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Top 9 Inspiring Curtain Ideas For Window Styling

Several curtain fabric choices and styles can enhance the appearance of your windows. The design of your room may be made or broken by the arrangement, fabric, size, or style you select for the curtains. It’s always a good idea to use curtains that are currently in style or have the power to change the atmosphere of a room when arranging your windows.

A room looks unappealing or vacant until it is not dressed with the right set of curtains. To infuse style and practicality in your spaces, Wall Curtains has put together some innovative window-covering ideas. Pick one of the stylish window treatments for the elegant makeover of your room.

Captivating Curtains Styles And Ideas For Interior Decor

To inspire your home furnishings, we have come up with some amazing ideas that will bring a contemporary touch to your windows. Let’s get going:  

1. Light Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are the trendiest and the most incredible option to give your windows a soft and welcoming look. These light-filtering curtains with an aesthetic feel can illuminate your living spaces. You can explore a wide variety of these curtains including semi-sheer, linen, gauze, silk, chiffon, organza, and cotton sheer.

This breathable and light fabric can be utilized both indoors and outside. These visually pleasant curtains are the best choice for a minimalist decor.

2. Shop For Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains have been around for decades because of their unique functional characteristics. These curtains feature triple-weaving and insulating backings to block maximum incoming light. These curtains are best for the energy-efficiency and privacy protection in a room.

The thick fabric of these curtains can control the room temperature, decreasing the need for an air conditioner or heater, allowing you to save money on your energy costs. These curtains are perfect for night shift workers because of their noise-reducing and room-darkening qualities. 

3. Velvet Window Curtains

When it comes to luxurious choices for the ornamentation of your windows, velvet curtains can be a great option. These curtains with rich texture, soft touch, and stylish appearance are ideal for both formal and casual decors.

You can beautifully pair pure or crushed velvet curtains with wooden or leather furniture in a room. These curtains are the ideal ornamental option for your home’s bedrooms. 

4. Motorized Curtains

Integrating your home with power or battery-operated smart curtains is one of the most functional and convenient window decor choices. A motorized window treatment can be obtained with any type of curtain fabric.

The materials for these curtains can be polyester, sheer, linen, silk, acrylic, or cotton. Based on the type of fabric, these curtains are much more efficient in blocking light, adding privacy, insulating a room, and providing security. A single click on the remote or a voice command is enough to operate them from a distance.  

5. Pairing Curtains With Blinds

One of the best window styling ideas is pairing drapes with window blinds. The most popular window treatment pair is sheer curtains and roller blinds. For optimal control over light and privacy, you can pair blackout roller blinds on windows with soft and transparent sheers.

They add plenty of warmth and texture to your space. Mount your roller blinds outside and make sure to match the curtain color with them for a well-balanced look.    

6. Dual Tone Curtains

Two-tone curtains give an awe-inspiring look to your windows with their sumptuous appearance. Most color-blocked curtains are dyed in one light and one dark shade that adds a splash of color to your places.

You can pick two colors that compliment any of the statement pieces of your room including furnishing elements or wall colors. The color block of these curtains is typically aligned with the top of your room window. These curtains can uplift the whole space’s aesthetics in a matter of seconds.

7. Floral and Patterned Curtains

To add a natural and pleasant vibe to your spaces, you can mount floral curtains. A range of floral curtain styles are there for every decor theme. But to keep the design to its minimum, you can choose curtains with patterns either at the top, button or in the center.

For different types of curtains, you will find wide patterns including geometric, striped, checkered, lined, and dotted. When selecting a pattern, make sure to take a look at the rest of the room’s furnishing elements.

8. Multi-colored and Neutral Curtains

To enhance the ambiance of your space, you can dress up your windows with multiple panels of different colored curtains. For this exceptional look, lightweight fabrics will look perfect such as cotton, linen, and sheer. Choose colors that fully complement the room elements without overwhelming the decor.

Going neutral with these colored curtains will make your space look even more satisfying. To give a decent look to your windows, choose neutral curtains with soft colors and muted designs. 

9. Silk Curtains

Silk curtains with sleek and shiny appearance is one of a kind window decor option. These curtains are best suited for formal environments and luxury home decors. These curtains don’t allow light in, provide privacy, and give an opulent look to your rooms with their attractive appearance.


Styling windows with curtains can be difficult because of the broader variety available in the market. You can flaunt curtains of many fascinating styles in your home as per your styling needs. For unique curtains ideas, lemon ombre, rust-colored velvet, boho border, pistachio-hued, multi-colored, floral, or patterned curtains are the ideal choices to adorn your windows. Pick one of the styles, colors, and designs as per your preference or interior design statement.