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How to Hang Curtains In a Corner Window?

Every home has decoration features; the same applies to hanging curtains in a corner window. It is not child’s play but rather skill. So, if you are looking for the answer to the question: How to Hang Curtains In a Corner Window? This blog is very beneficial for you. 

After reading this article, you can successfully hang curtains in a corner window. Not only this, but your home’s appearance will also be assonant with the supreme spectacle. Let us see how it is possible.

Steps To Hang Curtains in a Corner Window

Here are some easy ways to hang curtains in a corner window. Have a look at them to understand how to hang curtains in a corner window. 

Step 1: Use Two Single Rods

The first step for hanging wall curtains in a corner window is using two single rods. You should consider that the height of these rods should be the same on each window, especially if there are two panels.

Otherwise, the look of these curtains will not be according to beauty standards. Also, remember that the space between the brackets and wall should be proper to get the L shape of the rods in the corners.

Use Two Single curtains Rods

Step 2: Adjoin these Rods

Secondly, you must attach these rods efficiently to hang curtains in a window corner. For this purpose, some elbow plumbing pieces must be used at the ends of the rods. Consequently, these rods will be joined firmly, and their looks will also be good.

Many hardware stores in your locality sell all the required items at an affordable price. Suppose if you don’t have access to these rods or holes at the endpoints; then other similar objects can play the role of expiator. These are listed below:

One option is the use of elbow connectors. If your curtain rods don’t have holes at the end, use elbow connectors as an alternative for the fixation. These connectors can be fixed quickly, even with hand or pliers, but it depends upon the rigidity of that rod.

Another option is the use of corner curtain rods. These are available in multiple designs at different hardware stores, and you can choose the best one according to your wishes.  

Adjoin these curtains Rods

Step 3: Install The Curtains

The third step after joining the rod is to install your desired curtains precisely in the rod. Always choose curtains that will provide perfect contrast with the interior to improve its beauty.

Things To Consider While Hanging Corner Window

To improve the experience of hanging curtains in a corner window, follow the practices mentioned below.

Make the Panels with Roman Shade

The best way to hang curtains in a corner window is by making panels with Roman shades. As a result, the sunlight will flood your room with this lovely color. For this purpose, woven shade can also be used.

Height of the Curtains | How to Hang Curtains In a Corner Window

Use of Shutters

Apart from these best ways to hang curtains in a corner window, the usage of window shutters is also included in one of these. It will also give a crystal appearance to your room. If some radiators exist under your window, then there is no need to use these shutters.

Length of the Curtains

Similarly, the right length of the curtains should be considered when hanging them in a corner window. Some people allow these curtains to hang on the floor, but you must keep them 4-5 inches above the floor.

The significant advantage is that these curtains remain safe from spoiling. It will also give your corner window a taller look.

Select Curtain Fabric According to the Environment

Use of Rings at Rod

Another best way to hang curtains in a window corner is the utilization of rings on the rod. These create ease when opening and closing these curtains. Don’t forget to use proper hooks at the starting spots of the curtains; otherwise, there will be no advantage of using hooks at the rods.

  • Select Curtain Fabric According to the Environment

The value of the environment in hanging curtains in a window corner cannot be faded away. Choose the fabric of your curtain at the window corner according to the environmental conditions. The fabric type for homes facing direct sunlight is different from the homes that do not get direct sunlight. 

Heavy curtain fabric should be used in cold weather, and lightweight fabric should be used in warm weather conditions. So, you can hang curtains in the corner of the window based on this fruitful direction.

  • Take Measurements of the Curtains

Taking accurate measurements is the best way to avoid obstacles when hanging curtains in a window corner. You can use different measurement tools to get the length and width of corner window curtains.

If you do not adopt this tactic, you may have to face troubles in the form of cutting off the curtains’ fabric and some others.

Avoid These Mistakes While Hanging Curtains Rods In A Corner Window 

If you want your curtains to look perfect in a corner window, make sure not to make these mistakes while hanging them.

  • Ignoring The Corner Angles 

Never neglect to measure the corner angle accurately. If you do not do so, there is a high chance that curtains will not fit and form bunches. 

  • Using A single Long Rod 

Another common mistake most people make while hanging the curtains in the corner window is using a single long rod. Experts recommend using two equal-length rods to hang the curtains perfectly without bunching.

  • Wrong Curtains Hardware Placement 

Make sure that the curtain hardware, like brackets, rods, etc, are placed accurately. This task is a bit technical. So, it is better to get a professional curtain installation to enjoy the perfect curtain fitting in a corner window. 

Take Measurement of the Curtains


We hope that you have gotten the answer to this question: How to Hang Curtains In a Corner Window in detail. You must be a multi-tasker and factor to complete this task. These factors are curtain measurement, curtain fabric selection based on the environment, use of rings at the rods, curtain height consideration, shutter usage, use of two single rods adjoining these rods, and many others. If you follow these directions, your work will be finished with colors.

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How to Hang Curtains In a Corner Window?

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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questioned)

Corner curtain rods are not something different; technically, they are curtain rods, except that they are made to connect with a special joint. In addition, you can use swivel sockets or special brackets to make your curtain rods fit the coroner windows perfectly.

For this purpose, start measuring from the outermost curtain bracket’s outside edge to the corner bracket’s corner side edge. Next up, you’ll need to add 2 more inches to this measurement, and afterward, you can cut your curtain rod accordingly for a single window.

A smart alternative to traditional brackets is the Kwik-Hang No Drill Brackets, which, as suggested by the name, are completely harmless brackets and don’t require much effort to deal with either. All you need to do is align them with the topmost corners of your window frame, followed by tapping them in with the help of a hammer.

Yes, you can hang curtains on a curved wall; all you need to do is mount your curtain rod directly above the curve, as if it’s not present there. You can invest in some beautiful decorative curtain rings and rods to achieve an attractive finish.