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Roller Blinds Maintenance Guide

Roller Blinds are the kind of window treatment choice with which you can never possibly go wrong. They are one of the most incredible and timelessly favorable ideas of dressing your windows and flaunting your places in really unique ways and with the added perk of easy maintenance. With that said, any and every window treatment choice is one of the major decisions of home improvement, so it’s an obvious fact to expect this very investment to last long.

And since we are talking about Roller Window Blinds, it all comes down to learning about the correct and most importantly harmless ways to deal with them. To address your roller window blinds in the safest and most effortless manner, we’ve got you a great deal of help.

Easy And Effective Cleaning Methods For Roller Window Blinds

Easy And Effective Cleaning Methods For Roller Window Blinds

Maintaining roller window blinds involves two major aspects, one of which is the regular cleanup and the other is the deeper one, which you can consider carrying out according to the requirements, as it is meant to address occasional damages and problems. This way, you can easily extend both the functionality as well as the lifespan of your roller blinds and can enjoy cost-effectivity for your investment. 

1. Everyday Cleanup For Roller Window Blinds

Everyday Cleanup For Roller Window Blinds

This is the simplest way to upkeep your Roller blinds and you can easily get done with it on a regular basis, as well. It works best for clearing out the blinds of regular dust and dirt buildup. Besides, the materials involved in this cleanup are super basic and you can easily find them right in the comfort of your home. 

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Vacuum Cleaner (get the brush attachment on)
  • Soft cleaning cloth or rag (preferably microfiber one)
  • The sparse amount of water

Steps To Follow

  1. Start by fully extending your roller blinds, followed by going over each side with either the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner or with the cloth after dampening and squeezing it thoroughly. 
  2. Only go for the cloth wiping if you’ve Vinyl treated Roller blinds since those are completely waterproof. And in an otherwise scenario, simply stick to using the vacuum cleaner. 
  3. Go over each section of the window blind thoroughly and let them get dry completely before you use them again. 

2. Deep Cleaning Of The Roller Window Blinds

This cleanup is an equally crucial part of the window blind maintenance and it’s strongly suggested that you consider doing it on either a monthly basis or simply whenever the need arises. That’s because it’s primarily aimed towards deeper treatment and also fixing of the occasional damage. And that’s how you can easily retain the beauty of your blinds for longer time spans. 

Gather Your Stuff:

  • A sink, bathtub or large container 
  • Laundry detergent (get a mild one with neutral pH)
  • A soft sponge or clean cloth (try getting non-abrasive ones)
  • Shower head (or any other source of running water)
  • Rack for drying 

Getting Down To Cleaning

  1. Start by removing your blinds from their brackets which you should locate on each of the ends. These brackets usually come with a cover which is designed to be opened whenever there is a need to take the blinds down. Besides, you can also seek help from the manufacturer of your blinds or from the instructions mentioned on the packaging. 
  2. Loosen the blind fabric a bit by straightening it out, so that it becomes easy to make the water reach every part of the blind for a thorough cleaning. 
  3. Fill your bathtub or any other container with warm water and mix in a few squirts of the laundry detergent or any other mild cleaning agent (at best a dishwashing liquid). Whirl it a bit to get the solution ready. 
  4. Once you’ve taken your blinds down, carefully place your blinds in the bathtub and let them sit for the next one hour. 
  5. You might as well, need to perform some spot cleaning, in case your blinds are excessively dirty or have some staining on them. For this purpose, go over the problematic area with either a soft sponge or an absorbent cloth and scrub gently yet thoroughly. This should help you get rid of the spot or stain in a couple of minutes. 
  6. After an hour, take a shower head or a hose and rinse your blinds thoroughly with clean running water. Ensure taking all of the detergent residues out of them, as effectively as possible. Remember: DO NOT make your window blinds stay in water for more than an hour as this has a major likelihood of causing discoloration or any other severe damage. 
  7. Finish off by extending your blinds fully and at best, you can lay them flat on a rack for perfect drying. However, always get them dried in a covered and airy place and never under harsh sunlight. Once dried completely, you can install them back. 

Useful Tips And Tricks For Effective Roller Blind Upkeep

In addition to the regular and detailed cleanup, here are a few other beneficial hacks with which you can ensure even better maintenance of your roller window blinds, essentially keeping them away from all the damage. And this, of course, is meant to extend their life and performance, as well. 

  • A Dusting A Day Keeps Damage Away! Maintain a regular cleaning, essentially dusting routine for your blinds, with either a duster or simply with a vacuum cleaner. This will keep the blinds in a good condition and will keep major damage at bay.
  • Nip The Damage In The Bud: Ensure addressing all the spills, splashes and stains as soon as possible and try to clean them right away. This prevents deeper penetration of the stain or liquid and all the resultant nasty appearance and efforts required to fix the situation.
  • Watch What You Use: When deep cleaning the blinds, always make use of mild cleaning elements, so that the blind fabric remains free of any damage, most importantly discoloration. You can also use domestic cleaning agents which work with similar effectiveness and don’t cause any damage either, such as Vinegar or Baking Soda.
  • Be Easy On Drying: Ensure thorough drying of your blinds after washing them and never reinstall them if they haven’t dried completely. Doing so will simply attract more dust and dirt build-up and at worst mold and mildew growth, as well. 
  • Opt For Smarter Alternatives: When in a hurry, opt for speeding up the blind drying with either a hair dryer, ceiling fan, or simply more ventilation by opening windows.
  • Watch Your Window Treatments! Keep examining your blinds for mold and mildew growth and ensure treating any appearance as soon as you get to know about it. 
  • Act A Little Smart: You can try various quick fixes for mold and mildew growth, such as brushing the blind patches thoroughly with the help of a stiff brush to get rid of the buildup. Also, you can make use of a cleaning agent that is designed for spores cleaning, however it must be fabric-safe as well. Home remedies such as lemon juice and vinegar can also be of reasonable help in this regard.

Conclusive Notes

This was our time with a complete and comprehensive guide on Roller Window Blind Maintenance, including both the regular and occasional cleanups. In addition to that. We’ve also got you a handful of worthwhile tips and tricks with which you can easily care for your blinds in the best way. And of course, the secret to benefiting maximally from any home decor accessory or essential lies in its perfect upkeep. Besides, the extent of serviceability you can expect from any certain purchase of yours greatly depends on how you deal with it and how much you care for it. 

Also, with these easy and effective maintenance methods at hand, you don’t really need to seek any professional assistance for addressing any major and minor problems with your window blinds. All it takes is a few basic, easily accessible supplies and some smart conduct! 

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Ideally, you can let your roller window blinds stay in the soapy water for two or three hours and then you can take a look to ensure their perfect decluttering. Besides, you might need to let them soak for long, if they have any stubborn stains or excessively grimy.

The best and quickest way to clean your roller window blinds is to fully extend them as much as possible, followed by vacuuming them thoroughly with a soft brush attachment. Next up, you’ll need to carefully wipe each side of your roller blinds with a soft microfiber cloth, so as to ensure that no dirt buildup is left behind.

An effective way to get rid of roller blind fabric molding is to treat the blind panels with a commercial mold cleaning product, which must be fabric safe. Besides, proper drying post a cleanup is the best way to prevent mold buildup and besides natural ventilation, you can also consider using dehumidifiers for the purpose.

When it comes to cleaning roller window blinds, it’s the safest approach to stick to mild cleaning products and at best, the DIY cleaners. You can try commercial fabric-safe cleaners, neutral laundry detergent, liquid soap or simply Vinegar and Baking Soda for effectively addressing your Roller window blinds.