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What Color Curtains Go With Beige Walls

Are you shifting to a new home with a beige wall or renovating your home with beige paint? Then, the very first thing that might pop into your mind is what color curtains go with beige walls. The reason is curtains play a vital role in beautifying the home and improving its functionality. 

For the beige wall, neutral colors have positive results. These colors can be used with anything, but some neutral colors have extraordinary outcomes. Here, the thing is, hundreds of neutral shades of curtains are available on the market. So which one should you choose? 

In this blog, we have compiled the top 10 curtain colors that will provide perfect contrast with the beige wall. Have a look at them. 

Color Comparison of Curtain with Beige Walls

After much research and seeking help from the experts, we have enlisted the top 10 curtain colors for the beige wall by Dubai Curtain. Let us see what color curtains go with beige walls.

Glorified White

The first color curtain that goes with the beige wall is bright white. This color curtain can be adjusted in any room. These home curtains will present a classical and glorified appearance even in a room with light beige walls. 

If you want to make your curtain extraordinary, then prepare your curtain rod with the oil-rubbed bronze end. The rooms with dark beige walls will look more pleasant with the combination of white curtains. 

Immense Blue Floral

Immense Blue Floral curtains

Secondly, dark blue floral curtains go with beige walls, and it is a trendy curtain design in 2024. Its custom cannot gain the desired level of popularity, but you may try it if you are a dark blue floral lover. This color will give your room an outstanding appearance due to the white walls. 

You can also include some other colors with it, for example, metallic gold or mustard yellow, to get a more exciting look in your room.

Sheer White

Sheer White curtains

Thirdly, sheer white is a perfect color curtain with a beige wall. White sheer curtains are suitable for rooms with more sunlight. In the winter season, they provide the advantage of low sunlight. If it is said that the look of your beige wall room is completed with this color, then this notion should be appreciated. 

Neutral Linen

Neutral Linen curtains | Color Curtains Go With Beige Walls

Apart from these, neutral linen can be included in the list of color curtains to go with beige walls. Linen curtains that adhere to beige walls present a very fancy appearance. These curtains can involve texture in a small amount into a complete space. 

Another reason for looking great with beige walls is the availability of neutral shades. You can also place the other decoration objects in your room without facing the matching problem.


Burgundy curtains

If your room is filled with many colored lights, burgundy will add humor to the curtain color of the beige wall of your room. These colors of the curtains are also suitable for people who want to decorate their room with autumn colors.


It is not a single color that appears in mind for the curtains to go with beige walls. It is popular among the public due to its multiple attributes. The curtains of this color fall on the floor to present a supreme look to your room.

Natural Burlap

If you are looking for the best color curtains for beige walls, then natural burlap is the best option. These color curtains are mostly famous for the windows and doors of extensive farmhouses. 

At this place, these are liked due to their darker natural shade. To create nostalgia, place some navy blue buffalo check throw pillows in your farmhouse room.

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Subtle Stripes

Subtle Stripes curtains

Some feel dither in the presence of white color curtains, and subtle stripes can be the antidote in this situation. The natural color stripe has multiple textures and varieties that can give your place a bold look.

Charcoal Grey

Grey color has gotten the sky in every sort of decoration of the home. Similarly, charcoal gray is the best color curtain that goes with beige walls. If other objects in your room have silver, white, or any other color, charcoal color will be suitable for them. In the reflection of this color, everything will glow in your room.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue curtains

It is the color curtain that creates a resemblance with everything automatically. The same is the case with beige walls. Make sure to maintain a balance between the things in the room with some white accents in the presence of hung navy blue curtains.

Tips For Selecting Curtain Colors For Beige Walls

Here, we have compiled some tips and tricks that will help you choose the best curtain colors for a Beige wall. Have a look at them: 

  • Pay Great Attention To Contrast 

If you want your curtains to act as the focal point in the beige-walled place, then make sure to pay attention to the contrast. Choose shades other than beige, like gray, blue, navy, dark blue, etc. 

  • Always Try A Sample First 

Always try a sample first for the more concerned decision about the ready-made curtains with beige walls. Take two to three samples of the curtain’s shades and check them against the beige wall. Choose the one that will look more elegant with the wall. 

  • Considered The Room Size And Height 

Never neglect to consider the room size and height while choosing the color for the curtains. If the room is small, you can use lighter-tone curtains and shades. These colors and shades will portray smaller places to look spacious. On the other hand, for the vast room with beige walls, choose the darker shade curtains to make it look more cozy and welcoming.


This is all about what color curtains go with beige walls. Many colors can be used in this process of resemblance but 10 of these have very positive feedback at the Wall Curtains store. These are navy blue, charcoal gray, subtle stripes, natural burlap, mauve, burgundy, natural linen, sheer white, immense blue floral, and glorified white. Try these colors to maintain suitability with beige walls. Make sure to choose the color that will provide perfect contrast with the object shades present at that place. Always choose trendy ideas for curtains and blinds to keep your place decor up-to-date.

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Some foolproof curtain color choices for Beige walls include Light Yellow, White, Brown, Grey, Turquoise, Green, Blue, Light Purple, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Tan, Maroon, and Mauve. And you can choose both lighter or darker shades of these colors, according to your room decor.

Patterned curtains look very fine along with Beige walls; however, you need to be careful about picking only complementing choices, preferably smaller prints or patterns. Also, you can try matching the curtain print/pattern with any fabrications, upholstery, or soft surfaces within your room.

You can go the opposite when choosing curtain colors for beige walls; however, only stick to well-syncing hues when contrasting options. And for balancing the entire decor, you can also stick to some other prime color in the room and get curtains accordingly.

The basic rule for curtain color choice is to consider the adjacent walls of the surrounding décor, and you can totally stick to this approach when you can’t make up your mind for something. You can go one or two shades darker or lighter than the color of the surrounding walls.