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What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls – Finding The Ideal Decor Statement

Nowadays, whenever you enter most places, you will see that people opt for gray paint for their walls. Why is it so? Gray is versatile, can go with any type of room, and features a modern aesthetic appearance. Plus, gray just adds to the lighting effect in the room. But wall paint is not the only interior decor; there are also window curtains. However, what color do curtains go with gray walls?

Today, we will explore what you need to understand before choosing curtains to accent your gray walls at Wall Curtains.


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Understanding The Chemistry Behind Color ‘Gray’

Gray is a neutral color that forms a perfect blend between black and white. Depending on its undertones, it can have a warm tone or a cool effect.

  • Warm Gray: This color tone, with its slight brown, red, or yellow undertones, offers a cozy and welcoming feel to a room.
  • Cool Gray: For a more modernized and crisp interior decor, we have cool gray with blue, purple, or green undertones.

Gray’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for varying interior decors. There is no color better than gray for creating a sophisticated ambiance and a natural brightening effect in a room. 

What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls?

To select the right curtains to complement gray walls, you need to understand their undertones. Another thing to consider is how these curtains will add to the overall ambiance of your room. To make that selection easier, we have provided some curtain color options; choose yours.

1. White Curtains

White curtains are the classical ones that present a timeless look. These curtains offer a clean contrasting look for your gray walls. The ambience is one thing but they also add to the natural lighting effect making your rooms feel airy and more spacious.

You can install the white curtains in cool gray painted walls for a minimalist modern decor style. 

2. Gray Curtains

Match gray with gray curtains will feature a cohesive decorative style for a sophisticated look. This one-color scheme will work best if there is a slight yet noticeable difference in the shading of gray to limit any dullness.

These gray curtains with gray walls create a contemporary yet simple industrial interior decor.

3. Blue Curtains

Blue curtains might seem like an unconventional choice, but trust us when we say they will pop out that much-needed contrast. Go with teal or navy blue shades, as they will still add to the serene interiors of your living spaces. Blue curtains go well with both warm and cool gray undertones.

We recommend these curtains for a more traditional decor in your coastal living spaces. 

4. Yellow Curtains

Are you tired of looking at those same simple gray walls and needing something that brings cheeriness to the room? Go with the yellow curtains; these, combined with the gray-painted walls, will create a vibrant combination that will brighten up your entire room, thus creating an inviting space.

If you are into bohemian-style home decor, install these yellow curtains with warm gray walls. 

5. Blush Pink Curtains

Create romantic, soft interiors for your gray walls with elegant blush pink curtains. These curtains add subtle warmth to your living spaces without messing up the overall decor ambience.

Best suited for feminine decor to create a shabby chic style on cool gray walls.

6. Green Curtains

Green window curtains sound a little bold for most interior decor styles but they do complement the gray walls nicely. Especially, in emerald or sage green shades, these curtains add a touch of nature to your indoors for a relaxing environment.

For a nature-inspired theme in your living spaces, use these curtains with cool or warm gray walls, which creates a rustic charm. 

Tips On Choosing The Right Color Curtains To Go With Gray Walls

Below are some of the tips that will be of help when selecting what color curtains go well with your gray walls.

  • Identifying The Undertones: Look for the undertones of your gray paint, so that it can complement the curtain color instead of clashing with it.
  • The Type Of Room: You need to consider the function of the room – lighter colors curtains with cool gray tones are ideal for living rooms while darker shades are best suited for bedrooms.
  • Fabrics: The texture of the curtain fabrics also adds to the overall aesthetic decor. For example, Sheer curtains will create an airy ambience while heavy drapery adds a luxurious feel.
  • Pattern/Color Coordination: If you are going with patterned curtains, ensure the colors coordinate well with the other elements of the room.

How Curtains Add To The Overall Interior Decor

Curtains are not just for functional use, they are also important for your interior decor. To give you a clear understanding, here are some ideas on how you can add curtains for a cohesive design theme.

  • Layering

Layer multiple sets of curtains to add depth to your windows and hence the room. You can pair the sheer curtains with blackout curtains for a private look with optimal light control.

  • Hardware

The choice of curtain hardware and rods also adds to your interior aesthetics. Go for the styles that suit your existing decor, whether it is modern, minimalistic or classical.

  • Curtain Accessories

Curtain accessories like tiebacks will add a finishing touch to your curtains. Choose the tiebacks that match the gray walls. it can be either a decorative metal one or of simple fabric.

Our Final Thoughts

Gray walls offer a versatile backdrop for a variety of colored curtains. Each brings its own special flair to the living space. By understanding the right undertones of your gray walls and the interior ambiance you desire, you can select what color curtains go with gray walls. Happy redecorating.