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How to Hang a Curtain Rod without Drilling into the Wall?




The people who are attached to the profession of hanging curtains can easily understand the obstacles in this process. Fixation of the ladder, measurement of the rods, drilling into the wall and then deciding the type of rod, and many other tasks make this process a bottleneck.

I am also getting bored in writing these steps; surely the condition of professionals will be beyond perception in this process. These issues can be resolved through some techniques, whether you are living in a personal or rented space. Therefore, in this article by Wall Curtains, we will discuss all the tactics for hanging a curtain without drilling into the wall.

Some Strategies to Hang a Curtain Rod without Drilling into the Wall

Ahead is a compilation of the smartest techniques with which you can easily have the installation of your desired curtains without any trouble.

Use Magnetic Curtain Rods on the Metal Doors

The first way to hang a curtain rod without drilling into the wall is the utilization of magnetic curtain rods on metal doors. There are different prices for these rods due to the use of different materials and finishes in them.

Usually, the price for this rod starts at $41.99. Although a limited number of people have awareness about the usage of magnetic curtain rods, their culture is being strengthened day by day. It also saves time because magnetic curtain rods adhere easily. Some directions about the usage of these rods are given below for your ease.

  • You should measure the opening of your window to know the required size of the curtain.
  • Make a proper space between the corner of the window and the corner of the door for the suitable fixation of the magnetic curtain rod bracket.
  • Put the bracket onto the metal door, then put the curtains onto the metal rod, and again place the rod in the bracket.

Take the Benefit of Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets

Take the Benefit of Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets (1)

The second best way to hang a curtain without drilling into the wall is to make use of the perks of Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets. There are also different pricing plans for these rod brackets, but initially, this price starts at $11.99.

These rod brackets save you from the two most disturbing tasks: measurement taking and the destruction of a beautiful wall. The whole procedure is as simple as a child’s play and can be performed in a few minutes. Moreover, the two best tips for using Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets will also be helpful for the readers.

  • Place the curtain rod brackets at both ends of the window frame.
  • Fix them with a tool like a hammer and your work is completed.


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Make Use of 3M Command Hooks

Thirdly, if you want to hang a curtain rod without drilling into the wall, then you can take the help from 3M command hooks. There are also different purchasing plans for these hooks, so you can purchase them according to your finances. Let us see how these can be used.

  • Take two command hooks to hang the curtain rod. If the width of your window is greater than 30 inches, then there will be a need for a third hook for the correct adherence.
  • Identify the spots where this hook needs to be fixed.
  • Place the command strip on the hook.
  • Press this command hook with force for 30 seconds, and in the next 30 minutes, your curtains will be easily hung.


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Fix Tension Rod Curtains

Fix Tension Rod Curtains

Apart from these tactics of hanging curtains without drilling into the wall, the fixation of tension rod curtains has also been tested positively and successfully. Many hardware stores have an accumulation of tension rod curtains whose prices start at $5.

It’s up to you which pricing offer you choose. If you are feeling dither about the usage of these rod curtains, then don’t worry. We are going to discuss it.

  • Choose the tension rod according to the size of your window frame. Mostly, the inner side of the frame is measured.
  • Place and fix the tension rod inside the frame of the window by screwing it in.
  • In the final step, place your curtain on the rod and again reinsert it into the frame of your window.


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Achieve Assistance from Coat Hooks

Achieve Assistance from Coat Hooks

Similarly, coat hooks are unique tools that are useful for hanging a curtain rod without drilling into the wall. These are not only helpful in holding raincoats and bags, but can also be utilized in the hanging of curtains.

Like tension rod curtains, its price also starts at $5. And of course, all the benefits and cost-effectiveness make it worth the choice.


In conclusion, hanging a curtain rod without drilling into the wall manifests the adroitness rather than a lot of efforts of a person. In the drilling procedure, you have to annihilate the beautiful appearance of your wall, but the no-drill method maintains the glorification of your wall.

So, it’s best to obtain assistance from coat hooks, utilize magnetic rod curtains on metal doors, and perform other tasks precisely to prevent the trouble of drilling into the wall while hanging a curtain rod.

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Adhesive hooks are widely used as an alternative to drilling into the walls and each hook has a holding strength of 4lbs to 20 lbs. Besides, they can be used for various other purposes as well, apart from curtain installation and they don’t damage walls in any way.

Magnetic rods are generally meant for lightweight curtains and most of the time, they are only useful if the curtains are to be hung on a metal window frame or door. However, you can have specialized magnetic curtain rods crafted on a made-to-order basis and if you’re okay with the pricing.

You can make use of adhesive mop hooks or adhesive broom hooks for a temporary curtain installation. These hooks are generally attached to ceilings and you can easily find them on home improvement or hardware stores.

Yes, there are multiple creative ways in which you can install your curtains without any rods of hooks. Instead of curtain rods, you can make use of Tension Cables, Upholstery Tacks, Drapery Pins along with Hook-eye Screws, Cabinet Knobs and Furring Strips along with Staples.