always manage to get the suitable stuff for your place, the one which is agreeable to your aesthetic taste as well. 

Various providers offer multiple hue choices for Blackout window treatments, even the white ones, too. However, if you’re particularly looking forward to the “blackout factor”, then it’s best that you opt for those within darker or solid hues, as they, of course, carry out the room darkening job in the most promising manner. 

Also, you don’t need to be concerned about the styling factor while using blackout curtains, or in other words, the fact that they won’t appear attractive. That’s because these curtains always appear really inviting and are also flexible enough to provide room for other decorative additions. Not to mention the complementing they offer for the surrounding stuff, as well. 

Thickness Of The Integrated Lining

Thickness Of The Integrated Lining

The blackout lining or coating is what gives blackout curtains their incredible room darkening functionality and makes them different from regular curtains. This lining is usually made of aluminum or acrylic foam and is placed in the form of a fine layer at the back of the curtain fabric, giving all the thickness, depth, and richness to the curtain profile. It often comes pre-attached and if not, then it can also be sewn to the curtain panel separately, both professional and DIY ways.

Therefore, you need to check the quality and most importantly the thickness of this integrated lining, so as to determine the quality of your curtain and of course the extent of favorability you can expect from it. You can both ask the manufacturer about this factor or can take a look at the curtain specifications if mentioned. 260g/m2 is the standard lining for blackout curtains, whereas the cotton ones usually come with thickness levels of 60’’, 54’’, and 48’’. Moreover, you can also ask for customizations in this regard, so as to acquire the most effective product.

Project Expenses

Budget, by all means, is the most crucial and the highest influential factor regarding anything and everything and home decor isn’t an exception either. The overall project expenses of the blackout curtain installation comprise two major dimensions, i.e. the price of the curtain product and the fitting expenses.

Of course, you can always save yourself the installation bucks, by going for the DIY fitting, which in fact, is quite feasible and similar to the regular curtain installation. However, if you don’t feel the right nerve for doing so, the safest and most foolproof idea is to stick with professional services for getting the job done. 

Useful Hacks To Upkeep Your Blackout Window Curtains

Useful Hacks To Upkeep Your Blackout Window Curtains

Now that you know all about making a suitable and beneficial curtain choice, we’ve got you some additional help in order to make the most out of your investment. These useful curtain maintenance tips and tricks will make your curtains last long, stay free from potential damages and provide you with maximum performance.

  • Regular Cleanups

This, by far, is the first step to perfect curtain upkeep since it can sustain the life of your curtains. As basic as it might sound, not ensuring the regular cleaning for your window curtains can result in their permanent damage, essentially loss of beauty and functionality. So whether you like to dust off your window treatments or at best vacuum them, stick to doing that on a regular basis, so that your curtains don’t go bad ahead of time.

  • Deep Cleaning

Deeper or more detailed cleaning is, of course, crucial to be conducted at times as this helps address all the occasional damage (staining, rupturing, etc.) and prevent things from going irreversibly adverse.

  • Product Choice

What you use for your Blackout curtain maintenance can simply enhance the life of your curtains or make them become miserable. Therefore, when using commercial cleaners, always check for compatibility and you can perform a patch test on a rather unnoticeable part of your curtain(s). Besides, if you want to play really safe, then it’s best to stick to mild and pH-balanced soaps and liquid detergents.

  • Washing Techniques 

The way you deal with your curtains can highly influence their working as well as durability. Besides, this very factor is something you’re likely to come across mentioned on your package too and it’s best to stick to those given instructions. As for mainstream advice, never bleach or tumble dry your blackout curtain fabric. Plus, always go for a short cycle wash and only iron the non-coated side and never the other one. Also, you can try spot cleaning with the help of laundry soap if you don’t want to indulge in extensive maintenance procedures. 

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  • Additional Protection

Try to minimize the direct contact of your blackout curtains with intense external factors, such as harsh weather conditions or excessive UV damage. In other words, you can opt for diminishing the functionality load over your curtains, so that they don’t get ruined easily. One of the most useful ideas in this regard is to make use of window blinds or outdoor shutters for distributing sun protection functionality.


We’ve precisely listed all the factors you need to consider before buying blackout drapes for your home, and you can easily nail your next curtain purchase, by taking this expert guidance into account. Besides, you must have easily related all of your major and minor requirements with all of the aspects we mentioned earlier. 

So do have your comprehensive research at hand and you’ll never fail to get the ideal stuff for your places!

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Blackout curtains are indeed a healthy choice of window treatment as they maintain a good indoor air quality. Besides, as per their functionality, these curtains promote good sleep quality and are a great way to calm tired nerves and to fix messed up sleeping routines.

Yes, normal curtains can be easily converted into blackout ones, which in fact, is a really cost-effective idea, as well. All you need to do is invest in a quality blackout lining and have it sewn or attached to your existing curtains, which will offer you the functionality of room darkening and energy-efficiency afterwards.

The first and foremost factor to consider when purchasing blackout window curtains is to look for the quality of the blackout lining, as this will decide the extent of efficiency of room darkening you can expect from the curtain. Besides, you’ll need to look for the “zip” fabric retention system, which is meant to keep the curtain fabric from getting blown away.

Room darkening curtains are a great choice to settle for, in case you don’t want excessively dark or blackout curtains. These curtains offer a reasonable extent of functionality and can make your interiors much more comfortable for you, without seeming dull, bulky or unpleasant in any way.