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What Color Curtains Go With Pink Walls? A Guide For Perfect Interior Decor

It is more than knowing the answer to the question of what color curtains go with pink walls. It is now about creating an aesthetic ambiance that actually speaks to the eye of the beholder. Picture a perfect wall with the right pink paint, and all it needs is some perfect curtains to complete that interior decor scene. So, how do you go about choosing the right curtain color? 

Should we take a daring approach and choose contrasting colors or go more on the side of harmony? This post will explain all these and more questions and tell you what color curtains go well with your pink walls. 

color of curtains with pink walls

The Psychology Of The Color ‘’Pink’’

As we all know, pink invokes feelings like warmth, love, compassion, and nurturing. It is associated with femininity. The question is, what is the real psychology behind all of its softer features? It’s simple: Pink lies on the lighter side of the color spectrum, whereas pastel hues, aka light shades, lie. Pink is the creation of red and white colors, which makes it both vibrant and soothing.

However, it’s not all about its emotional appeal, the color has a physiological effect on humans. This color is scientifically researched, promotes a calming effect, and even reduces feelings of anxiety and extreme aggression. 

Our Top Choices Of Colored Curtains That Go Well With Pink Walls

Choosing the right colored living room curtains is simple, but a few factors need to be considered. These can include the shade of pink you are working with and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. With this in mind, we have listed a few popular choices of color curtains that will go well with your pink walls.

1. White Curtains For Blush Pink

if your walls are painted in a blush pink shade, you need to pair it with something in neutral tones. No other color is better than white for it. It will give an airy feel while adding sublime warmth to your pink walls. If you are looking to add a little bit of depth, we recommend going with softer gray or taupe-colored curtains. They will add a touch of sophistication to your overall decor.

2. Soft Toned Sheer Curtains For Pastel Pink Walls

Pastel pink is the wall color that is painted often in bedrooms and nurseries. To compliment the walls for a more ethereal and dreamy appeal; adorn the walls with sheer curtains. For the color of these curtains, our recommendation is softer tones like light blue or mint green. These colors contrast well with pink’s pastel hues.

3. Earthy-Toned Curtains For Dusty Rose Walls

Dusty rose is a color that not most people are aware of. It is a muted hue for a vintage-inspired pink. The best pair for it is with the earthy tones. To create a cozy atmosphere with a bit of warmth, go with brown color curtains with chocolate or taupe shades of brown. to give your room a contemporary feel, you can use charcoal or deep navy blue curtains.

4. Neutral Shade Curtains For Magenta Walls

Another widely used shade of pink is Magenta – a bold and vibrant shade that attracts the onlooker. Finding the right balance of Magenta is hard but we have the perfect solution for it – Neutral Tones. Specifically speaking, go with the ivory, gray, or beige color curtains. These neutral colors will help reduce the brightness of magenta while creating sophisticated interior decor.

5. Bold Hues For Hot Pink Walls

Hot Pink, as the name suggests, is an energetic and playful shade of pink and it only pairs well with other bolder hues. To create an electric interior design for your walls, try contrasting them with turquoise, bright yellow, or lime green velvet curtains. All these bold hues offer a dynamic indoor space to better reflect the vibrancy of your hot pink walls.

6. Gentle Color Curtains For Pale Pink Walls

Pale pink is soft and offers you a subtle shading effect. It works well with a wide range of colors but gentle colors are mostly recommended. For creating the perfect elegant feel of your indoors, pair these pale pink walls with curtains in shades of ivory or cream. Such contrasting pairing will create a timeless aesthetic that exudes a sense of sophistry for the gentle warmth of pale pink. 

Some Helpful Tips For What Color Curtains Go With Pink Walls

  • Consider Your Desired Room Theme

The mood you want to create in the room matters the most. Soft, muted curtains add to the tranquility of your space, while vibrant colors create an energetic setting.

  • Test Multiple Samples

Before you commit to a curtain color, it is best to test various samples with your room’s pink walls. This will help you make a better decision on how the different shades will fare against the backdrop of pink walls.

  • Mix & Match

Create your preferred & unique look by mixing and matching different designs, patterns and color for ready made curtains. Experiment until you find the right combination.

  • Furniture Matters

It is not all about the walls; you need to factor in the furnishings as well. Consider your existing furniture when you choose the right curtain color. A good curtain will complement the entire room’s color scheme.

How Colored Curtains Add To Overall Decor

Most people overlook curtains when interior decorating. However, curtains can significantly impact the overall feel of a room. A good curtain not only creates a decorative accent but also provides practical applications like light control and privacy enhancement. Pairing the curtains with pink walls adds a certain depth & dimension to any room’s interior – no matter how big or small.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right color curtains for your pink walls is not that much of a daunting task. It is more about going at it with the right approach. If done properly, it can be a rewarding experience. You just need to factor in the shades of pink, the preferred mood you wish to create and the already existing decor. Whether you are going for pastel hues or bold vibrant colors, the right curtain should reflect your aesthetic style.