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Are Motorized Curtains Worth It?

Why do you need motorized curtains? Are motorized curtains value for money? These are the types of questions every homeowner would want to have answered precisely and in the shortest possible manner. At Wall Curtains, we are providing you with the information on everything you need to know before buying motorized curtains for your home windows.

We’ll also try to provide you with straightforward answers to help you have a better understanding of whether to consider buying motorized curtains or not. But prior to getting on this debate, let’s give a brief introduction on basically what motorized curtains are and why you need them. Stay with us to have all your queries solved and questions answered about motorized curtains.

Motorized Curtains

Are Motorized Curtains Worth It

These are the electric window treatments or motorized window coverings that are operated with an electric motor and are remotely controllable. It means you can regulate all the functions of your window coverings without needing to move an inch from your place by using different efficient methods to control these curtains. Hence, you can adjust all the functions of these curtains efficiently and that also saves you a lot of precious time and valuable effort as well.

Read This Before You Buy Motorized Curtains

Some people say there’s no need to have remote-operated curtains in your interior. Well, you can simply answer these people with this counter question: why do you need a remote control for your TV when you can manually change the channels? 

We have got a bucket full of these types of questions but let’s jump straight back to whether or not these motorized curtains are worth it. Here, we’ve listed all the benefits offered that you’ll get with motorized curtains to help you give a second chance to this thought of buying motorized curtains as your home window treatments.

1. Increased Convenience

As discussed above, these curtains let you operate them without any effort and by simply pressing some buttons on the remote. You can say these smart curtains not only add comfort and convenience to your life but also improve your lifestyle to a great extent. 

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With motorized curtains installed in your home, you don’t need to leave your comfort zone to open or close them. Also, it will save you a lot of the precious time and valuable effort that usually goes into setting up curtains in the morning and at night time.

2. Ease Of Operation

Have you ever thought about adjusting your window coverings via a smartphone, tablet, wall switch, or just your voice command? Well, this is the extent of comfort and ease of operation offered by these smart window coverings. Apart from the remote, all these are other options that you can imply to control your motorized curtains. 

Now, you can adjust the lighting glares, eradicate noise interruptions, and even get more privacy inside your room interior without even having the remote nearby. Hence, you can program and schedule your curtains remotely or in close proximity with your voice command from the comfort of your couch, bed, desk, or anywhere else.

3. Easy Maintenance

With motorized window coverings, it removes the need to be “hands-on” with your drapery and curtains to prevent the wear and tear on fabrics and curtain hardware and allow them to retain their crisp, clean, and elegant appeal for much longer periods than the manually operated alternatives. Therefore, these curtains don’t usually require cleaning every once in a while and also don’t get dirty much, offering ease of maintenance.

4. Embellish Your Room’s Interior

You can get custom motorized curtains that are perfectly made to measure according to your personal style preferences and also fits perfectly your room’s decor to dignify its appearance. Also, there are many standard options available nowadays in a versatile spectrum of vibrant colors, modern designs, and astonishing patterns to fulfill the needs of any and every interior decor setting.

Adding to that, there are no ugly cords or chains that help you keep your children safe from strangulation hazards besides adding to the design and style of your smart window coverings. Therefore, it is a value-for-money window treatment option to uplift the aesthetics of your interior.

5. Add To Your Home Security

With motorized window curtains, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the security and safety of your home are boosted. These curtains are programmable and can be scheduled to open and close at different times of the day as per your requirements. And having that said, it gives you the opportunity to protect your home even when you’re not there.

With your smartphone or tablet, you can pre-set your curtains to open and close at specific time intervals automatically. And, this opening and closing of curtains will ultimately help you to give the impression that your home is occupied while you’re away in order to dishearten potential intruders.

6. Energy Efficiency

Motorized Curtains - Energy Efficiency

As mentioned before, these curtains are completely programmable and let you enjoy all the practical benefits that are not attainable with manually-operated window coverings. These motorized curtains come with a pre-installed sunlight sensor that allows them to close during the hottest parts of the day to help keep cool the inside of your rooms and vice versa. 

In addition, choosing the right type of fabric material will also aid in attaining your goal of an energy-efficient home. Moreover, it also creates a comfortable and relaxing space for you to take a rest as the temperature of the room is just in line with what is generally preferred.

7. Protect The Furniture Upholstery

These automated and modern curtains don’t only protect your eyes from the sun’s glare. But, they also prevent sun damage to the furniture upholstery, soft flooring and other decorative elements in your interior by blocking the sun’s UV rays from entering during the hottest parts of the days, when most damage is likely to take place.

Mostly, UV rays of the sun damage the color of the furniture upholstery and exposure to these harmful rays on repeated basis will lead to fading of colors. These smart blinds won’t let that happen, thanks to their automation properties that make them useful even when you’re not at home.

To Summarize!

We hope to succeed in providing you with all the valuable information on whether or not to consider buying motorized curtains. Because we’ve listed all the plus points that account in the favor of your interior and also helps to improve your lifestyle. And with that having said, we hope to succeed in satisfying all your concerns about motorized curtains.

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

In general, the batteries of motorized window curtains are capable of lasting for up to 5 years , and there’s usually no need to replace them. However, at times, excessive or intense usage can cause the batteries of motorized curtains to go bad ahead of time, and that’s when you have to replace them.

Motorized window curtains come with different extents of durability, ranging from 3 years to 10 years, with 5 years being the average life span. The entire extent of durability, of course, depends on the usage and the upkeep, and one can easily make these window treatments last long with good maintenance.

Motorized curtains, unlike regular curtains and blinds, don’t have any hanging cords or accessories which could be a potential dangling hazard for both children and pets. These curtains feature completely sleek profiles without any extending elements and therefore are the safest window treatment choice to consider.

Since you can pre-program/pre-set motorized window curtains to operate at specific times, when they open and close on their own, this gives off the look as if someone’s home, even when you are not. This, of course, is a smart way to keep any intruding folks or those with bad intentions at bay.