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How To Hang Curtains Without A Rod?

Curtains are the classic and most commonly used window treatments around the globe. These window coverings are available in a variety of amazing choices like style, color, size, design, fabric, hardware, and accessories. But, almost all the curtain panels are hung via curtain rods in various heading styles.

And, if you are tired of this old, boring, and tiresome method to hang curtains, then you’re absolutely in the right place. Because in this article by Wall Curtains, we’re going to illustrate various smart tips and tricks that let you ditch the use of rods for installing curtain panels. 

The Most Productive Ideas To Hang Curtains Without A Rod

No matter whether you want to exhibit a distinct curtain styling approach or looking for a simple DIY alternative to hanging curtains with rods, this article will get the equation solved for all perspectives.

Additionally, all these ideas will prove to be super beneficial for people who like to experiment with their interior décor on a routine basis. So, stay with us to enjoy the benefit of a rod-free curtain installation.

1. Make Use Of Hooks

If you’re looking for a cheap and quick fix to hang your curtains without a rod, then using hooks can help fulfill your purpose. For this purpose, you need to purchase self-adhesive hooks that adhere to the walls.

However, you need to be precise with the hook placement on the wall to exactly pass through the grommets of the curtain panel. In this concern, the best approach is to measure the distance between each curtain grommet and stick the hooks accordingly on the wall. 

2. Upholstery Tacks For Stationary Curtain Panels

Now, this idea will only work if your window curtains aren’t opened and closed regularly i.e. just there for window décor purposes. That’s because it will require you to put upholstery tacks (pins) to keep the curtain panel in place. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll lose all the curtain functionality.

Because you can still use tiebacks to make your window covering practically beneficial. Besides, this idea for hanging curtains allows you to create pleats in the curtain panel (requires somewhat expertise though).

3. A Tension Cord/Cable

Another great option is to hang various styles of curtains namely rod pocket, grommet, ring clipped, tabletop, etc. However, one disadvantage is that only lightweight curtains can be hung by using a tension cord.

Because the tension cable can’t support the weight of heavy curtain panels. Besides, you’ll have to adjust turnbuckles, wire clamps, and wall hooks to complete the curtain installation process. 

4. A Rope Can Do The Job

Similar to the tension cord, you can make use of a rope to hang the curtains. For this purpose, the length and the diameter of the rope are the precise measurements to be taken into account accordingly. Furthermore, a sturdy rope can easily be used to hang heavyweight curtain panels and therefore, is a more preferred option in comparison.

5. Hang Curtains With A Tree Branch

If you’re looking to add a rustic, natural element to the interior design, then using a tree branch to hang the curtains is an ideal option. By doing that, you’ll not only be creating sophisticated window appearances but also adding uniqueness to the interior design.

In this respect, you’ll need to cut a long tree branch. Always try to find a tree branch with no extensions or protrusions. And if you are unable to find such a tree, then you’ll have to choose a long tree branch with extensions and cut them all.

Obviously, you need to perform the sanding process to smoothen the tree branch and reduce its diameter. After that, you need to hang the tree branch using brackets i.e. by making small holes on either side in the branch piece. 

6. Hang Curtains With Nails

Nails can be another great alternative to using curtain rods because it is a simple, nice, and unnoticeable way to hang curtains. Besides, all you need to care about is the ideal nail placement on the wall. For this purpose, you can use a level to make sure that all the nails are hammered at the same level i.e. essential to make the window curtain delightful in appearance. 

7. Pipes Of Copper

Just when you think about what can be more on the list, copper pipes can be used to hang curtains for adding a distinctive touch to the interior design. You just need to select the ideal length of a copper pipe to make practical use of this idea. Also, you can add a vintage touch to this peculiar curtain-hanging approach by placing door knobs or drawer pulls as finials.

8. Utilize Command Hooks

Speak of something more stylish and commonly used item and you’ll find none other than command hooks as an alternative to the curtain rods. These hooks are available in a variety of different sizes and styles and therefore, can be ideally picked as a complementing option. In this concern, the greater the size of the hook, the more will be its weight-bearing ability.  

9. Use Steel Wires

The replacement of the curtain rod with a steel wire will make the curtain look more desirable and attractive. And, making use of steel wires will save some space because curtain rods are somewhat extended from the wall surface. Also, steel wires won’t cause the curtains to bow down as they’re strong and sturdy enough to support the weight.

10. Make Use Of Drawer Pulls

Well, don’t be surprised to see this odd option listed in our suggestions. The idea is to add uniqueness and desirability to the interior design, and so be it. Drawer pulls come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and finishes. So, you can buy the one that complements the interior decor scenario.

However, you need to select the size that can fit through the grommet of the curtain perfectly. Then, you can simply screw the drawer pulls into the wall for hanging your window curtain panel.  


Curtain rods are the most commonly used items for hanging window curtains, however, not the only option for this purpose. Yes, there are plenty of alternative choices for hanging curtains that will make your home windows distinct and attractive in appearance. In this article, we’ve illustrated the best substitutes for curtain rods that you can find and use easily i.e. hooks, upholstery tacks, tension cables, ropes, tree branches, nails, and many more.