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How To Alter Your Curtains For More Coverage?

Curtains are the most essential elements in a place. They make the place look complete and also add ambience and style to the living spaces. There are a lot of functional and decorative benefits offered by curtains and other forms of draperies. They block the sunlight entrance in the room, and create a relaxing environment. Besides, the modern designs and stylish patterns of curtains greatly add to the beauty of a home’s interior.

However, there are plenty of other regularities one must consider in order to harness the complete benefits of this treatment. Have you ever thought about modifying your residential curtains for some specific reasons like privacy? Today at Wall Curtains, we are going to talk about various ways for curtain modifications to get more coverage and get a profound curtain enhancement, as well.

What Does Alteration of Curtains Mean?

Alteration or modification of curtains means addition or removal of certain things such as fabrics, clips, hooks, folding of curtains, shutters addition, etc. It is done to make the most out of your window treatments. A changed curtain profile provides more benefits in certain scenarios such as better privacy maintenance , more light control, improved aesthetics, etc.

Alter Your Curtains For More Coverage

Alter Your Curtains For More Coverage

The word “coverage” has a broader sense. It simply means the enhancement of curtains to get more benefits. We have gone through the basics of alteration of curtains and have understood the purpose of curtain modification along with the importance of standard household curtains. Now, we will tell you about the methods or techniques by which you can easily alter your curtains and attain a number of benefits from them, as well.

1. Change Curtains For A Spacious Look

Change Curtains For A Spacious Look

The length of the curtain, the stripe pattern, and the style effect, all these things add up to create a height illusion. It shows the importance of length of curtains for your room’s appearance. It is because sometimes you need to resize or alter the length of curtains for the best results.

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There are different modified curtains available such as apron-length curtains, floor-length curtains, puddle curtains, trouser curtains, etc. These curtains can make your room look bigger or smaller depending upon their length, orientation, width, color scheme, etc.

2. Add Blackout Lining To Sheer Curtains For Extra Privacy

Add Blackout Lining To Sheer Curtains For Extra Privacy

Sometimes you need to have extra privacy in your room but your standard sheer curtains won’t allow you to have that luxury. In such cases, it is better to have an addition of blackout lining to your curtains. This blackout lining won’t allow light to pass through the curtains and will ensure privacy.

There are many ways to add blackout lining to the curtains. The easiest of them all is sewing the blackout liner along all sides of the curtain. The liner should be sewn in such a way that it runs along the length of curtain for the best results.

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However, if you don’t want to sew the liner, you can purchase clip-on curtain liners from the market. They will attach on the top of the curtains and will provide the same level of functionality as the blackout curtains does. It also offers a great deal of other ornamental and practical benefits to the curtains.

3. Install Shutters with Curtains For Multiple Benefits

Self-customization of curtains allows you to enjoy both the benefits of curtains and shutters. You can install shutters in combination with curtains in your room. Shutters provide plenty of functional and decorative benefits to the interior. For this purpose, you need to change your standard hanging panel curtains.

You can choose to have a long curtain rod for curtains to open and settle to the sides of the window. It will enhance the curtain profile for more coverage of the space in your room and create the illusion of bigger windows. This type of curtain modification allows you to enjoy the benefits of the curtains and the shutters at the same time.

For enjoying a tailored look of curtains, install tie backs or holdbacks on each side of the window. They hold the curtains to the side of the windows and improve their overall appearance. Shutters in combination with such altered curtains increase the value of your home.

4. Alter Curtains with Different Fabrics Pairing

You can alter your curtains for adding glamor to the interior of your room. It can be done with the pairing of different fabric materials in one curtain. Different fabric materials are sewn together and are hung over one another in a combined pattern but such a combination requires a double curtain rod to hold the curtains.

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Such a modification will improve the aesthetic approach of your room and will make a statement of your interior. It also provides insulating benefits and renders the room a distinctive feature. You can make the most of your space with this type of curtain alteration and create a desirable and attractive interior.

5. Adjust the Curtains for Improved Style

Adjust the Curtains for Improved Style

Do you want to change the overall style of your interior? Well, you can start with the change in style of your curtains. There are a variety of curtain styling ideas available for many curtains. Modern designs and unique styling patterns of curtains can profoundly change anyone’s perspective about your interior.

You can opt for lively colors, interesting patterns, and distinctive ways to arrange your curtains. Enhance the glamor of your curtains and interior with the latest approach to curtain arrangement. Alter your curtains with an improved styling pattern and notice the change in your interior.


We hope that we’ve eradicated all of your concerns about different curtain modifications for specific purposes. You can alter your standard curtains to achieve more light control, extra privacy, improved style, and can also create a visual illusion in your space. The only thing you need to know about is the method of alteration of curtains.

Enjoy the amazing benefits of curtain modification and enhancement with our tips. You can resize your curtains, style them differently, have additions of clips, hooks, and shutters to attain different functional and decorative benefits from them.

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

The first and foremost factor in this regard is to hang your curtains closest to the ceiling and maximally wide, too, as this will make them appear expensive. Always make use of quality and big-sized hardware for the installation of your curtains, such as metallic finish pieces.

You can drape multiple different curtain fabrics together for a high coverage as well as a more luxurious look. Some of the best options in this regard are Blackout curtains paired with Sheer Curtains, Linen curtains installed along with Roman Blinds and Sheer curtains with timber blinds.

Some of things to avoid while styling your curtains include pairing printed blinds with printed curtains, not having any accessorizing at all, having same curtains all across the place and not matching the curtain and blind color with that of the color of rod.

There are multiple factors to experiment with, when it comes to styling the curtains for a unique look. For instance, you can try adding a trim to your curtains for a fine and presentable finish. Moreover, you can also dye or paint your curtains creatively. Besides creating or purchasing uniquely styled tiebacks, is also a great idea to spice up the whole look of your curtains.