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What Are The Best Fabric Options For Roman Blinds?

Switching to Roman Window blinds is one of the most effective and worthwhile ways of treating your windows. These timelessly useful blinds are not just the finest aesthetic option to settle for but also a really efficient approach to making your windows the most functional and comforting for you. However, there are a number of factors that you need to take into account, particularly when you’re going for this choice for the first time. 

And the foremost one of these is the choice of fabric for Roman Blinds since this very selection is going to decide the durability as well as the serviceability extent you’ll be obtaining from the blinds. What makes this part a bit tricky is the vast availability of fabric options and the resultant dilemma of going for the most suitable one.

Comprehensive Guide For Choosing The Right Roman Blinds Fabric

Choosing The Right Roman Blinds Fabric

Now that there are multiple fabric options commonly used for making Roman Blinds, you gotta opt for the one which works best for you. And to help you deal with this frequently experienced yet a major concern, we’ve come up with precise enlisted info regarding “What Are The Best Fabric Options For Roman Blinds?”. 

All of the upcoming fabric choices are super practical, so you won’t have a problem selecting the one that provides well for all your requirements. 


Roman Blinds Fabric - Cotton

The good old cotton fabric is the kind of fabrication you can never go wrong with. Besides providing maximum comfort, cotton comes with the major plus point of easy maintenance, which is to say that you’ll find it the easiest to care for your cotton Roman blinds Dubai. These blinds work wonders for nearly all spaces, most importantly kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to the higher resistance against moisture, staining, and atmospheric impact. 

Moreover, if you don’t particularly wanna go for the cotton fabrication, you can also opt for the cotton blends, which is an even more smart and useful idea. There are various versions available in this regard, such as Nylon or Polyester combined with cotton and also blends of cotton with some synthetic fabrics. Such blinds make the perfect natural and pleasant decor that goes with both classic and contemporary setups.


Linen is another amazing fabric choice for Roman Window Blinds and is a completely natural choice, as well. Besides, linen roman blinds are a specifically best choice for modern decors and those beach-inspired themes. Another major plus point of these blinds is that they create really delightful airy spaces, offering the most perfect temperature optimizations, you can think of!

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These blinds are really convenient to maintain, thanks to their loosely woven profiles, which not only create the most effective ventilation but also make it really easy to deal with them. However, these blinds are not designed to provide insulation, so you might as well drop their idea if you’re particularly looking forward to this feature. Last but not least, Linen Roman Blinds are a great option for kids’ rooms or other spaces with a higher extent of usage, or in other words, a greater likelihood of getting damaged, since they come with really stiff, sturdy, and therefore durable structures.


Roman Blinds Fabric - Velvet

Velvet Roman Blinds is more of an idea implied towards luxury decor creations, as this exactly is the prominent aspect of the velvet fabric. Choosing velvet for Roman Blinds comes with this incredible plus point that you get a lot of classy aesthetic options to choose from. For sure, you wouldn’t want to miss the luxury and enticing decor statement offered by these ritzy blinds, which works as a potential and instant uplifting of your places.

In addition to the decorative aspect, Velvet Roman Blinds have got a number of timeless functional benefits to them, which of course adds to the overall worth. The heavy and luxurious profiles of these blinds don’t require any detailed or difficult maintenance at all, yet will manage to appear suave all the time. Also, velvet provides a vast spectrum to play with light divergence and you can easily acquire your favorite darker or brighter-looking scenarios with them.

Another worthwhile aspect of going for this choice is that you can easily find the best color-based or pattern-based ornamental match of Velvet Roman Blinds to go with your wall curtains, room fabrications, upholstery, cushions, and even lamp shades.



Beginning from the interesting fact that Chenille Roman Blinds literally looks like a furry caterpillar, this window treatment is a really unique one you’d definitely want to give a try. In fact, their name “Chenille” is technically a French term for Caterpillar. The reason for this is that Chenille fabric comprises small and twisted pieces of either Rayon, Cotton, or Olefin. This way, the overall profile of Chenille Roman Blinds appears distinctly beautiful when seen from different angles.

The twisted fibers of Chenille Roman Blinds give off the fullest, coziest, and most satisfying looks, and such a fabrication also imparts incredible longevity to the blinds. Over and above, if you’re searching for some thermal or insulating window treatment, then these blinds are totally worth the choice. Not to mention the associated advantage of energy efficiency. However, since Chenille is somewhat of an intricate fabric choice, it requires professional treatments for its maintenance, most commonly washing and drying. Still, if you go for DIY maintenance, you gotta extend the blind profile fully, while being extremely careful about the steps of fabric removal and drying.

Faux Silk

Silk has always been the most luxurious choice from clothing to home treatments involving fabrications. You can have both the options of Pure Silk and Faux Silk, with the latter one being a more sturdy and heavy-duty option, since it features a Polyester structure. Both of the versions come with the most promising durability, so if you’re looking for a value-for-money investment, then do give a try to either Silk or Faux Silk Roman Blinds. 

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Faux Silk Roman Blinds are generally a more favorable idea to consider if you want a really easy-to-maintain, moisture and Sun-damage resistant window treatment. These blinds are a great choice for personal areas where maximum comfort is required such as bedrooms, guest rooms, or living rooms, as they sync really well with soft or fabricated furnishings. Pure Silk Roman Blinds, on the flip side, aren’t much of a favorable option, since they are prone to tearing or damage with excessive usage.

Looking For More Ornamental Options Of Roman Blinds Fabrics? Here’s The List For You

Ornamental Options Of Roman Blinds Fabrics

Now that you’ve got a definitive idea about which fabric to choose for Roman Blinds, regarding various functional and aesthetic requirements, here’s another interesting piece of information for you. These above-mentioned fabrics can be considered if you’re particularly up to upgrading your home décor, with some nice and inviting window treatment. 

  • Patterned Fabric:  As shown by the name, these fabrics can be chosen if you’re a fan of detailed decors as you’ll get various mesmerizing options, such as floral or geometric prints and patterns.

  • Tapestry: Tapestry is one of the classiest fabric choices for Roman Window blinds, with an entire history of being a popular fabric used for creating decorative wall hangings. 

  • Jacquard: Jacquard features similar traits as the Tapestry fabric and is an excellent choice if you want to beautify your places with an inviting and versatile window dressing. 

  • Brocade: Extensively used within curtain manufacturing, Brocade does make an incredible Roman Window blind fabric choice, as well. Such blinds are perfect for creating cozy, dreamy, and neutral yet appealing ornamentations. 

  • Acrylic: In addition to the physical beauty, Acrylic is one of the most functional fabrication choices for Roman Window blinds, with temperature balancing and east maintenance being the foremost perks.

  • Rayon: Rayon Roman Blinds, as well, offer an impressive deal of both purposefulness and beauty, making them a really suitable choice. You can have various versatile design choices of the Rayon fabric, and can match it to the dominant parts of your room decor.

In A Nutshell

We hope for this precise info to be of major favorability for you, in terms of getting the most suitable window treatment. Once done with the reading, you can easily relate both major and minor requirements of yours, with the above-mentioned fabric choices, and can therefore invest your money in a worthwhile dimension. Lastly, all of our enlisted fabrication options are incredibly easy to deal with, thus being the most cost-effective addition to your places.

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Lining enhances the overall profile of the Roman Blind fabric and significantly adds to its thickness, thus ensuring more insulation and better protection from Sun damage. You can control the amount of light entering your space through the choice of your blind fabric lining.

Textured or embroidered Roman window blinds aren’t that much of a favorable idea, considering the aspect of functionality, since they can get easily damaged with the regular usage and are not a practical option regarding everyday or intense usage.

When it comes to dressing narrow profile windows, some of the best options you can consider are horizontal patterns, vertical stripes, checkered patterns, geometric patterns, botanical themed patterns and abstract patterns.

Roman Window Blinds can be made up to 300 cm wide, however this requires a custom creation, such as for cabin windows and modern decors. In general, they feature a width of 137 cm, which works fine for most of the requirements.