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How To Choose The Right Curtain Lengths (And What To Avoid)

Designing curtains is the nostalgia of many people. These people enjoy designing a room with multiple azures of paint and light fixtures. Window or door treatment is done based on valances, curtains, blinds, shutters, and other famous ways. But stop here; how to choose the right curtain lengths. 

Many people are stuck at this point but don’t worry. We will discuss some points that can be considered vital in choosing the right curtain length. After following these instructions in the blog, you will notice the correct length of your curtains, a beautiful view, and other similar benefits.

Best Ways To Choose the Correct Curtain Length

For better guidance for the readers about how to choose the right curtain lengths, some strategies for selecting the correct length of your curtains are listed below.

Follow the Standard Curtain Length

First of all, you must follow some guidelines in selecting the length of the curtains; otherwise, you will not enjoy the best look. You can select the following lengths:

  • 63 inches
  • 84 inches
  • 94 inches
  • 108 inches
  • 120 inches

Measure the Correct Length of the Curtain

Measurement for How To Choose The Right Curtain Lengths

Secondly, you must measure the length of your curtain correctly. At this point, human error always exists. The best way is that you should take measurements from the floor to the rod of the curtain. In this process, follow some precautions.

  • Measure the length and width of your window door or any place of the curtains.
  • Fix the curtain rod in the proper place.
  • Always follow the custom drape territory.

Follow Different Curtain Length Options

Follow Different Curtain Length Options

Every curtain styling idea has its length options, for example, window sill curtains, apron curtains, floor-length curtains, and many others. Let us discuss their ideal length options. Window sill curtains are those whose length ends at the right side of the window sill. These are suitable for places where windows are raised, like the kitchen.

Apron curtains are located 4 inches from the window sill. These also have the capability of presenting a soothing view at the time of breakfast. These curtains can play the same role if a radiator is under your window.

As far as floor-length curtains are concerned, their role is transparent through the name. These curtains are always placed on the floor to gain a beautiful view. These curtains have become famous in almost every household on the globe. You can easily open and close these curtains with fun. Most individuals use these curtains in their large living rooms.

Some curtains also puddle on the floor. Usually, these curtains extend about 1 or more inches from the floor to present an extraordinary appearance. But you must consider that these curtains are spoiled quickly because they can catch dust easily.

 Moreover, you may also face obstacles when opening and closing these curtains. So, keep all these points in mind before selecting this type of curtain.

Always Consider the Width of Curtains

Another way to choose the right length of home curtains is to measure its width correctly. Curtains with a narrow width cannot provide an impactful appearance; therefore, their length should be increased to achieve the best look.

Here, a question is raised about how this correct measurement of the width of curtains should be made. Don’t worry; an easy formula can assist you in this regard. Measure the total length of your curtains and then multiply it by 1.5 to 3 times.

Select the Proper Style of the Rod of Curtains

Select Proper Style of the Rod of Curtains

Manifold beautiful styles of curtain accessories are available on the market. You also have the feeling in your room based on the styles of these curtains; that’s why they have more importance.

Two main points can be discussed for your better guidance regarding the correct measurement of curtains. One is always choosing the grommet style of the curtain. These have rings attached to the rod at their antemundane. Another is the rod pocket style of the curtain. Their starting point has ring clips to reflect a different look.

Things To Avoid When Choosing The Right Curtain Length 

Here are some crucial factors that should be avoided while choosing the right curtain length. 

  • Choosing The Curtains That Are Too Short 

Never choose curtains that are too short for your place. Such curtains make your place look so awkward. The window curtains should be hung 3 to 4 inches above the floor to beautify the place. 

  • Not Considering Fabric Weight 

Always consider the fabric weight while deciding the length of the curtains. If the curtains are very heavy, then their length should be shorter to prevent them from dragging on the floor. On the other hand, the lightweight fabric curtains can be long to cover the whole window. 

  • Ignoring the Room’s Styles 

Do not ignore the style of your room while choosing the curtain’s length. The length of the curtains should complement the place’s style. For instance, if you select curtains for the living room or dining room, floor-length curtains will be ideal. 

Meanwhile, the curtains should be hung three to four inches above the floor for the bathroom and kitchen. Additionally, choose the curtain color that provides perfect contrast with the interior. 


In short, how to choose the right curtain lengths is not less than a challenge. You have to care a lot in this process. If some tactics are adopted in selecting the right length of the curtain, then the outcome will be desirable.

These can be summarized as the proper style of the curtain rods, choosing the right shopping places, considering the width of the curtains, acting upon the different curtain length options, following the correct standards for the length of curtains, and many others. So, follow these directions to end your project of choosing the right curtain length and colors.

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

In general, nearly 6 to 16 inches of the curtain fabric should puddle if you’re going for this kind of styling. If you particularly want the puddle styling, you can get puddle curtains or attach up to 6 to 16 inches of additional fabric to your curtains to create the “puddle” effect.

91 inches is the ideal curtain length for an 8-foot ceiling, and this length measurement is for the curtains' full-length (floor-to-ceiling) profile. So if you’ve got any longer curtains, it’s best to hem them so they offer complete coverage and don’t end up puddling on the floor.

There are nearly four to five standard curtain lengths, i.e., 63 inches, 84 inches, 94 inches, 108 inches, and 120 inches. These length measurements work for most of the regular window profiles, with the 120-inch being the length of puddling curtains. You can always alter the curtain size depending on your requirements.

There are four major curtain styles, essentially length options available: Window Sill Curtains, Apron Curtains, Floor length Curtains, and Puddling Curtains. These can fit various window sizes and styles, ranging from short ones to floor-to-ceiling lengths.