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How to Assemble Bunk Bed Curtains – Different Ways and Décor Ideas?

Bunk beds usually seem efficient for placing in the kids’ room. Basically, a bunk bed consists of two or three beds on top of each other and contains a ladder through which you can reach up to the topmost bed. A bunk is usually a fun thing for the kids, and for you, as well, because placing a bunk bed in your kids’ room saves a lot of places. And, later on, you can renovate that area accordingly. 

Talking about the renovation and bunk bed, a bunk bed gives a really flat tone until it is not furnished with some accessories or some hangings i.e. curtains. If you put on some curtains over your bunk bed it will start to give an enticing look and will be more pleasing to the kids. So, if you want to assemble bunk bed curtains, here are some tips that you should consider while doing it. 

Get Your Bunk Bed Curtains Assembled in Some Easy Steps

How to Assemble Bunk Bed Curtains - Ideas

Assembling bunk bed curtains is not a difficult or tricky task. It can be done in easy steps and will not take much time. Thus you can renovate your kid’s room in a more fun and interesting manner.

Supplies You Need to Assemble the Bunk Bed Curtains

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Curtain Rod Hooks
  3. Curtain Rods
  4. Notepad

After having all these supplies you can start following the mentioned below steps and can assemble the curtains in a very easy way.

Take Accurate Measurements

Take Accurate Measurements

This step is very crucial and needs to be done the right way. Start by taking a measuring tape and start taking the measurements. Use a pen and a notepad to write down the exact measurement so that it will be easy for you when you assemble the curtains. 

Start measuring the length by placing the tip of the tape at the top corner and bring it down to the last corner of the bed. That should be the length of the curtains. Now in a very similar way, take the width measurement by placing the measuring tape at the edge of the bed in a horizontal way. Note it down and start taking the measurement of curtain rod hooks and then take the measurement of the curtain in both horizontal and vertical ways. 

Install the Curtain Rods to the Upper Bunk Wood

Install the Curtain Rods to the Upper Bunk Wood

First things first, check if the upper bunk wood has the posters to install the curtain rod hooks in them. If it is so, then install the curtain rod hooks. But, if there are no posters then you can attach them to the ceiling, as well. 

Now install the rods in the rod hooks. Firstly attach one end of the curtain rod to the one end of the hook then slightly slide the rod into the hook. Now attach the other end of the rod to the other hook and fix the rod by double checking if the hooks and rods are installed properly. 

Install the Curtains

Install the Curtains | Assemble Bunk Bed Curtains

Now, it’s time to install those beautiful hangings into the curtain rods so that the whole area could get an admirable look and the bunk bed could seem more interesting to your kids. All you have to do now is just remove the end of the curtain rod from the hook and slide the curtain into the rod completely. Reinstall the rod into the hook and adjust your curtains accordingly. 

Some Fascinating Ideas to Decor Your Bunk Bed

Some Fascinating Ideas to Decor Your Bunk Bed

Apart from assembling the curtain to your bunk bed, there are so many other creative ideas through which you can renovate the area and can make your bunk bed look adorable. These ideas will enhance the charm of the space and are applicable, whether you put the curtain on the bunk bed or not.

From hanging out some wall accessories to putting on some cool and colorful bedsheets and pillows you can easily create a wholesome look in the room. These ideas cost you almost nothing and can create a cozy environment in the room.

Hang Some Creative Art Around

Hang Some Creative Art Around

You can give that a creative touch by hanging some art around like some abstract art or you can even hang the pictures of your kids, thus giving it a personal touch. Moreover, you can hang some fairy lights in your desired colors. And put them up on a drape. That idea will give your space an enticing look. Furthermore, you can hang the picture on these fairy lights string which can give a more creative touch to the place.

Put on Throw Pillows

Put on Throw Pillows

It is one of the most budget-friendly ideas. All you have to do is buy some colorful throw pillows. Put them on the bunk bed randomly. It will be better if you place some on the floor as well so that the place could get a cozy look. 

Add Some Pop of Colors


You can add colors through anything. Paint the edges of the bunk with some beautiful colors. Put on some colorful furniture accessories in any corner of the room so that the colored bunk edged could get a pop-up and give an enchanting look.

 Put some vibrant-colored bed sheets on the bunk bed to give it a more enhanced look. Apart from that, you can decorate the edges of the bunk bed with some colorful fairy lights and hang some colorful and unique patterned curtains. 

Hang Some Wall Accessories

Hang Some Wall Accessories

You can give your bunk bed a more creative and unique look by adding some wall accessories around it. You can put some wall stickers around your kid’s favorite wall, accordingly. Or, you can accessorize the wall by hanging some artificial wall hanging flowers to give an undried look to the area around. 

Hang Different Curtains on Each Portion

Hang Different Curtains on Each Portion

Try hanging different curtains on each portion rather to hang the same curtain from the ceiling to the bottom. This will create a more enchanting look. Or you can have the same curtain cut in two or three sets. Each set of each bed. And decorate them with different accessories. Hang some fiesta light on the upper bunk curtain. Hang some pictures on the lower bunk curtains. This will look way more interesting and give an enticing statement.

To Sum Up

In the end, I will recommend you apply these ideas in order to decorate your bunk bed in a creative way. In order to enhance the entire look of the room, these tips are perfect to go with. These tips require no time and you can renovate the bunk bed for your kids and make it more interesting while standing on your budget. 

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

You’ll need to drill curtain hooks into the bunk bed, below the upper bank, followed by installing the curtain rod. Afterwards, you can have your curtains fitted on the rods, however, be careful about not tightening the screws, which are there to hold the curtain rods in place.

In case you don’t want to drill into your bunk bed, there are a couple of alternative ideas that you can consider. The most common one is to make use of curtain adhesives or simply curtain suction cups for the purpose of installation. Mostly this is done to metal bunk beds and can be done to the wooden ones, too.

One of the best ways to enhance the privacy of a bunk bed is to go for draping a sheet all the way from the ceiling. You’ll need a hook for this purpose and then you can easily tuck the edges of the sheet around the bunk bed sides. In addition to that, you can also put in hooks at all the corners, as this will give more definition to the sheet fabric.

Blackout curtains are indeed a great choice for bunk beds, as they outperform all other curtain choices when it comes to providing comfort and privacy maintenance. They can completely block out all the piercing lighting or the room view which could be distracting or engaging, such as in case of kids.