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7 Waterproof Blinds For Your Shower Window




The inclusion of waterproof blinds is fruitful for the small washrooms because these washrooms can collect steam after taking a bath. In that, the residents of these houses often keep their windows closed, which becomes the cause of the gathering of steam while taking a shower.

Considering this point of view, an individual tries to find the best and most beautiful shower blinds that are not only useful in the decoration of your washroom but also stop the moisture from gathering in your washroom.

With these advantages of waterproof blinds, privacy and complete darkening of the bathroom can also be achieved. Individuals often face trouble at the time of the selection of the best blinds for their shower windows, but don’t worry, this article will be fruitful for you in this regard.

The Suitable Waterproof Blinds to Install Before Shower Window

For better guidance for the readers, a list of the best waterproof blinds for your shower windows is provided below.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds

These are known as the “classical washroom blinds.” These are liked by individuals due to their crystal and aesthetic view in the washrooms. To get the complete waterproof roller blinds, select the PVC fabric. The reason that falls behind this selection is its ability to repel water vapors.

Different selling spots for these roller blinds offer multiple beautiful colors and patterns. You can select the best one according to your taste and the design of your bathroom. Another way to make your washroom beautiful is the selection of roller blinds of a neutral color and placing scented candles on the right or left side. PVC roller blinds can be approached in blackout and voile options.

These are different according to the benefits. For example, voile roller blinds can allow the outside to come into the washroom after its complete filtration. On the other hand, blackout blinds can completely make your bathroom dark to ensure your privacy. Similarly, the extreme temperature of the washroom can also be controlled through the blackout blinds because they create a hindrance to the influx of sunlight into your bathroom, which is the major cause of its warmth.

Faux Wood Blinds

Some people discourage the installation of faux wood washroom blinds because they are of the view that the quality of these blinds is less than real wood. In reality, it is nothing less than a myth. Faux wooden blinds are filled with unique qualities and styles.

These are completely waterproof and also have a longer life span than real wood due to the blend of PVC in them. That’s why these are being installed in washrooms, kitchens, and other places where water is in more contact. These have no capacity to absorb the water. Even when the dust comes on them, it slides down at the same time.

Therefore, there is no need for repeated maintenance of these blinds. For the cleaning, you only have to use a vacuum and a canvas. Now you can say that these are less costly than real wood.

Rigid Vertical Washroom Blinds

Rigid Vertical Washroom Blinds

Waterproof vertical blinds are also useful for hanging before your shower window. These are very soft blinds that give complete cover to your bathroom. However, if you long for the best waterproof blinds in PVC, then select the rigid vertical bathroom blinds.

Similarly, for the washrooms that have the best ventilation systems, these window blinds are the best option for these. They also offer privacy, safety, and light management coming from outside. The boons of privacy, safety, and light management are only due to the extensive size of the slats.

These stop the entry of more sun rays and don’t allow anyone to see inside. So, prefer these blinds for observing resistance to the water and enjoy other advantages as well.

Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds are known as the best choice for shower windows because of their ability to resist moisture. Like the other above-described washroom blinds, these can also provide you with the facilities of light control and privacy while taking a bath.

You can get both 1-inch and 2-inch slat sizes in vinyl blinds according to your needs. When these slats are opened, light influxes into your washroom. While on the other hand, if you completely close these slats, then darkness is created that is beneficial for your privacy.

PVC Blinds

PVC Blinds

PVC blinds perfectly prevent moisture in your washroom. These have the ability to keep you away from the catastrophe of extreme steam conditions. These are formulated with the highest quality PVC plastic, which plays a key role in durability. Not only is the product of good quality, but it also offers a beautiful view of your washroom. These blinds are present in multiple designs and colors.

Timber Blinds

Timber Blinds

Timber blinds also have positive feedback on their installation at your shower window. There are multiple types of timber blinds hanging in front of the windows in bathrooms. Two of these are famous; are bamboo and louver blinds. The distinctive feature of timber blinds is that you can easily manage the sunlight and privacy needs by yourself.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds

When the privacy matter in the washroom is discussed, Venetian blinds excel in this matter. Like the other top-notch washroom blinds, Venetian blinds can be managed automatically. The cords of these blinds are made up of stainless steel material, which is beneficial in operating the slats.


To cut a long story into a short one, waterproof blinds are vital for your shower window. These are installed before the window to keep moisture away from the window. There are many waterproof blinds, but these are the most well-known.

These reliable blinds can be summarized as timber blinds, Venetian blinds, PVC blinds, vertical blinds, faux wood blinds, and roller blinds. So, install these blinds to get the best outcome.

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Blinds made of Vinyl, Faux wood and PVC work best for bathroom spaces, since they are moisture-resistant and can also withstand getting wet/damp regularly. Besides, they are easy to clean, as well, which is of course, a major requirement to maintain hygiene the right way.

Venetian Window Blinds are indeed a great recommendation for bathroom windows, due to the fact that they are highly resistant to moisture damage, super easy to clean and ideally durable, as well. Besides, these blinds also come with easy tilting mechanisms, and they also maintain privacy the perfect way.

Roller blinds are a great choice to consider if you want a fine-looking, seamless and presentable finish for your bathroom windows. In addition to solid color choices, they are also available within textured and printed styles, which significantly adds to the bathroom décor beauty and you can find complementing choices without any trouble.

Wooden blinds can’t possibly be used within bathroom spaces, since they can’t withstand moisture or humidity. Therefore, if you’re particularly a fan of wooden blinds, then Faux wood blinds are an excellent option to consider, as those blinds come with super presentable looks and are incredibly resilient and durable.