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List Of The Top 7 Electric Curtains 2024

The main aim of smart appliances is to add convenience to your lifestyle by reducing the time and effort required for everyday tasks. Up until now, the smart versions were limited only to high-end electronic devices but now you can get smart options for even the most basic home products such as water valves and curtains.

Today, we’re discussing the 7 best electric curtains of 2024 that are designed to make your daily tasks easier and their automation properties make them easily controllable via a smartphone, tablet, remote, or wall switch. All the curtain options included in our list offer plenty of astonishing features. And, all of them are available in a wide variety of customizable rod sizes and come with the most exciting smart features as well as warranty assurance.

The 7 Best Electric Curtains Of 2024

The 7 Best Electric Curtains Of 2022

No doubt, electric curtains are pretty straightforward smart home products that add luxury and convenience to your lifestyle and also save your precious time and valuable effort. But, how would you come to know about the best ones among the vast collection of available options in the market?

To solve this problem, we’ve shortlisted 7 of the best choices that will be favorable to you in all manners possible and have discussed the pros and cons of them all below to help you select the best one for your home windows.

1. Quoya Smart Curtains System

Quoya Smart Curtains System

The first one to be discussed is a Wii-enabled smart curtain system by Quoya that offers an automated railing with motorized movement and an adjustable curtain rod. The rods are extendable up to 118 inches which is perfect for standard window installations. You can also schedule the opening and closing times of these curtains according to your daily routine for a much better experience. 

Also, this automation works perfectly for all types of curtains that can be connected to the rod via curtain hooks. These electric curtains are pretty simple to install and don’t require any specialized tools or accessories for installation. You will also get smart features with these curtains such as power cut backup, touch motion, remote and voice control, etc.



Can be programmed for timely activation

Rod size may be short for larger windows

Long term warranty 

Voice control doesn’t allow partial opening or closing of these curtains.

Many smart features are available

2. Arcwares Smart Curtains

This curtain system offered by Arcwares comes with more of a budget-friendly price tag and offers the easiest installation possible. These curtains come in an attractive design with decorative tieback bands and add fundamentally to your home decor, all thanks to the curtain’s woven texture and charming crystal design.

Speaking of the automation properties of these curtains, they are compatible with Google Assistant and offer easy voice command control. The rod size in these curtains is extendable up to 86 inches and these electric curtains can also be customized to fulfill your window size and room styling requirements.



Available in different sizes to fit all windows

Not as reliable as the other choices in the automation scenario

The inner memory function allows the motor to stop when it meets any obstacle

3. Yoolax Motorized Curtain Rod Compatible

This electric curtain set by Yoolax is premium quality and versatile curtain option designed to fulfill all the needs of domestic as well as commercial places. These electric curtains are powered by a motor that requires 100V to 240V, which can easily be managed even with low voltage options. 

Also, they operate noiselessly and have 30 curtain rollers installed on the rod by default. The rod size is adjustable between 88 to 157 inches, making it a perfect choice for windows of all sizes. These smart curtains can also be controlled via Google Assistant voice control, remote control, Tuyasmart mobile app, and other smart controlling options.



Highly Customizable Curtains

Available only in the center opening style

Can be controlled via the Tuyasmart mobile app

4. Graywind Motorized Blackout Smart Curtain Set

This premium quality curtain option is one of the most highly functional and durable hardware on our list. It comprises 100% quality black yarn fabric and blocks incoming light up to the highest extent to create a completely cozy interior, making it a perfect curtain choice for gaming and entertainment rooms. Coming to the functionality, it contains a high-quality adjustable motor that offers a fast yet low noise performance. 

Also, these electric curtains offer manual control for better access and to deal with power loss situations. The smart features of this curtain allow you to pair up to 6 curtains in your home at a time to let them open and close at the same time. These curtains come with a two-year warranty assurance by Graywind that secures your investment.



Premium quality built-in motor

A costly option considering installation for whole house windows

Manual control during power loss

6 curtains can be controlled via a single remote

5. Remote Control Electric Curtain Set By SimpleSmart

Remote Control Electric Curtain Set By SimpleSmart

This is an overall value-for-money curtain choice for your home. Also, the smart features and ease of operation offered by these curtains will definitely impress you. This electric curtain set includes a 158 inches rod equipped with a smart drape rail system that is controlled by this motorized rod. Speaking of the convenience offered by them, it offers a fast and smooth movement via remote commands.

However, if you don’t want to use the remote, you can also integrate it with Google Assistant for instant voice access and control. Also, there is a mobile application available that can help schedule the opening and closing of these curtains with efficient programming techniques. Alongside all these functional benefits, there is an assurance of a 2 years warranty period from SimpleSmart for this curtain set.



Cordless design helps ensure child’s safety

Scheduled opening and closing require a timer that doesn’t come along in the package and has to be bought separately.

Adjustable Rod Size

6. LAKAGA Electric Smart Curtains

LAKAGA Electric Smart Curtains

Are you facing difficulty in finding a customizable and adaptable option that is budget-friendly as well? Don’t worry because there are new brands like LAKAGA that take care of your budget without compromising on the quality of their products. It is the most adjustable electric curtain option on our list because the curtain rod can be customized between 87 to 244 inches, which is quite a broad range to fulfill all window size requirements. 

These smart curtains can also be partially tilted just for the right positioning and can also be operated manually. Also, they work within a 10 dB noise range and are top-rated for an ultra-quiet operation. Last but not the least, there is a built-in safety measure that stops the curtain’s movement in case of any resistance in the way to prevent any damage to the motor.



Cheap and reliable curtains with manual control option available

Don’t offer many smart features such as voice control.

Ultra-quiet operation with wireless remote control

7. HomeSupplier’s American Smart Curtains

HomeSupplier’s American Smart Curtains

We have listed this high-quality and durable curtain set at last which doesn’t mean they should be the least preferred. Because the features offered by these smart curtains are too good for the price. These curtains offer a durable build quality with a combination of metal and plastic besides an overall lightweight installation unit.

Also, you get 3 style choices for opening these curtains such as left, right, and central opening styles to help you select the one that suits your room’s setting the best. It comes with a built-in movement control sensor that will always remember your requirements and manage the positions accordingly. Not to mention the manual control option that is available in this type of electric curtain.



Reliable curtains with 3 different opening styles are available

Might require an adapter or converter for compatibility or usage.

Multiple control methods with timely schedule options are available as well.

Some parts of the set are made up of plastic

End Note!

If you’ve been planning on upgrading your old curtain set with something modern, easy-to-use, and affordable, then consider getting one of these electric curtains as a very worthwhile addition to your lifestyle. 

Now, you’ll not have to browse for hours to find the best curtains for your home that are highly adjustable and offer a wide range of control options because we’ve already shortlisted them for your convenience. You just need to compare the features, specifications, pros, and cons of these curtains to select the perfect curtains for your home windows.

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

The electric curtain motor can be attached on either side of the curtain track. You can have the left stacking, i.e. the motor will be on the left, for the left pull. In the same way, you can choose the right stacking, in which the motor will be attached on the right side.

Yes, you can totally operate more than one curtain with a single remote control. Motorized window curtains come with the options of 1, 3, 7, 9 and 32-Channel and you can have the selection which works best for you. This also depends on your remote control, i.e. how many channels it can support at a time and within what working modes.

No, electric curtains work in a completely quiet manner and you won’t come across any noise of the motor or even the curtain movement at any point. This does add majorly to the worth of these curtains, making them an exceptionally comforting choice of a window treatment.

The type of curtain track being used depends on the number of curtains. In other words, the system will have a single track when there is only curtain, and a dual-track in case of more than one curtains, such as a sheer layering next to the electric curtain panel.