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What to Consider When Choosing the Safest Hospital Curtains?

Just like in your home, curtains are an essential part of your interior, they are crucial in most places. But when it comes to some specific areas, it might be difficult for you to choose the right window treatment, i.e. hospitals. If we talk about the hospital curtains for sure are an important part of it and play a major role regarding the privacy of patients, etc. But, it is quite a challenging task to make the right selection of curtains for the hospital. With that being said, our major concern today is what are the things you should consider when choosing the safest hospital curtains. 

Now the hospital needs to be cleaned every time, mostly the emergency room and the area of the ward. Furthermore, if we talk about the emergency and wards area, they have curtains that are used to divide the sections of each patient. These curtains are not hanging just for some exquisite look. But they are hanging to avoid cross-contamination so that the patients can recover quickly. 

Things to Consider While Purchasing the Right Hospital Curtains

There are some most attention-demanding things which you should consider while selecting the safest hospital curtains. Because these curtains are not the same as you used to hang in your homes or at non-medical places. There are some important things that you should keep in mind while purchasing these curtains.

Consider the Fabric

Hospital Curtains - Consider the Fabric

First thing first you cannot go for the same fabric for hospital curtains as you select for your home space. The fabric for the curtains is specially made in order to avoid cross-contamination. Check the fabric if it is suitable enough for the hospital environment that is full of bacteria and viruses. Consider the following things regarding the fabric of hospital curtains. 

1. Fire and Stain Resistant

In order to select the safest hospital curtains, go for the fire and stain-resistant hangings. Because they can prevent fire in case of an accident. Moreover, you should install these safest hangings with a mesh over them. So that, in case of any fiery accident the water from those sprinkled could extinguish the fire, at once. In this way, the fire will get prevented from spreading. 

2. Easy to Wash

Furthermore, they should be easy to wash, unlike your heavy home drapes. In a hospital, curtains could easily get dirty by vomit, saliva, or other blood fluids while treating the patients. So curtains should be washable. This thing will eliminate the risks of cross-contamination. For easy sanitation, try to put your hands on machine washable curtains.

3. Anti-Microbial 

Along with the fact that the hospital is a health care center, it is also a known fact that it is a place full of pathogens and microbes. In order to avoid these pathogens, it is important to make a purchase of antimicrobial curtains for the hospital. Moreover, these curtains will help reduce the risk of the spread of disease by eliminating pathogenic bacteria. These curtains also tend to add an extra layer of protection for patients and the medical staff as well.

Consider the Size

Hospital Curtains - Consider the Size

This is another important thing when purchasing wallcurtain for the hospital. Obviously, size matters the most. The curtains should be wide enough that the complete bed of the patient gets covered with them. So, they will feel much more comfortable. Also, they should be long enough to hide the complete length of the bed. Make sure they don’t touch the ground. And, it will be better if they are installed from the ceiling and going down to almost the end of the bed. In this way, the cross-contamination will get eliminated and the patient will feel much safer, as well. 

Consider the Strength and Durability

Hospital Curtains - Consider the Strength and Durability

Hospital Curtains should be highly durable so that they can run longer. They should be strong enough that when they get hung from the top of the ceiling they would not get torn up. Because in order to provide privacy to the patient, hospital curtains are usually hung from the top of the ceiling. 

Consider the Privacy of Patients

While considering every important aspect of the selection of hospital curtains, the privacy of the patient cannot be neglected. Obviously, every patient requires much seclusion while getting treated in a ward. And this can only be done by hanging such curtains which are good enough to offer privacy. These curtains should not be transparent so that the other patient could see anything or even pass the light through them. In this way, the patients will feel more comfortable having their seclusion while getting treated. 

To Conclude

In the last, I would recommend considering these most important things, in order to make the hospital a more safe and hygienic place for the patients. These considerations will allow you to choose the safest curtains for the hospital in every aspect. 

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Green is one of the most calming colors and always feels easier on the eyes, which of course, is a dire requirement for both the sufferers and treaters. Besides, green color promotes a sensation of focus and reliability as well, which can help improve the stress-induced space of a hospital.

IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) fabric is usually used for manufacturing medical or hospital curtains, due to the obvious factor or fire-resistance. Over and above, these curtains are usually hypoallergenic, stiff in profile, full-coverage, highly durable and easy to clean.

Hospital curtains can be either 74’’ or 94’’ in length, and this length may or may not include the mesh. Besides, the size can vary depending on ceiling height, as the curtains need to be trimmed to avoid pooling. As for the standard widths of hospital curtains, these are 68’’, 136’’. 204’’, 272’’ and 306’’.

Hospital curtains are generally installed with the help of ceiling mounted tracks since they are easy to fit and provide a smooth and convenient medium for the curtain movement. Besides, this kind of installation system is highly versatile and can be considered for various different spaces.